In 2010, Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger launched an app called “Faces” on the iPhone. It was a photo sharing app where users could upload photos and share them with friends.

Instagram has become very popular among young people because it allows them to post pictures and videos quickly and easily.

instagram history

When was Instagram created?

In 2012, they decided to launch their own website, which would allow people to view other people’s photos. They named it “Instagram” because it was originally intended as a mobile application. Instagram now has more than 300 million active monthly users. Its popularity has grown so much that Facebook bought it for $1 billion in April 2014.

This new app was a huge success because it gave users a fun way to share photos. People loved being able to use filters to make their photos pop. They also liked how easy it was to post photos to social media sites like Twitter and Facebook.

In 2013, they added video capabilities to their app. In 2014, they released a standalone version of the app called “Instagram.” It allowed people to take pictures and add text captions to them. Users could then share these images with other people through email, SMS, and social media. In 2014, they introduced Stories.

In 2017, they introduced IGTV. This new feature allows users to upload longer videos up to 15 minutes long. In 2015, they introduced Live Video. In 2018, they introduced Stories. These stories allow users to post short clips (up to 60 seconds) that link back to other posts.

instagram history
Instagram accounts with the most followers worldwide as of June 2022

Instagram was originally called Picaboo.

The first version of Instagram was released in October 2010 by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger. It was an app that allowed users to take pictures and add text captions to them. In September 2011, Instagram launched its Android application.

The name changed when it was acquired by Facebook in 2012. In January 2013, Instagram announced that it had reached 100 million monthly active users. By June 2014, it hit 200 million monthly active users.
It’s easy to see why Instagram is so popular. With its simple interface and clean design, it’s perfect for sharing photos with friends and family. And because it’s free, there’s no reason not to use it.

Instagram Stories have been downloaded more than 500 million times. If you’re looking to build an online following, then Instagram is one of the best platforms out there. In fact, according to Statista, Instagram has nearly 1 billion monthly active users worldwide. That means you’ll likely find plenty of people who will follow you back.

It’s no surprise that Instagram is one of the fastest growing social media networks. With more than 200 million daily active users, Instagram is now the third largest social network after Facebook and Twitter.

In fact, there are more people using Instagram every day than there were people living in Europe at the beginning of the 20th century.

Instagram Timeline

Here is a timeline of key events in the history of Instagram:

  • October 2010: Instagram launches exclusively on iOS.
  • April 2011: Instagram adds support for the Android operating system.
  • December 2011: Instagram introduces the ability to take and upload short videos.
  • April 2012: Facebook acquires Instagram for $1 billion.
  • June 2013: Instagram introduces the ability to tag other users in photos.
  • August 2013: Instagram introduces photo maps, which allow users to see a map of the locations where their photos were taken.
  • November 2013: Instagram introduces Instagram Direct, a feature that allows users to send photos and videos directly to specific users.
  • June 2014: Instagram introduces the ability to edit and share multiple photos in a single post.
  • August 2016: Instagram introduces Instagram Stories, which allows users to share photos and videos that disappear after 24 hours.
  • August 2017: Instagram introduces Instagram Live, which allows users to broadcast live video to their followers.
  • June 2018: Instagram introduces the ability to share up to 10 photos and videos in a single post.
  • August 2018: Instagram introduces Instagram Shopping, which allows users to shop directly from posts.
  • May 2020: Instagram introduces Instagram Reels, which allows users to create short music and dance videos.
  • September 2020: Instagram introduces Instagram Shop, a dedicated shopping destination within the app.
  • October 2020: Instagram introduces the ability to create and share short videos with music in a new format called “Reels”.
  • December 2020: Instagram introduces a feature called “Explore”, which recommends photos and videos to users based on their interests.
  • January 2021: Instagram introduces a feature called “Guides”, which allows users to create and share posts about their interests and experiences.

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