Yahoo is among the best email service providers out there. However, Yahoo Mail sometimes annoys us because it fails to send us the verification code that it is supposed to send.

There can be different reasons why this happens. In this short article, I’m going to walk you through some simple steps and fix the issue and hopefully get the verification code we need.

Try these methods to fix “Yahoo not sending verification code”

Before you read the methods, it’s good to know that sometimes such a problem is caused by Yahoo, so in this scenario, there is nothing you can do about it. At other times, however, there might be a problem at your end. Something may be wrong with your email, your connection, your device, etc. In such a scenario there are some fixes that can help and in the below section, you can read those fixes.

#1 Check your Spam folder

In many cases, the verification code that Yahoo sends to your email will end up in the Spam folder. So before you take any action just take a look at the spam folder and see if the verification code is there. If you received the verification code from Yahoo in the spam folder, make sure to mark it as “NotSpam”. By doing this you will not get an email from Yahoo in that folder anymore, instead, you’ll receive them in your inbox.

#2 Double-check your email address and password

Make sure that you have entered your email address along with your password correctly while trying to receive a verification code. Even a minor typo can prevent Yahoo from sending you a verification code. So Double-check your email address and password and make sure there aren’t any spelling errors.

#3 Wait a little bit

Sometimes you might receive a verification code with a delay because of a Yahoo email delivery issue. So if you don’t get a verification code within a few minutes, it would be wise to wait for a little longer.

#4 Use Resend option

If the above solution doesn’t work you can use “Resend” instead. After you’ve waited for like 5 minutes or so you can go ahead and tap Resendoption. It is very likely that Yahoo will send you the verification code this time especially if there was a delay in its delivery system the first time that you tried.

#5 Turn off the Yahoo spam folder

When Yahoo spam also known as filters is enabled, even emails that should not be going into the Spam folder may end up in that folder anyway. So the reason that you don’t receive a verification code from Yahoo might be caused by this.

  • First, go to the settings
  • From there you can go to filters and turn this feature off.
  • Then you can request a new verification code and see if Yahoo sends it to you

#6 Remove extra emails from your Yahoo mailbox

Make sure there is enough space. If there are too many emails in your inbox you can delete some of them to free up storage space. Also, make sure that you have not reached your data limit plan on Yahoo.

#7 Other solutions to fix” Yahoo not sending verification code” issue

Here, I’ve provided some quick fixes that may help you in revising a Yahoo verification code.

  • Switch between two devices. I mean if you are using the Yahoo app, use its web version instead, and vice versa.
  • Your email may have been deleted. If you don’t use your email for a long time, then chances are it has been deleted. In this case, you need to create a new one.
  • Make sure Yahoo servers are not down and they are working properly. You can check that from the Downdetecter website.
  • Last but not least make sure your internet connection is stable and so on

#8 Contact Yahoo Support

If you have tried all the fixes that I’ve provided in this article but you haven’t been able to receive a verification code, it may be time to reach out to Yahoo’s support team to request further help. You can visit Yahoo’s official website and explore the available options there to get help from their support team.


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