The story was a mysterious one – During last days no likes on tiktok appears under any shared video! TikTok, this Chinese application has faded up the likes and views option completely out of the blue! Users were spoiled and stunned and have no clue at all what on earth TikTok is doing. And more important question: why TikTok has omitted the likes or views?!

TikTok doesn't show likes on videos.

Why do I get so many views on TikTok but no likes?

Sometimes the videos that you share on TikTok mistakenly go to the “For You” page. What happens then is that users come across your videos and watch them but probably do not give them a thumbs up.

So this is not something unusual. Think about it this way. Usually, videos that go viral will appear on the “For You” page so that more and more people watch the videos. If they like any videos on this very special page the videos will be shown to even more people.

However, your video was not supposed to go viral and get into the “For You” page, but it did anyway. As a result, your videos get many views but do not get enough or even any likes.

There is probably a mistake in the TikTok algorithm and sometimes this may happen. Of course, there is nothing to worry about as this is completely usual and happens to many users.

Why am I not getting likes on TikTok?

There is some reason that you are not getting likes on TikTok. You are probably misusing hashtags. When you make a TikTok video and share it, someone will see your video, and when you use hashtags that do not have anything to do with your content people who watch your videos will not like them.

You are probably making random videos about anything. You need to stick only to one niche, and when you do this people will like your videos more and they will even follow you.

Maybe the quality of your videos is not good enough, so make sure to make quality videos that users will love and give them a like as well. Last but not least you are not making and posting videos regularly. This may seem like something unimportant, but it’s not true. Posting a video at least once or twice a week will bring you loyal followers and more users will give you a like.

Why is TikTok showing me videos with no likes?

There are a few reasons that this may happen. Your internet connections may not be stable and there may be some connectivity problems, so make sure nothing is wrong with that. Another reason is that a video can mistakenly go viral and appear on the “For You” page. So TikTok will show you a video with not really great content and likes at all.

It is not clear why crazy stuff like this happens a lot to many users. It may be due to a glitch or a problem in the TikTak algorithm or maybe they just want this to happen and nothing is wrong with the app. However, TikTok was not like this before and we need to wait and see if they correct this bug or whatever.

Also, there might be some bots that do this and there may be some people behind those bots who knows! Another reason can be due to cash memory. So clearing cash from your TikTok may be something you should consider and hopefully fix your problem.

TikTok, more likes than views glitch

This is a new problem that many users have recently faced. If you are in such a situation, it’s probably because when you share your TikTok videos it is getting targeted by spam or bot accounts that can like your videos without actually watching them.

So bot accounts can do such a mess, and as a result, a very high like count compared to view count occurs.

Another reason that causes such a problem is that when it comes to the analytics of TikTok, it can sometimes take up to 72 hours for the view count to totally catch up. So you are in a situation where the analytics have just not caught up and your videos may get more likes.

Also, there may be something wrong with the TikTok algorithm or there may be a bug or something as this is a new situation. Whatever the reason, hopefully, TikTok will fix the problem soon.

Likes on TikTok disappeared – TikTokers got shocked!

As you know TikTok is a widespread application for creating content. There are a number of Video content marketing agency, you might use to perform better on this social media. Numerous people around the world are using this app and spare a lot of time scrolling videos and enjoying in their free-time. This app like any other social media is updating. And they released a new update recently. What a discussing update they released! Their users woke up and they faced with the noticeable reduction in likes and views, some of them were faced with the bunch of useless & boring videos! TikTok users got shocked, while Their eyes met likes and views reduction. We found some clues to this sudden decision for you.

Here’s Why Your TikToks Get 0 Views

Acknowledge the fact that uploading a video is not a guarantee for its success. So, one reason for getting no views might be the lack of quality of your content. But your TikToks usually get 0 views when they’re either inappropriate, copyright interfering, or private.

  • Inappropriate: TT does not allow political, sexual, and R-Rating content on the platform. If you try to promote any type of content under such niches, you’ll either receive 0 views or get your account banned.
  • Political: Commenting on controversial policies and political parties may stop your content from being viewed by others. TT algorithms are not friendly towards such videos and tend to dismiss or block them.
  • Copyrighted: Using another person’s intellectual property on your videos can lead to 0 views on your TikToks. You need to make sure that your content is entirely copyright-friendly and doesn’t violate others’ rights.

How to Fix It: First, make sure that your account is not private. Otherwise, only your followers would be able to see your videos. Plus, ensure you promote your video on other social platforms like Twitter to increase your chance of being explored and found. By the way, don’t forget to post quality content to get more views on TT. Shallow or undesired videos are likely to receive nothing but 0 views.

Why do i get so many views on tiktok but no likes

Aspiring TikTokers often complain about receiving no likes or comments despite their videos getting considerable views. If that’s the case, you’re probably featured on other users’ FYP (For You page). That’s where the views are coming from. But being watched by random TT users doesn’t mean you have to get likes and comments.

The only thing that can guarantee your videos’ success is the quality. Your goal should be to increase the retention time and keep your viewers engaged. That’s how they may decide to drop like or comment at the end.

What to Do When Comments and Likes Not Show Up on TikTok

Missing or hidden comment and like on the TT app is actually a common problem. A poor internet connection mostly causes it. But in rare cases, it’s because of an in-app bug or lack of free scape on your phone. Before troubleshooting the issue, check the following:

  1. Your internet connection is stable.
  2. You’re not using a VPN.
  3. Your phone has enough free space. (At least 300 MBs to 1 GB).
  4. Your app’s version. It should be updated to the latest.

If all the above factors are in place, open the TikTok app and heat to your profile, the ‘Me’ section. Tap the three-dot menu on the top-right corner and scroll down to find ‘Free up space’ under ‘CACHE & CELLULAR DATA.’ Tap ‘Clear cache’ and see if it resolved your problem.

If it did not work, report the issue in your settings. Under the ‘Support’ section, tap ‘Report a problem’ and select ‘Follow/like/comment.’ Finally, choose ‘Comment,’ and then ‘Unable to load comments.’ The app will give you some tips on how to fix it. If they didn’t resolve it, tap No (with a sad emoticon next to it), and write a brief description of the bug you’re facing.

It might take a few days for the support team to review your report and respond.

Is TikTok malfunctioning?

It can be seem like a first world problems, but it’s really annoying that you log into your account on social media and see a bunch of insane videos that you never liked before! Exactly Like what you’ve experienced this morning!

It can be related to the massive amounts of posting videos on this platform that these days were epidemically increasing. apparently TikTok couldn’t have the possibilities and capabilities to support these sea of contents. Then it starts to work malfunctioning. But there is another probably possible reason. We guess there is a temporarily malfunctioning in the new-comer algorithm, which TikTok is going to add! It sounds to be a glitch! It can be repaired either.

Why no likes on TikTok

What is the new updated algorithm on TikTok?

We have a new-comer in TikTok! We have a gust! But a little bit unknown! It seems that TikTok resemblances to Instagram is increasing on propose more and more every day. I assure that this competition is going to rise both of these social medias or one of them will overtake another and win the game.

It can be a good news of some aspects by itself, as it still rising the quality on Instagram videos and other contents. Adding this algorithm can be another factor for videos to become viral on TikTok faster! And it doesn’t matter how many times a video viewed or liked anymore. The content quality and creativity behind it will be matter most and the most important item will be users sparing time to watch video. It means that TikTok is going to recognize what its users like and watch.

The benefits of Likes and views omission on TikTok

TikTok’s views and likes deletion can improve the contents and videos are sharing every seconds. This new algorithm diagnoses based on what users are paying attention to and sparing their time to watch it. And it doesn’t matter how many like it gathered before!

This algorithm can add more authority to video contents who are creative, enjoyable and laughing. Because they will stand up on their own knees without numerical metrics that easily can be faked!

Omitting likes on tiktok

The solution to solve today TikTok’s glitch

There is a good news! we know you are sick of watching inappropriate videos, and found the solution. If the error was depended on our new-comer algorithm of TikTok, there is a simple potential working solution. You must scroll quickly every single video that contains less likes (for example less than 100) or is low quality. If you skip bad, low quality and unpopular videos, as a matter of fact you’re sending a signal to TikTok’s algorithm. It will translate to TIkTok that you don’t want to see videos of this kind. And it prevents to show such a thing on your feed.

There is more mysterious story that add more fuel to the fire! Is America against TikTok to prevent leaking private data?! Or it is somehow part of the battle of companies as mentioned before; competition between Instagram and TikTok!

You might have heard that Pompeo had pointed the finger at TikTok as sneaking private information of American’s users to Chinese government. Last week he answered to a question about TikTok. It made clear that America might banded this video sharing application for US’s users.

We guess considering to these lines:

“With respect to Chinese apps on people’s cellphones, I assure you The United states will get this one right too. I don’t want to get out in front of the president, but it’s something we’re looking at.”

Yes! Apparently TikTok is not their cup of tea! In addition to America, India was banned 59 Chinese app including TikTok. Not surely but it can be another reason to make a change in TikTok servers or something like this.

tiktok new updates omits likes

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