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How TikTok bot enables you to improve your account in a while

Improving a TikTok account, as important as it is, means increasing fans and likes. To boost fans and likes, the technique of following and unfollowing, and liking, prove influential. However, as effective as they are, doing them manually is a tedious job and takes too long. Instamber TikTok bot does all of these much quicker. Following others will bring you fans and as the bot is interacting with the users, it attracts the attention of users and your profile will be known as charming so that users come and join you. ake your dashboard ready by perusing following 3 stages to transform your Tiktok profile:

  • Register and add your Tiktok account

    Here, you need to sign up as you enter your email and Ticktok account

  • Plan your improvement strategies

    Configure your Tiktok growth automation by choosing your target audience based on hashtag, username, gender and language filters

  • Grab a coffee and enjoy your growth

    Now you can watch your account improvement by using our efficient service

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Our Wonderful TikTok Growth Packages Which You can Rely on:

We arrange 3 different packages, two of which have the discount, to help your account promotion more proficiently, each includes beneficial features to turn your profile to an enticing one. By the way, Instamber bot packages are not limited to the following one, we provide a wide range of packages that you can buy after signing up and getting access to Instamber panel.

1 month
  • Affordable price
  • Username and hashtag
  • Growth report
  • Online support
  • Auto follow, auto unfollow, auto like
2 month
  • Affordable price
  • Username and hashtag
  • Growth report
  • Online support
  • Auto follow, auto unfollow, auto like

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Great speed is what Instamber TikTok automation about, you can improve the number of your likes, comments, and followers at a best price possible. In other words, without doing much you can get much.


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Instamber Advanced TikTok Auto liker

The most salient feature of TikTok bot is its great speed in doing tasks such as liking, following, unfollowing, and commenting. So, you save time in performing all of these activities by running the bot instead of doing it yourself. As the most effective method to increase your account followers, likes, comments, and as a result, your engagement rate is to go to users’ pages and follow, like, and comment below their posts. It encourages them to visit your page, like, follow you too. And all the followers, likes and comments are by real people, so real users get involved with you page.Also, you are able to use only one of the bot functions to upgrade your account, for example, its auto like so that it likes your target audiences’ posts on your behalf. You can do it by setting your desired promotions, usernames and hashtags, and disabling other items i.e. auto follow, auto unfollow, and auto comment. Then, you can get the bot to search and find the followers of other related pages based on usernames and hashtags. There are a lot of benefits for liking users’ posts by the bot; for instance, more popularity, and credibility and more audiences’ trust. It gives you better noticeability and rank.

Frequently Asked Questions about TikTok Bot Functionality

Yes, it is. You can use Instamber three-day trial for only one dollar. After signing up and getting access to the Instamber panel, you can easily buy the 1 dollar trial service. By clicking on the button in the middle of your dashboard, you can enjoy your trial at a great price to do whatever you want for 3 days.

three-day trial for only one To get your service to work, it is not enough just to sign up and have access to the Instamber panel. You must activate your services on the panel by charging your account. After finalizing your purchase, you must add promotions such as and username and hashtag, then your bot is working. You can gain more complete and more detailed information by referring to help section.

Before making any rash decision, please make sure that you want to delete your added account 100%. In case of any problem, you can contact the Instamber support team so that the team will guide you. The other point that you should be aware of is that there is no threat or trouble to your account if you want to let it be on your dashboard. You are able not to use it, but if you delete it and once again decide to add it, you must go through all the past steps to add it. However, if you are sure about removing your account, there are two ways to do that. For using, either way, go to your dashboard and do it from there. The first and simplest way is by clicking on the trash can icon next to your account. The other way is by clicking on the gear icon on the top right side of your dashboard, then click on delete account, so you have your account removed.

To upgrade your account, it is necessary to have Tiktok bot, as it is an efficient tool to help you manage your accounts. However, it is not enough to use just Tiktok bot to empower your account. The important step to show off your profile is preparing your account appearance, make it like a professional account and try to gain popularity so that others get attracted to your account. The other point that is very influential and enables you to promote your account is enticing content. Nice content which is informative and absorbing encourage users to join you. After creating remarkable content it is essential to post them regularly. Your audience must be reminded by your posts on a regular basis.

It is a very simple task and one of the greatest features of your Instamber dashboard. You can add as many accounts as you want by clicking on the Add account button on the left side of your dashboard and manage your accounts professionally.

There are two methods to contact the Instamber team; the first one is the online chat called Live chat on the right side of your dashboard. The other way is sending the support team an email to help you out. There is a support link on the Instamber website footer. You can send an email and ask for guidelines in the case of any problem.

After registering to Instamber, you will have a dashboard that you can choose any kind of service that you like, for example, you want to activate Tiktok bot for your account, on your dashboard choose add account and select Tiktok, then charge the account to be able to use the services.

Yes, there are some coupons for discount, the payment limit begins from 10 $ to what amount that you like. However, the discount starts at 30$. And, the more you charge your account the more discount you receive.

The payment method that you can use without any limits is PayPal. It is very easy to use for many countries to pay and enjoy their purchases.

Increasing followers and likes is the most important factor in all social networks and Tiktok as one of the most recent and the widest socials around the globe needs to be improved by its account owner to create the highest results. One way to get followers and likes is to interact with other pages to follow and like them and encourage them to do the same. So, you can increase the number of your followers, likes and engagement rate. However, doing all of these tasks manually lasts long. So, it is helpful to automate them to save time and money. Automation of the follow and like the process is exactly what bots do. They do activities like human beings but at a higher speed.

Instamber provides Tiktok bot for your comfort and does it with the best possible facilities such as safety and security of your account, auto like, auto-follow, auto comment, auto-unfollow, customizing bot, managing more than one accounts, efficient filtering, growth report, proxy support, and advanced targeting.

As the Tiktok bot speeds up the process of gaining followers, likes, comments and as a result, it helps to boost the engagement rate. the bot mechanism is following and liking other pages and excites them to follow and like back. So, the followers are real and active and because it follows and likes the posts based on hashtags, the followers are related and interested in your niche. The more they visit your page, the more they follow you. The more they follow and visit your website, the more traffic you get. The more traffic you have, the more people order your products and services. Therefore, all the procedure is what transform and improve your conversion rate and your revenue.Please be aware that your conversion rate should not be less than 3% to be able to increase it utilizing the automation service.

No, it is strictly prohibited to do any manual actions such as like, follow or comments because of IP conflict and as a result, your bot does not work properly.

The existing Tiktok bot works based on two factors of username and hashtag, but before setting the bot you must do some tasks to be more prepared to use the bot. The first task is getting information about your competitors, their hashtags, and the way they manage their pages and posts, the second task is improving your page and completing the necessary information like contact information. The next step after signing up and activating your panel is using the Instamber automation plan to help you promote your account. Using the username promotion helps you add the identified competitors’ pages, so the bot will be able to follow their followers, who are the potential customers, and like their posts. Using hashtags to promote your Tiktok account is very beneficial in finding the people who are interested in those hashtags. Thus, the automation services search and find the users who desire the hashtag, then it follows their pages and likes them.

Firstly, complete and improve your account and turn it to a professional and perfect page that exists in your niche. Then, do vast research about the market and as a business that sells cosmetics you should know your competitors’ pages, and identify their hashtags and also the related hashtags which users like and search. Then, you should give their usernames and the found hashtags to your bot so, the bot follows their followers, like their posts and write comments below their videos. And also by using hashtags, you find the common hashtags to find the related pages to follow, like and comment. Take #beauty as an example of the hashtag in your business field, by adding it to your automation plan and let your bot search and find a related audience and lead them to your page.

You can earn money via Instamber affiliate marketing. For subscribing to Instamber as an affiliation you do not need to pay any money. In return, you can gain money by selling its services; in other words, you will receive a commission for each purchase that customers do by your help. For example, for the first purchase, you get 20% commission and the next ones 15%. For more information about the details, terms, and how to begin, click on the button:

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