PayPal is one of the well-known money transfer platforms and payment gateways that many users use. Sometimes the customer may pay the money, but the Paypal payment is stuck in the pending state.

When your payment is pending, it is because the payment process is not finished yet. In order to better understand why your payment is pending, it is better to know a little about the transaction process.

Steps to complete a transaction

When you make a payment, a request to transfer money to the intended recipient’s account is sent to the bank. In fact, the bank must authorize this process and approve the transaction.

Typically, they will mark it as a pending payment and ringfence your funds after receiving the authorization request to pay it later. Then they release the funds belonging to your account.

PayPal acts as a payment processor and an intermediary between the sender and receiver. Sometimes the payer regrets the purchase and requests to return the money to their account. In such a situation, if the transaction has been completed and the payment request has been sent to the bank or the bank has made the payment, there will be a problem for the receiver and the sender.

So PayPal doesn’t immediately pay the merchants or business owners and does it with a little delay to make sure everything is fine.

Hence, it is normal for the PayPal payment to be pending to some extent, but if it takes a long time, it means that there is a problem.

Reasons for pending PayPal payment

  • You are a PayPal new user

You liked a product on an online shopping website, added it to the shopping cart, and paid for it through PayPal. But your payment is pending. What could be the reasons for this event?

If you have just created your PayPal account recently, you may encounter this problem several times. Of course, it cannot be considered a problem. PayPal does not know you yet, and after you (whether you are a buyer or a seller) make a few transactions, it will make sure that you are a genuine user. Complete all the identity verification processes and try to use PayPal more to solve this problem for you.

  • You haven’t had sales on your website for a long time

If you stopped selling a long time and recently decided to start it again, you may initially encounter PayPal Payment Pending. This problem will be solved after a few sales.

  • Customer feedback has not been good

One of the other reasons for pending payment is related to customer behavior. You will see PayPal pending payment if the number of customers who request to refund is high. Or many customers who have purchased using their credit card request a chargeback for any reason.

  • PayPal has suspected you

In general, if PayPal sees any customer dissatisfaction or detects suspicious sales patterns, it acts conservatively. Also, if you sell high-risk products like gift cards to customers, you will face this problem more.

How to fix the pending PayPal payment problem?

Verify your PayPal account

When you create your PayPal account, there are some steps you should pass to verify it. If you are unsure that you have completed all these steps, log in to your PayPal account.

  1. Go to the “Summary” page and click “Confirm your email.”
  2. An email message will be sent to your email address.
  3. Go to your email inbox, and open the message you receive from PayPal. Then click on “Confirm my email address.”
  4. PayPal website will open for you, and you have to enter your password again and finally click on “Confirm my email.”

Increase your activity on PayPal

As we said before, sometimes PayPal doesn’t trust you because you are a new user. Or your transactions have been suspicious from PayPal’s point of view. Therefore, to gain PayPal’s confidence and remove your payment from pending status, you can use several solutions:

  • After making the first transaction in your PayPal, do other transactions for three months and be active in PayPal.
  • Increase your number of transactions to more than 25.
  • The total amount of your transactions should be at least 25 thousand dollars.
  • One of the reasons for pending payments is a large number of charge-backs and disputes. So if you get good feedback from others, this problem will be solved.
  • Contact PayPal support if you can’t fix your problem using these methods.

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