Do you want to know why your Spotify keeps pausing randomly? Read on to find out the exact reasons behind it and learn how to fix them like a pro.

5 Main Reasons Your Spotify Keeps Pausing

Most of the time, your Spotify stops playing songs due to connection issues. But that’s not the only cause. Other factors such as having multiple users in one account, using broken AirPods, or even getting hacked can lead to music stream issues.

Here’s everything you need to know about each.

Internet connection instability.

When your Wi-Fi or cellular data is unstable, the app requires additional buffer time to download the music. Eventually, you’ll face more pauses during the stream as Spotify is trying to reach the content. The only solution to this is getting a better internet connection or going offline.

Note: Using Spotify offline feature means you can download the songs/podcasts and listen to them without being connected to Wi-Fi or having your cellular data on. But you have to become a premium member to do that.

App installation issues.

Another common reason your Spotify keeps pausing is an installation issue. It usually happens when you install or update the app. Incompatibility of the app with your device or update failure can lead to random performance flaws such as unexpected pauses.

Multiple users in the same account.

When a user asks, “Why does my Spotify keep pausing?” the first thing to look at is how many devices are logged in to their account. Some may forget to log out of devices they don’t use anymore or those of their parents’ or friends’. And when the other logged-in user(s) try to use Spotify, your song automatically stops playing.

Being hacked.

A rare but possible reason for Spotify streaming crashes is being hacked. If a user gains access to your account, they can start using it simultaneously, which may lead to playback problems and cause your app to pause.

AirPods or headset problems.

The Bluetooth device you use to listen to Spotify songs (e.g., your AirPods) might cause the app to pause. As you know, removing one of the earphones stops the streaming automatically. However, a broken device might result in random pauses even when you haven’t removed it.

Some users also report that Spotify keeps pausing the song when they’re too far from their phone or laptop. Bluetooth earphones have a specific operating range. And passing the limits usually triggers streaming- or quality-related problems.

One way to deal with it is by testing your headset/earphones. Play a song when your phone is connected to the Bluetooth player and see if it keeps pausing. Then try playing the same track directly from your phone or computer with no connected earphones. If the problem only arises when a Bluetooth gadget is involved, you know the reason behind it.

How to Fix Spotify Keep Pausing?

Before applying any fixes, restart your phone or PC. This is the easiest and fastest method to make most unexpected issues go away. If it didn’t work, use one of the following solutions.

Reconnect to your Wi-Fi.

Internet connection affects your streaming experience drastically. If your Spotify keeps pausing, disconnect from the current Wi-Fi, try another, or reconnect to the same router after a couple of minutes.

If you’re using a VPN, it’d be a good idea to turn it off and stream without it. Such apps usually negatively affect your internet connection speed, resulting in unwanted pauses between the songs or podcasts.

Clear cache.

An app’s cache can affect its performance. So, one way to fix Spotify pausing problem is by clearing it from your phone’s setting.

On an iOS device: Settings > find Spotify app > tap it and then select ‘Clear Cache.’

On an Android device: Settings > Apps > tap on Spotify > select ‘Clear Cache.’

Lower the streaming quality.

If the cause of the unwanted pauses on Spotify is your internet connection, lowering the stream quality is a must. It reduces the quality of the songs or podcasts. But you’d not notice a big difference unless you’re using speakers on high volume.

How to apply the fix:

  1. Open Spotify.
  2. Tap ‘Settings.’
  3. Find ‘Music Quality.’
  4. Set it to ‘Low’ or ‘Automatic.’

Tip: Automatic quality is a better option. That’s because the app gets to decide if it should play songs with high or low quality. And that results in a smoother streaming experience with the least pauses possible.

Change your password.

If having another user in your account is causing unwanted stream issues, changing your password can resolve everything. Just google ‘Reset Spotify Password.’ You’ll see a direct link to the page where you can enter your email/username to receive a reset link.

Note: you can’t change your pass using the smartphone app. So, you have to visit the official website to complete the process.

Turn off low power and data saver modes.

Low battery mode limits the resources your phone is using to run. Most of the time, it clashes with apps like Spotify, which run in the background and consume your battery even though your screen is locked. So, it’d be smart to turn it off to stop Spotify from pausing randomly.

How to apply the fix: go to Settings > Battery and toggle off ‘Low Battery Mode.’

(The process is pretty much the same on iOS and Android).

You might also want to turn off the Data Saver mode on Spotify to fix streaming issues. The option can be found in the ‘Settings.’ You can toggle it off to prevent the app from changing the music quality based on the internet connection speed.

Remove every other device from your account.

Having a couple of different devices paired with one single Spotify account is not the wisest idea to have. If your app keeps pausing for no apparent reason, you might want to let go of those different phones, tablets, PCs connected to it.

How to apply the fix: Head to Spotify Account Overview on a browser. Scroll down and click on ‘SIGN OUT EVERYWHERE.’ Later, you can log in to your profile using your primary device and check if the pausing problem is resolved.

What if Nothing Could Fix It?

If none of the solutions on this page didn’t resolve your problem, you should contact the Spotify team. They’d look into your case and get in touch with you if anything particularly wrong with your account.

Unfortunately, the only way you can connect with the support team is via email. So, you need to prepare your screenshots, write a brief explanation of your problem, and email them at

Key Points and Takeaways

  • Unstable internet connection is the main reason your Spotify keeps pausing.
  • Other reasons are: having too many devices assigned to one account, being hacked, installing or updating issues, or using broken AirPods/earphones.
  • Restarting your device and reconnecting to your Wi-Fi are the fastest fixes for the issue.
  • You can also try removing all the connected devices to your account and re-run the app.

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