Venmo is freezing accounts for no clear reasons. Some of the accounts that Venmo freezes have even lots of money in them.

You may be one of the many Venmo users who believe that you have not done anything wrong, yet your venom accounts have been frozen. What is odd here is that in many cases Venmo does not tell its users the reason why their accounts have been frozen.

That being said, there are some terms that if you violate, then Venmo will instantly freeze your account and your money in it. In some cases, they will even ban your account permanently and this has happened to some Venmo users.

How to get money out of Venmo frozen account?

Once your Venmo account is frozen, unfortunately, you can’t get your money out of the account. But don’t worry, you can still get your money out of your Venmo account if you unfreeze the account. So first you need to unfreeze your account and then you can get your money back.

How to unfreeze a Venmo account?

There are different reasons that Venmo may unfreeze your accounts. Usually, when your account gets frozen, Venmo will send you an email asking you some questions as well as taking some necessary actions.

However, if you don’t receive any particular email about your account getting frozen, and there are no clear reasons either, then you need to reach out to venom. Also, there is no way to unfreeze your Venmo account on your own. So it is necessary to contact the Venmo support team and ask them for help.

There are different ways you can reach out to venom and hopefully unfreeze your account, let’s go over them together.

Unfreeze your account via phone

Simply contact them at this phone number (855-812-4430). You can do it on any working day.

Unfreeze your account via email

You can also reach out to the Venmo support team via email. Their email address is

  • Unfreeze your account via chat
  • Head over to your Venmo app.
  • Hit the menu icon in the upper left corner.
  • Find Get Help and hit it.
  • Now hit Contact Us.
  • Here you have three options, simply hit Chat With Us.

After you’ve reached out to the Venmo team through one of these ways they will tell you the reason why they have frozen your account. Then you can take the necessary actions and hopefully unfreeze your account and get your money back.

How long does it take to unfreeze a Venmo account?

After you’ve contacted Venmo and taken the necessary actions, they will unfreeze your account within a few days. However, in some cases, unfortunately, they will not unfreeze your account after 6 months.

How do I know if my Venmo account is frozen?

In many cases, after your Venmo account is frozen, they will notify you by email. However, if they don’t notify you via email, there are other ways to know if your account is frozen. For example, if your account is frozen and you try to make a transaction, a message will pop up saying “your account is frozen.”

Another way to know if your account is frozen is when someone wants to make a transaction to your account but receives a message like “the payment could not be completed” or maybe something like that.


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