In this article, I will tell you everything you need to know about Urlebird. So if you wonder what Urlebird is or you already know a little bit about it and are eager to learn more, then you are in the right place.

What is Urlebird?

It is simply a viewing platform or website that you can use to watch videos from TikTok. You can also use it to download TikTok videos.

What is odd about Urlebrid is that they don’t have any permission to take videos from TikTok and post them on their website. However, they do this and there is no one to stop them!

Many TikTok users are shocked because Urlebrid is using their videos without their permission. There is even a petition to take Urlebird down. Some TikTok users whose accounts are private say that their content can easily be seen on Urlebird. This really makes them angry and maybe this is the reason that they want Urlebird to go down.

How does Urlebird have access to TikTok accounts?

It is not clear how Urlebird has access to TikTok accounts. It seems that they even have access to some private accounts from TikTok. Also, it’s strange that they upload everyone’s content on their website.

Urlebird is not affiliated with TikTok, so TikTok users whose videos and contents are on Urlebird and they are not happy about it can’t report anything to TikTok. Unfortunately, Urlebird does not take any proper action when a TikTok user is not happy about his or her content being on Urlebird.

Is Urlebird safe?

I don’t think it is legit. Because they just post content from every TikTok user on their website without any permission. Do you think this is legit? It seems that they even have access to minors’ accounts or maybe hack minors’ accounts on TikTok and post their content on their own website.
No wonder why there is a petition and many content creators as well as ordinary people who use TikTok want Urlebird to go down.

Also, you need to know that everything that you post on TikTok will be also posted on Urlebird!

Why does Urlebird so poular?

The answer is so simple. They make a bunch of money by posting other’s content from TikTok to their own website.

They simply steal content and videos from TikTok users and post them on their website and put ads on them.

If you are not happy about Urlebird and they have posted your content on their website without your permission, you can attend to a petition which is available at and sign that petition.

Is it good to use Urlebird?

Well, I talked a little bit about Urlebird and what it is and what it does. I’m still not into this platform, because making money by stealing others’ content is not my style. And this is what they are exactly doing.

However, you can still use this platform if you want and there are perhaps some benefits that I’ll talk about them.

  1. If you live in a county where TikTok is banned and it is not easy to access it, then it might be a good idea to use Urlebird.
  2. If you want to watch someone’s video on Tiktok without them knowing, you can use Urlebird.
  3. You can also download TikTok videos through Urlebird.

How to use Urlebird?

You may still be eager to use this platform in spite of all the stuff that I talked about.

Here I will show how to use Urlebird, this is so simple.

  1. Simply type in in your browser and open it.
  • Once you’ve entered the website, you see a few options.
  • The first one is Trending so here you can find trending videos.
  • Then we have Videos. If you open it you can see the latest videos that have been uploaded on TikTok. So for example, if someone has uploaded a video 5 minutes ago on TikTok that will be uploaded here as well!
  • The next one is Hashtags. You can find the latest hashtags that have been used on TikTok here. By opening them you can see the videos with those hashtags on them.
  • Then we the Music option. Here you can find the latest trending TikTok music.
  • The last option that we have is Downloader. You can simply paste the TikTok video URL into the search bar and download it. If you don’t know how to copy a TikTok video URL, then follow the step below.
  • Open up your TikTok and go to the video you want to copy its URL.
  • Below the comment icon, you’ll see an arrow with its head pointing to the right go ahead and click that.
  • Then a new menu will pop up. Scroll over and find Copy Link and click it.
  • Now go back to Urlebird and click Downloader option and then paste the URL link that you have just copied. Then you can simply download that video.


In some countries TikTok is banned, however people from those countries can still watch TikTok videos and even download them via Urlebird.

You may find Urlebird helpful because you can use it to watch videos on TikTok anonymously. But there are many TikTok users who are not happy with this platform because it simply uses their content without their permission. Some of the users I’m talking about have private accounts, yet their content is available on Urlebird.

I hope you have found this article helpful, and if there is anything you’d like to share with us, please feel free and share it in the comment section below.


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