If you have been recently trying to get a Twitch verification code to verify your identity, but you weren’t able to receive it, or maybe Twitch didn’t send it to you, then reading this article will help you fix the issue.

Why isn’t Twitch sending you a verification code?

There isn’t a straightforward answer to this question, but there are some possible reasons why Twitch isn’t sending you a verification or the six-digit code. Sometimes Twitch does send you a code but it is you who are not able to find the code or maybe there is something wrong with your device or internet connection, and so on.

Here is a list of other possible reasons why you’re not receiving the verification code from Twitch.

  • Twitch is currently down
  • Your internet connection is not working properly or maybe there is something wrong with your Wi-Fi, your modem, router, or your mobile data if you are connected via mobile phone, etc.
  • There is a typo in your email address or maybe your phone number
  • In rare cases, using an antivirus or any kind of security app can cause issues
  • You are using a VPN which in some cases can interfere and cause problem
  • Email filtering is causing some issues, etc.

How to fix Twitch “not sending verification code” to your email

If Twitch servers are not currently down, or in other words if there isn’t anything wrong with Twitch, then you need to go over the following solutions and hopefully fix the issue.

#1 Double-check your Spam folder

90 percent of the time that you don’t get a verification code or any other emails that you’re supposed to receive but you don’t have actually one reason. In other words, the code that Twitch has sent you is probably among your spam or junk mail.

There are different reasons why this happens, but I’m not going to explain them because it will take too much of your time. Just make sure to check the emails in your Spam folder carefully.

#2 Add Twitch email to your whitelist

Sometimes you don’t receive the code and there is no clear explanation for it. But there is a simple yet effective way that 99 % of the time does work. All you need to do is add @TwitchSupport or help@twitch.tv. to your white list. It’s better to test them one at a time and then request a verification code.

#3 Check your email address spelling

There might be a very minor typo or spelling error. So it’s worth checking the email address associated with your Twitch account to see if you have typed it correctly. Chances are you might have typed it incorrectly, this has happened to me a few times. A small typo in your email address can prevent you from receiving any verification code emails.

#4 Other possible solutions

If you’re still not getting the code, consider doing the following and hopefully get the code.

  • Temporary disable any security software on your device
  • Temporary disable VPN, if you are using one
  • Switch between two internet connections
  • Update the Twitch app, then request a new code
  • Delete the app and install it again
  • Test different web browsers
  • Disable Email Filtering from your email account setting
  • Request a new code at a later time

How to fix Twitch “not sending verification code” to your phone number

Usually, when you request a code via your phone number, Twitch will send you an SMS with a verification code on the spot. Unfortunately, however, that doesn’t happen all the time.

So if you are not receiving an SMS with the code from Twitch, the following solutions might be helpful.

#1 Enter a correct phone number

In most cases, you aren’t able to receive a Twitch code, simply because you have entered the wrong number. So if you are trying to receive a Twitch code via SMS, then it is worth checking the number you have entered.

#2 Try again later

If you’ve made too many requests in a short period of time, Twitch will not send you a verification code. In this case, you need to wait for like 30 minutes or so and try to request a new code again.

Also, when you’re trying to get a code, something can go wrong with your internet connection, or anything like that. So again you need to wait a little, but if you’ve waited enough and you’re still not receiving the code, then try to do the next method.

#3 Unblock text messages

Sometimes intentionally or maybe unintentionally you block unknown messages. Also, this can happen by default, in this case, your phone blocks SMS that it recognizes as unknown. Later on, when you try to request an SMS with a verification code from Twitch, your phone will block the SMS and stop it from being delivered.

So make sure you have not enabled the option responsible for blocking unknown messages or senders on your phone. Here is how you can do it.


  • Go to Settings > Messages and toggle off Filter Unknown Senders
  • Also, make sure to Toggle on iMessage and Send as SMS


Go to Messages > Settings > and then disable Spam protection oranything related to Spam


In this article, I’ve provided you with some useful information regarding Twitch not sending verification code. Hopefully, the information here will help you fix the issue and finally get the six-digit code. However, if you have tested all the solutions in this article and you haven’t received the code yet, then maybe it’s time to contact the Twitch support team and tell them about your problem.


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