Looking for legit ways to get more views on TikTok after posting your videos? Here’re six tips that prove you’re not done after upload, and you can still boost your views.

6 Tips to Get More Views on TikTok After Posting

TikTok does not allow any sort of edit after your post a piece of content. But you can employ several strategies to increase your engagement rates, watch time, and retention rate.

#1: Review Your Videos and Captions.

TikTok’s algorithm is basically an AI that searches/analyzes your content to understand it. Several factors, such as restricted topics or words, can trigger the bots to dismiss your content. For instance, cursing or talking about controversial subjects like politics can decrease your engagement rate because the AI won’t pick you up.

Do this to make sure your videos get more views after you post them:

– Rewatch your content and look for triggering material. (Check the sounds, texts, and music). Famous TikToker, Addison Rae, sometimes re-take her videos more than 70 times.

– Reread your caption to see if it contains any controversial information. Ensure your hashtags are clean and your text is community guideline violation-free.

– Review the comments section to make sure your viewers are not violating the guidelines under your post.

#2: Don’t Duplicate Your Content.

Reposting your video on multiple accounts hurts your views and engagement rate. It’s also against TikTok’s policies—as the platform prefers fresh, unique content over duplicated ones. So, if you want to gain more viewers after posting your video, avoid resharing it on your secondary accounts.

It’s a simple tip. But many users who have tried it claim to see significant growth on their accounts. So, don’t underestimate the negative effects of posting duplicated content.

Note that you can repost some of your older videos on your main account. But you need to give it at least a couple of months before doing so.

#3: Don’t Delete Your Video to get more views on TikTok

You may get 0 views on your latest upload and proceed to delete it ASAP. But that’ll decrease your chance of getting more views in general. TikTok may pick your content for a review. And you’ll receive no engagement until your content passes the quality test. By deleting your videos randomly, you’re signaling that your videos are not worthy of analysis and your account is not trustworthy.

Only remove pieces of content with an engagement that’s lower than 1% of your followers. For example, if you have 1,000 followers, a video with ten or fewer views is safe to delete.

Plus, note that deleting your videos in the first 24 hours after posting them is not okay. You need to give the algorithms enough time to process your content and decide whether or not to increase its viewer tier.

#4: Follow Up Your Theme after Posting a Video.

The best strategy to get more views on TikTok after posting a video is to create a content theme. For example, if you want to post dance videos, it’s wise to niche down your account and keep posting relative TikToks. That way, the AI can understand your page’s concept and suggest it to the right audience, eventually leading to gaining more viewers.

In short, your upcoming uploads can support the videos you’ve already posted. So, a distinctive theme can help both the audience and algorithms identify your purpose and why they should engage with you.

#5: Repurpose Your Content.

After posting a video on TikTok, you have a piece of content that might do well on other platforms as well. So, you can download your video, re-edit it, and post it to other social media apps. Instagram Reels is your best bet when it comes to repurposing TikTok content.

However, ensure that you’re posting your videos without the TikTok watermark on them. One way to do so is by cropping your video or resizing it.

If you have a new editing idea, you can also use your old TikTok videos to create new content pieces. For example, you can pick one of your previous dance videos, combine it with a new one (Split-screen edit), and mix it with a new trending song.

Such a repurposing process helps you get more views even you’ve already posted your TikToks.

#6: Promote Your Video.

This social media has a promotion feature to get more likes on TikTok, views, and comments after posting a video. But you have to pay for it. Promoting your content is not a recommended technique as it’s expensive—and it usually results in a random, short-term spike on your account statistics.

But if increasing your views on TikTok is your priority, the feature might help you achieve it.

You have two ways to use the promote option: 1) Tap the video you want to promote, press the three dots (…) on the bottom, and select ‘Promote.’ 2) Go your ‘Settings,’ select ‘Creator Tool,’ and then tap ‘Promote.’

Note that you cannot use this feature if your account or video is private.

Factors That Determine Your TikTok’s Success After Posting

You post several videos only to find out that some are doing better than others. Why is that? How does TikTok identify good content, and what factors help your post to go viral on TikTok? See below.

Engagement Variety

Your viewers can interact with your posted content in different ways. They can like it, leave a comment, rewatch it, or share it with someone else. TikTok analyzes the variety of such engagements to determine your video’s value. The larger the ranger of interactions are, the better your video performs.

Engagement Velocity

How long will it take for your followers to tap your TikTok and watch it? That’s another factor when it comes to getting more views after you post a video. When users immediately click on your content, AI is signaled to anticipate your work, so it’s probably a good fit for the algorithms.

Watch Completion

If you want to get more views after posting a video on TikTok, you need to keep your retention rate as high as possible. TT observes your viewers’ watch time, identifying what percentage of the video they actually watch. If users tend to watch your stuff until the end and proceed to rewatch it, you’re guaranteed to gain even more views during the next few days—or even weeks.

Why You Cannot Get More Views on TikTok

So, you put all your effort into a video, and you posted it hoping to go viral. But nothing happened. Why is that? Why can you not get the views you deserve? Your TikTok growth has stopped because one or all of the following reasons.

Your videos have poor quality.

TikTok has strict rules when it comes to the visual quality of content. The app tries its best to serve the viewers with irresistible videos to not stop scrolling their feed. Now, if you post low-quality videos, you’ll certainly get the least views possible because the algorithms are not likely to favor you. Blurry images, poor lighting, and even sound quality should be at their best so you can guarantee going viral.

Note: most high-end smartphones pass the TikTok quality check. So, you don’t need to use professional filming equipment or expensive cameras to get featured.

You’re posting copyrighted content.

TikTokers know that the platform does not tolerate copyright infringement at all. If you post a piece of content that is considered another person’s intellectual property, you’re not likely to get any views. Plus, the app might decide to enforce action on your account and ban/suspend it.

You’re violating community guidelines.

If you want to get more views on TikTok after posting a video, check if it violates the app’s guidelines. Your best bet is to create content that includes no controversial topics. That way, you can guarantee your account is safe, and it’ll not underperform.

You’re duplicating your content.

Posting the same video on several accounts or creating any sort of duplicated content holds you back on TikTok. The app is all about fresh information and catchy visuals. So, spamming other users’ feeds with repetitive uploads will lead the bots/AI to ignore you.

Quick Recap of What You Just Read

  • You can use several techniques to get more views on TikTok after posting a video.
  • Avoid deleting your content, don’t post duplicated videos, review your videos and their captions to see if they violate any guidelines, and avoid posting copyrighted content.
  • You can use the ‘Promote’ feature on TikTok to get more views after posting.
  • Repurposing your videos and posting them on other social platforms helps grow your TT page performance.
  • The quality, concept, and theme of your videos affect their overall stats.

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