When you want to create a Telegram account or log in to the existing account you have logged out from, you should enter your phone number and wait for Telegram servers to send a confirmation code to that phone number. Then you have to enter that code in the corresponding text box in the Telegram app so that you can complete the process of creating or logging into your account. In some cases, users face the problem of telegram not sending code and complain about not receiving the Telegram verification code SMS.

Why should we use verification code on Telegram?

This code is sent from Telegram to increase the security of users and verify their authenticity. By using this method, hackers cannot penetrate your Telegram account, and they need your mobile phone and the code sent to your phone to hack it. Remember that a permanent password can finally be hacked depending on its complexity. But this method reduces the chance of your account being hacked by hackers.

Some tips to know:

  • The code sent by Telegram is a five-digit code.
  • This code is unique, and when you enter it to log in to your account, it can no longer be used.

Why can’t I receive a Telegram verification code?

If you have sent the request for sending the activation code several times, but have not received the SMS code, the reason for this problem can be one of the following:

Signal error

Another reason for Telegram not sending the code is related to the quality of mobile coverage. If there is a problem with the signals of the mobile operator, you may not receive this code. A telegram activation code will be sent to you via SMS. So, if you are in an area with a poor network, you won’t receive this code. The best thing is to go to another place where the network is better and request the activation code to Telegram.

Make sure you enter your number correctly

When you enter your number, you will wait for Telegram to send the activation code to your phone. But if you have not entered your number correctly, you will not receive any message. This message has gone to the wrong number you entered. So before you complain, make sure it isn’t because of your fault. Then try to type it again correctly.

Your code has been sent to your existing telegram account

Do you have a Telegram account on your device and want to have the same account on another device? If you have already logged in to your Telegram account and are trying to log into it on another device, you should know that you should not wait to receive the SMS on your phone. The activation code will be sent to your existing Telegram account.

Don’t use virtual numbers

If you want to create your Telegram account using a virtual number, Telegram Messenger will not allow you to do this. Then use a real number to create your account to solve it.

Your mobile operator is the problem

Sometimes the mobile operator may have considered the code sent by Telegram as spam. To solve this problem, instead of choosing the code sent via SMS, you can try to get it through a phone call. After failing to receive the SMS, click on the option “Didn’t get the code” to make the option of receiving the code via a phone call active.

Don’t ask to resend too much

If you have sent many requests to Telegram to make it send the activation code in a short period of time, the messenger assumes that you are doing suspicious activity and stops sending the code to your number. If you don’t wait and send your request repeatedly due to the delay in delivering this SMS, this problem will arise.

Check your internet connection

Another reason for Telegram not sending the code is related to your connections. If your internet connection is unstable when sending the request, you may not receive this code. To solve this problem, you should check your internet connection and if there is a problem, try to solve it. One of the solutions is to restart the phone.

Install the official Telegram on your device

If you checked all of the above and there was no problem, the problem may be related to the Telegram application that you have installed on your phone. Go to a reliable source like Play Store or App Store and download the official Telegram. If the problem persists, it is better to inform Telegram technical support about it.


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  1. The device I used to log to telegram is not accessible now and I can’t reserve verification code on my mobile phone.what can I do to fix this problem?

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