How do we find the Telegram join link to our channel or group? This is the question our customers always ask when advertising on Telegram. That is why we decide to publish a complete tutorial on this to tell you how to build a Telegram link to a group or channel. Now you might be wondering what exactly is the join link to Telegram? The Telegram join link is an address for your channel. By clicking on it, the user will immediately switch to your channel/group.

What is Telegram join link on a group or channel?

Four people are interacting with their audience on groups that they create via Telegram join link

As you may have noticed, the Join link makes the user immediately a member of your Telegram channel. So using it can have a very positive effect on your advertising feedback and make a lot more users the members of your Telegram channel. Of course, advertising is not just about using the link. Another use of this link is when you are planning to buy a member for your Telegram channel. At this time, you must provide us with a join link (or anyone else you work with) and so you must know how to make those links.

Difference between Telegram join links and the regular ones?

In this section, we talk about the types of Telegram links and their differences. Of course, if you will, let’s talk about Telegram first and then go to groups. Each channel in Telegram has its own address, known as an ID, and is marked with a @ sign. You must have seen these addresses. For example, one of your friends has sent you the @music channel address. This is a regular link to a channel that you must assign at the beginning of the channel making and can easily be found and even changed. Just log in with your credentials.

Four people are interacting with their audience on groups that they create via Telegram join link

But the point is that when someone clicks on this link, it only enters your channel and just has to press the Join button at the bottom of the page to become a member of your channel. And, well, there are many times when someone likes your channel but forgets to press this button. But there is another way.

The join button is for the Telegram channels that are accessible to everyone, so-called public channels. But when it’s a private channel and not everyone can subscribe to it, it’s a little different. If a Telegram channel is private, then there is no news of an ID like @film. Rather you will have an address (or say a link) that the audience will immediately subscribe to on your private channel by clicking on it. Without having to hit the Join button (a Telegram group does exactly the same thing), and as we said, these Telegram links are known as join links.

And what is the good news? There is a way that even if your channel is a public Telegram channel, you still create a join link for it that performs exactly the same as the group and private channel links. We’ll teach you this soon.

How to join Telegram group via link

Well, now that you are well acquainted with the difference between the public and private Telegram channel links, it’s time to go back to our basic training on how to make a join link to a public channel. But first, two things are important to note. The first point is that it is only possible to build a Join link via the Android Telegram and the desktop. That is, one cannot make the link using the iPhone. Second, automatic subscriptions only occur on phones, so don’t test the link’s performance on your computer.

I will continue this path with you step by step. Note that although my tutorial is based on the computer version of Telegram, for the Android version of Telegram, you follow the same path.

Step One:

The first thing to do is to turn your public channel into a private one.

To do so, log into your channel information page and click on the edit entry at the top right of the page. On Android phones, the settings dialog appears with the gear icon.

How to join Telegram group via link
Step Two:

From setting section of your computer’s Telegram, click on the channel type. On Android phones too, you have to press the channel info option.

How to join Telegram group via link
Step Three:

On the page that opens, you can choose your channel type. Press the private channel option and don’t worry about anything.

How to join Telegram group via link
Step Four

When you select the Private option, the Link section of the Setting page changes and is no longer a simple URL. Just click on this link (or touch it on your phone) to copy it automatically.

How to join Telegram group via link
Step Five

Just press Cancel so that your channel remains unchanged (publicly).

how to join telegram via link step 5

How to join Telegram group via link on PC

Congratulations. You now own a direct link to your public channel that immediately subscribes to your channel whenever anyone clicks on it. (Of course only on phones and not computers)

To join a Telegram group via link on PC, you only need to have a link and then paste it into the search bar.Follow these steps:

1. Open your Telegram app on you PC (if you haven’t install it, just go to Telegram website, and download it there)

2. Copy the link from any resources you have on PC (You may use your email to receive the link on PC)

3. Paste the link into the search bar


In this article we learned how to join Telegram groups in different ways, if you have any issues or suggestions, let us know in the comments bellow.


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