Instagram users now share over 100 million photos and videos every single day. When compared to other social media platforms, Instagram has the biggest number of users who have posted pictures and videos to the medium. If you want to find a photo that someone shared on Instagram, you will finally have to use the option that does a reverse lookup. You can use reverse image searches if you want to see how your photos are being used or if you want to find a specific user in a crowdsourced shot. Instagram itself hasn’t a clear option to reverse photo searches, but it is still wondering whether there are some chances to do reverse image searches on Instagram. If you want to know, keep reading.

Is a reverse image search possible on Instagram?

There is currently no option to do a reverse picture search within the official Instagram app. On the other hand, there are a lot of services that can do this job for you. It has a brief history that happened a few years ago, and I think it is somewhat of a gimmick:

  • In 2018, Instagram desired to safeguard the privacy of its users, so the app’s API, which lets other apps talk to Instagram’s photo-sharing app, was locked down. It was never as good as it felt, and it was never as bad as it seemed; User data was made safer, but numerous image search tools were hampered. Using that new API has, in general, making it harder to do a reverse image search.

Your Instagram account and the stuff you’re seeking will figure out the best way for you to use the reverse image search feature.

What things could inspire you to do a reverse image search?

Often, you will need to do a reverse image search when you aim to use someone’s name or a photo of them to track them down, and just in case, you may go through it to catch cases of plagiarism and check for under-the-counter use of your images.

Don’t get your hopes up!

Due to Instagram’s API shift, several third-party services have stopped working, and it may no longer be possible to dig for the one you want!

Instagram doesn’t have a surefire mode for reverse image searches, and even the most popular third-party apps aren’t always compelling. Yet, For reverse image searching, you need to use Instagram’s “search by pic” feature, look for specific hashtags, or use “advanced search.”

How do third-party apps do an Instagram reverse image search?

Any picture you take on Instagram is secured, but image search engines can still find it. Even though browsers can’t benchmark Instagram photos and videos, they can slither the profiles of people who let them. Google image search and apps like TinEye can look up data that is similar to what they are looking for on Instagram and other platforms by using things like themes, color, pixels, complicated forms, and geometry. So, if you aim to look up some shots on Instagram, first of all, you must save several similar pics on your device. As you may know, Instagram does not offer you to store any image on your smartphone; thus, you must use some tricks to save relevant pics on your devices, such as screenshots or third-party apps like 4k Stogram. Now, we want to introduce the most practical tool for doing an Instagram reverse image search:

  • TinEye

TinEye is a smart web tracker that focuses on searching for pictures. Tineye lets you look for rev photos and submit a similar shot from your phone. The site will then list all sites with similar images that will host the pictures, And accordingly, you can do that since you can track down the image’s initial source if you really want to. You may often get a picture’s higher-resolution version as well. During searching for shots, TinEye does not make use of keywords or metadata:

  1. Tap the Upload button with the arrow pointing up, then simply tap the photograph you want to add. If the photo you’re looking for is hosted elsewhere online, you may easily discover it on Instagram by pasting its URL.
  2. After the digging has been done, you will have the option to confine it to a target space and apply a multitude of filters to it in order to make the search more relevant.
  • Google image search

Google is the market benchmark when it comes to picture search engines and is considered to be one of the viable choices. Once you upload your chosen shots and run a search, it will show you a list of websites that have uploaded an image matching or similar to the one you entered.

  1. To begin, hit the camera button. The following pop-up will show up, and you will need to tap the tab labeled “Upload an Image.” You can upload a shot to the ‘Search by Image’ tool, and then you will be given all of the relevant photos with the original source.
  2. If the URL for the picture comes from Instagram, you will be able to pinpoint the account and view extra details about their profile. To broaden the scope of the results, Google will first associate the image with a probable relevant search word and then display each and every occurrence of the photo that it locates.


Even though there is no way to know for sure where an Instagram photo was taken, you can use the details and digital footprints to narrow your search area. The solutions that are given on this page will provide you with the best opportunity for success; nonetheless, there is no assurance that they will be fruitful. If you are worried about copying, you might want to think about another way to safeguard your work, such as using artifacts. Consider using Yandex pictures, Social catfish, Bing image search, or Pixsy as alternatives to Google or TinEye if you are unhappy with the results you get from either of those search engines.


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