Need an overly crowded place to fill with noises? Need to make some noise? You are going to take the whole audio side of the party to the next level? Well you definitely need some JBL?

JBL; a major brand with a big punch to parties that require loud noises and most certainly is adored and loved by known DJs , a little expensive to be honest but absolutely worth the price you pay for it.

If you are already looking to buy a JBL speaker, you already mean business. There is a vast space of titles in the present categories for different tastes, and for sure there are plenty of models coming out every year by the name of it.

You can get yourself a speaker that fits in your pocket; there are some in size of cats, there is a model designed for festivals that is pretty massive to be honest, there are some specializing in house sized parties, and there are some that get you in the mood by their light work, pretty much impressive.

But if you search the best JBL party boxes in your web browser, you will be encountering so many sites that say their own kind of JBL is the best or they give out their own opinions.

In this article, we try to introduce most liked and best for every different type of usage that you might have and cover as much as we can.

1. JBL Party box 310 speaker

Are you having a party just by the pool or in your yard? This is the real deal for you. The JBL Company has introduced a speaker with 240 watts power just enough for loud parties and noise filling.

The real power lies within the battery and power cord; with 18 hours of charge and 30 hours for standby it contains a power cable that directly gives your party box electricity of partying.

As for more fun, the inner light rings in round shape, boost the mood during playing music and you can control the display by your taste; because this speaker is controlled by Bluetooth too.

The party box 310 weights about 18 kilograms which puts it among heavy weight speakers, it also has an IPX4 certificate which means it is resisting from water splashes and prevents you from worrying about sudden rains or pouring water on it, so have fun alongside the pool.

2. JBL Boom box 2 speaker

Considered the best of its own family by many, JBL Boom box 2 stands among the strongest portable speakers that you can buy, operating with Bluetooth and cable and comes with a trusty handle to carry.

This speaker has proven to be a really reliable beast with powerful sound throwing feature and a massive bass. Designed for producing the deepest and loudest sound ever heard from a JBL made speaker.

Containing two inactive subs at sides to help the sound reach more, this speaker has an IPX4 certificate that ensures you about its being waterproof, so it’s perfectly suitable for pool parties and beach parties.

A huge benefit of this speaker is its battery that can keep the party going for 24 hours straight with just one charge, and also operates on the straight power supplied by the power cable.

Boom box 2 is considered superior to its earlier version Boom box by far; the reason can be a 20% increase in weight and body and deeper bass, and by deeper we really do mean it. 

Have you ever seen videos of people putting something on the speaker or even on the ground and it starts to shake when the music goes playing? Yeah this is the one that makes that happen if you maximize the bass in the setting.

About the volume of the made noises, you can still enjoy the highest possible quality with increasing the volume to its max status, makes no additional noise and even the bass is still going at its finest.

Be advised that if you require the maximum bass and volume and also maximize everything in the setting, the cost would be decreasing the battery life to 6-8 hours per charge.

This modern and stylish speaker comes with a useful handle that surprisingly does not hit the looks of it 

And as for the body, it is built really tough; like really really tough, so no worries about hits.

You can also stay connected from 22 meters far distance and the playing would not be impacted still,

There are only parts of the superiority said earlier about this device.

3. JBL Charge 5 speaker

Specializing in sound effects and distributing, Charge 5 stays one the best JBL speakers with reasonable prices around the world.

This speaker is described with so many good things about its self, good battery life per charge, god sound quality and having a portable size that can be carried around in your bags and backpacks.

Built resistant to water and dust, charge 5 is quite strong in the body as well, having a IP67 license backs that statement to be true.

You can even charge your phone if necessary with usb-c port featured in the device which makes it a unique trait in the market of speakers with a price range below 200 dollars.

But looking at both sides reveals that this speaker does not support the Bluetooth as well as other speakers built by the same company, also the charge 5 lacks a built in microphone.

Also you can use it wired to your phone which is considered the best way to ensure the best quality.

The battery stays serving you for about 20 hours which is sufficient enough for your indoors parties.

4. JBL pulse 4 speaker

JBL pulse 4 is a very unique speaker among its other sibling in the JBL family. Alongside all of the traits that a good Bluetooth speaker has, this particular speaker contains LED lights shining in all of its body.

A really stunning LED worked in the body displays wonderfully with playing your music and actually reacts to the music, meaning it can change based on what genre and what bass is played at the second.

360 LEDs are designed to work 12 hours straight with just one full charge. Also this speaker supports your iPhone or iPad from 12 meters far so do not worry about being far away.

Pulse 4 speaker comes with an IPX7 license; making it the best option for pool parties at night and not worrying about water splashed on the speaker.

The sound performance remains impeccable despite being a light and convenient in the matter of size, providing a really strong bass and still enjoys the light work.

The charge 5 also has 360 mini speakers built inside of it that run alongside the lights provided in the device that can operate with the minimum amount of charge left in the battery.

5. JBL Flip 6 speaker

Another portable speaker made by JBL that was supposed to be an improvement to flip 5 and it really did the job.

At the first look you probably see a normal and based speaker but there are 2 things that make it so special, a powerful battery and strong connection to 2 different sources via Bluetooth at the same time.

Flip 5 misses and built in microphone and lacks headphone jacks and long range connection but instead it also can be used as power bank by having usb-c charging port.

Also having passive bass radiator and strong suiting makes this speaker a good choice for a price around 130 dollars.

6. JBL go 3 speaker

A tiny but powerful speaker made by JBL that is extremely reliable and compacted with a light weighted body for carrying around without a problem.

Waterproof and resistant to dust with an IP67 license to make it even more considerable, go 3 stands among the best speakers to carry around the pool and the beach.

It can operate for 30 minutes in depth of 1 meter and does not even make a false noise. It also can perform its duty for about 5 hours straight with just one charge, a pretty impressive battery for this size of a speaker with advanced Bluetooth technology.

You may be surprised by the quality of the sound that this little speaker brings to the table; 4.2 watt outgoing power comes with a 30 cm power cable.

7. JBL link portable

JBL link portable stand a little afar from other members of the JBL family, a smart speaker that can connect to google and perform as a digital assistant such as Alexa or even Siri.

Weighting around 725 gr, link potable is suited for you to carry around in your back pack and even take it to vacations and trips as it performs its duty as an assistant.

This speaker comes with an IP67 license that means it is water resistant and can float in the water for about 30 minutes without any problem in performance.

Providing a high quality sound, this speaker can make perfect sounds for about 8 hours with a strong built in battery which makes it a good choice for important meetings.

8. JBL Jr pop 

Jr pop is affordable speaker and most purchased by parents that want to give their beloved children something noisy for their play days.

Resistant to damage, it can take hits as your kid drops it down or smashes it to walls and concrete as they are supposed to, a trust worthy companion for children that are playful and parents that do not intend to worry about their kids opening it up and consuming the interior parts.

Also children are attracted to this particular speaker as it comes with joyful colors and colorful rings as it plays music with a good quality.

You can leave the kids playing with it for about 5 hours as it is the amount of time that the speaker performs with just one charge.

9. JBL Xtreme 3

Mostly favored by city bikers, Xtreme 3 was a huge impact on the portable speakers market as it was introduced.

A really powerful speaker that comes with an IP67 license and an usb charging port strong enough to be carried around and bumping to things and not make a single foul noise.

This model also comes with 2 extra pads under the speaker to prevent falling and rolling over any surface ever, so a speaker for staying anywhere can be pulled out of it too.

The JBL also noticed that this model is bikers and cyclists favorite so they added 2 extra plastic parts at the sides to prevent any damage that could be cause by falling on the ground.