Using VR can cause you some eye problems if you use it nonstop during the day. However, if you use it correctly and take a break after 20 or minutes of use then you won’t get any eye problems. Interestingly enough, in some scenarios, not only willit harm your eyes but also you will get some benefits from VR if you have some eye problems.

To learn more about VR, the problem that it can cause, its benefits, and so on, please keep reading.

What is virtual reality?

Virtual reality also known as VR is a computerized technology that creates real images, sound, videos, etc. in a virtual concept that is similar to the real world we see and sense. It allows you to fully immerse yourself in a digitally simulated environment using a VR headset. By blocking out the real world, you can use yourself in video games or you can even find a very serene place for your guided yoga.

Today virtual reality is also increasingly used for commercial applications. It can be used for different purposes, for example,it can be used for training the police and the military. Soldiers can wear the VR headset to be put in a complicated environment similar to a real environment for training. You can use it to travel the world or even to go back in time to explore ancient places. You can experience a lot of good stuff with this interesting and modern device. You can dive deep down into the ocean and swim alongside marine creatures or digitally hang out with friends.

The danger of using VR

When we are talking about VR side effects, it’s good to knowthat many sides effect of using VR can also be caused by staring at a phone or TV screen for a long period of time. Some of the common side effects of VR for the eyes are as follows:

• Your eyes will dry out. When you are staring at a VR you tend to blink way less compared to when you’re not using a VR headset.

• It can cause irritation, redness, burning, etc. to your eyes. So you shouldn’t use VR all day every day

• Because you tend to blink less when you use a virtual reality headset, then in long run the oil glands in your eyelids will be badly damaged. Once the oil glands are gone, they’re gone for good. Of course, this can happen to people who stare at their phone screen or other similar devices all day, however, with VR this is much more common.

What not to do when using a VR headset

There are actually a few things you need to follow if you want to use VR for a long period of time or in the future.

• You should not use it all day long. It’s better to stop using the VR headset every 20 or 30 matures and do something else instead. Maybe get a drink or something so you can move your eyes around and blink. Because this will reduce the side effect that you get from the VR.

• The blue light coming from your VR headset can affect your sleep cycle. So make sure to stop using it before you go to sleep. This is hard I know, but that’s what you should do if you don’t want VR to mess with your sleep

• Make sure there are no children around because you are fully in a virtual world and you can’t see your surroundings, so it’spossible you may injure them or something.

What aresome of the benefits of using VR?

Using VR has many benefits and here you can seesome of them.

• People with eye problems, maybe with poor vision can benefita lot from VR headsets. Because the headset can magnifyvideos and images so people with poor vision can see things clearly, consequently their vision will function well again

• It can help kids with lazy eyes. There is a possibility that VR will improve their eyes to some extent. And some doctorseven recommend VR to people with eye problems. However,that doesn’t mean kids with eye problems should use VR all day long

• Other than benefits related to health issues, VR also has otherbenefits. It can be used for training. For example, kids who have some disability can gain a lot from this device for their education.

• It can be used for training workers in different fields

• We can use it for entertainment

• We can experience things and go to different places that perhaps we are not able to go in the real world, etc.

What are somedisadvantagesof VR?

Like anything else, VR has some disadvantages, so we’ve decided to touch upon them as well.

• It can give the user motion sickness. Or in other words, it can make you feel nauseated and dizzy

• It can damage your eyes in the long run if used too much

• It can make your vision blurry

• It can affect your brain somewhat. For example, some of the neurons in your brain may shut down

• In some scenarios, it can desensitize you. I mean you won’t be able to experience the real world around you, or in other words, it will dispatch you from reality


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