Instagram new algorithms push some strict regulations, the older version of automation has got outdated. So, deploying other methods can be very beneficial. Recently, a method like Instagram mass story viewing (mass looking) is being used to grab followers and promoting accounts.
In the following, we are going to state the method, usage, and its advantages and disadvantages:

1. Stating the algorithm and usage of mass story viewing
2. The advantages
3.Its disadvantages
4. How to set the service and get it to work

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What the Instagram mass story view is and how it works

Instagram mass story viewing or mass looking proves to be a new trend taking over Instagram.
The mechanism is really simple; for example, if you are a mediocre account and you have a small number of followers, you need to show your account off. In other words, you intrigue their curiosity and accompany them to visit your Instagram account. And grow your account effectively.
Instagram mass story viewing makes you appear in the story lists of million users, and by that, you can highlight your profile and absorb others and persuade them to join you.

The important point is how to attract the accounts and recognizing which accounts to attract. In other words, the users who have interests and inclinations other than you, can not be useful for you. Therefore, similar and identical interests put you in a position that you will have many followers whose interests and needs match yours.

One comparable situation in gaining followers is what happens in the follow/unfollow method on Instagram but with a slight difference in appearing notifications. It means that you view a lot of relevant accounts and remind them of yourselves without sending obvious notifications.

What are the benefits of using an Instagram mass story viewing?

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The first merits that can be mentioned as Instagram mass story viewing are none fake followers and spam comments, so the benefits that you can achieve through mass story viewing are huge:

– Easy set-up
– High speed
– Growing more curiosity to visit your page
– Boosting the number of likes, followers, comments, and engagement rate
– Saving time

What are the disadvantages of using an Instagram mass story viewing?

In addition to the aforementioned benefits, Instagram mass story viewing has its dark sides too.
for example, the poor and low conversion rate is one of them because the users do not normally check and care about the people that view their stories. The other demerit is the higher possibility of being blocked. The last point which is very significant is that the story viewer is able to view just public accounts, so many private and potential customers will definitely get ignored.
Among the accounts which the story viewer tool visits, it must be mentioned that the story viewer may be placed at the bottom of the view list. This because of the fact that accounts that have the most interaction with the mentioned account will be at the top of the view list.

The demerits in a nutshell:

– Low conversion rate
– Possibility of being blocked
– Private accounts can not be mass story viewed
– You will be placed among the last ones because of insufficient interaction

Now, we are going through some methods of increasing the number of followers:

Method 1: Instamber

The first tool that you can use is Instamber services. Instamber prepares two exceptional services that work well in spite of all Instagram inflexible rules. Instamber Instagram bot and Instamber manual promotion.
Instamber Instagram bot performs efficiently, even after hard Instagram anti-bot regulations.
The bot is a productive and comprehensive tool that empowers the procedure of accumulating followers and likes. As Instagram recognizes any intruder as a bot and blocks the account immediately, Instamber introduces an effective application that prevents IP conflict and Instagram cannot be suspicious and block the account.
To benefit from the bot, you must target the most relevant accounts based on usernames and hashtags and set the best possible promotions, and set the bot to execute them automatically.

The other Instamber tool is its manual promotion; almost all of its procedure is the same as the bot. In other words, gathering the targets based on usernames and hashtags is similar to the bot and as the last step, the system recommends the best action and you should do the actions manually.

Method 2: Hashtags

The third method to attract followers is via hashtags. As you know, it is possible to use 30 hashtags on your Instagram posts, but is it really useful to include many unrelated hashtags under your posts?
The answer is no, you should pay attention to the hashtags that you use on your posts so that you can get great feedback. The first thing that you should pay attention to is using relevant hashtags, this will simplify finding followers and potential clients for you.

Method 3: Instagram Ads

The last method which proves to be one of the most competent ways in attracting followers who can be your future clients is Instagram ads. By running proper Instagram ad campaigns which are visual and dashing, you will gain the most related and potential clients.

How to establish and set up the Instamber service?

One very remarkable Insatmber service is an Instagram bot. Here is how you must set up the service:
As mentioned earlier, before setting to view others’ stories, it is important to target the right audience to view the most appropriate accounts. Because unrelated accounts are not going to grant you great results. So, choose suitable hashtags, locations, and accounts that get you closer to your goals.

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Hence, the first step is identifying some of your niche-related hashtags, and your competitors’ usernames; by doing so you find the accounts who followed those hashtags or like the posts containing those hashtags. Other related accounts are your competitors’ followers since you can be sure about the fact that most of their needs agree with your industry.
The services for mass looking offer you the facilities to set your targets and track down the accounts that are active and can be intrigued to follow you.

1. Add an account

The first stage is adding your Instagram account that you plan to view stories with

2. Plan your targets

The second one is setting your targets to put your plans into action

3. Run your Instamber campaign

The last one is to activate your service

How much does it cost to buy Instagram mass story viewing?

There are many various apps in the market that provide you with great services and the prices begin from 10$ to 99$. The prices differ based on what you gain from them.

Is it worth using Instagram mass story viewing service?

Mass story viewing has been more practical in the past and has its own benefits, however, based on the facts that it may cause some problems and has its own minuses. So, instead of this method which is now somehow obsolete, it is more advisable to deploy more modern and efficient services.

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