​​Would you like to have more views on Instagram?
​​Have you ever experienced running a contest using Instagram ads as well as Instagram loop-giveaways?
​​Have you been thinking about joining an Instagram loop giveaway campaign and grow your followers?
​​If the answer to any of these questions is yes, be with us in this article!
​​In this article, you will learn how to find Instagram loop giveaways and you will learn how to attract more users by being a sponsor in an Instagram campaign. To begin with, let’s get acquainted with different types of Instagram giveaways.

​​Various types of Instagram giveaways

​​Most people who are surfing social media definitely confront different types of Instagram contests or giveaways, so each and everyone participates in one. Notice various types of Instagram contests here:
​​Follow and like to win: This type of contest is normally the basic and the simplest one, the user is demanded to like posts and follow accounts that are introduced.
​​Tag other accounts to win: This type is also very common too, users will be encouraged to tag their friends to be part of the contest.
​​Write a caption to win: It is an interesting type of kind of contest, it is like a challenge and participants have to write captions for posts that lack captions.
​​Leave comments to win: Besides tagging friends under posts, sometimes it is necessary to write nice comments under posts to be participants. Do not forget that some contests include the combination of the above-mentioned types.
​​Launching competitions on occasions, anniversaries, and celebrations: Sometimes you can celebrate on special occasions, record a video, ask the audience to leave a comment under the video post, and among comments and give a prize.
​​Loop giveaway: In this type, there are some accounts as sponsors to follow and have the chance of winning. In the rest of this article, we are going to elaborate on this type and teach you how to find Instagram loop giveaways.

Instagram loop giveaways

​​What are Instagram loop giveaways?

​​Its definition is not very complicated. In Instagram loop giveaway campaigns, a sponsor or a group of sponsors provide prizes and then promote the campaign with the help of an influencer.
​​In the first step, to participate in the contest all users must follow the sponsor accounts and also the main company holding the contest. In this way, the number of followers of the sponsor accounts will increase significantly in a short period of time.
​​In fact, by using this method, the main sponsor, in addition to financial support, with the help of an influencer, advertises the contracting company.

​​How to have successful Instagram giveaways?

​​Look for sponsors and gifts that suit your audience and purpose well. Suppose you are selling cosmetics, you plan to sponsor a campaign and give big prizes. You will definitely be looking for a sponsor to do this; But should any person or company get help? Can a tire brand sponsor your work? The answer is definitely no. Your sponsor should be someone or a company whose activities are related to cosmetics. You have to follow the same issue for the award, it is better to choose an award that is at least related to your products. Why? In this way, it encourages the user to at least see your other posts and also become one of your regular followers.
​​Do not stop producing and publishing content on your social networks. When a user follows your account and the sponsor, this is the best opportunity to introduce your other services to them by uploading new posts during the campaign. In fact, it would be the best way to communicate.

​​Add other discounts. The campaign period is the best opportunity to sell more, not everyone has a chance to be a part of an Instagram campaign, But you can at least increase the chances of selling other products by offering discounts.

​​An Instagram loop giveaway is one of the best ways to increase followers and sales; but as much as this method can be useful, it can also be harmful. It is better to go ahead with the strategy beforehand.

Methods of how to find Instagram loop giveaways

As many of you might know, loop giveaways vary in their structures a bit, but because of the fact that there are much more similarities between them so we decide to provide general methods to cover them all.

a hashtag sign printed on a mug

1. Hashtag searching

The first, fastest, easiest, and most reliable is finding Instagram loop giveaways by searching hashtags. You can do it on your Instagram application just by typing a # sign and words like a giveaway, contest, and Instagram loop giveaway. Many pages including influencers who host sponsors show up, then you can find the most suitable one for your selves.

2. Search engines

Tracking down Instagram giveaways in search engines such as Google is a fine solution. By searching win Instagram giveaways or Instagram giveaways you can simply learn about new events in this field, and conditions.

3. Finding and following your niche-related influencers

As a business owner who is trying to develop the business in social media, you need to know and follow influencers with a lot of fans, so they can help you grow, for example, by Instagram loop giveaway or advertisements.
By following influencers and bloggers, particularly the ones related to your industry, thus they can bring the most efficient followers to you.

4. Other social media like Twitter

Normally, people using Instagram as a medium to promote themselves have other media like Twitter and Facebook too. They are connected and if you find giveaways there.

5. Instagram loop giveaway agencies

Instagram influencer giveaway platforms or agencies are trustworthy sources for you to find and hire them to be a sponsor for Instagram loop giveaways. In the following, we talk about three significant ones:

– Highkey clout, a highly influential host for Instagram loop giveaways

Highkeyclout as a provider of Instagram loop giveaways

Website: https://highkeyclout.com/

Highkey clout is a high-rank giveaway sponsorship owned by two brothers Jordan and Luke Lintz, they manage the influencer giveaway events, and handle sponsors. They play the role of giveaway events and register customers as sponsors so that they can take part to increase their followers.

A good point about Highkeyclout is that they work with big influencers and celebrities, this will help sponsors to get recognized by a larger group of Instagram users and get followed. Thus, if you are a brand or business who like to enhance your Instagram as a social platform, it is advisable to work with the Highkeyclout team.

– Savvy, an efficient platform to find Instagram loop giveaways

Website: https://www.instagram.com/savvygiveaways/

Savvy is a giveaway host working in the baby accessory field, so if you are working in the industry, it is a great opportunity to add to your followers. You can also participate as the sponsor if you work in other fields, however, as Savvy’s audience are mostly mothers, they are not your target audience.

– Gramiety, a fast-growth platform for hosting Instagram loop giveaway

Website: https://gramiety.com/loop-giveaway/

Gramiety team provides you with events by mega-influencers to be exposed to many Instagram users and gather over 10,000 followers. So, if you are after a trusting company to sponsor a loop giveaway, Gramiety is a good choice.

Instagram loop giveaway campaign efficiency

An Instagram follower loop is actually a recent phenomenon, thanks to Kardashians, in the social media world. Based on statistics, many influencers and sponsors take part in this kind of contest and find so much success.
The most important merit that an Instagram loop giveaway brings about is rushing a lot of followers to your account, then you will have the chance to keep and make them their loyal customers.
Another thing is your account is exposed more and more on Instagram, and you can get on the explorer page.

Although many good results and growth come out of these campaigns, there are some opponents who are not optimistic about them. But why?
The reason is somehow obvious, and they mention items such as:

– Followers are not in your target group of audience
– New followers leave after the contest
– Less engagement

However, these conflicts exist, we try to give solutions for them later.

Solutions for what are considered loop giveaway disadvantages

The first demerit that opponents claim about these types of giveaways is not related audience so that users coming to your account will not turn into your customers and do not increase your sales rate. But to prevent this, you can choose great and most relevant influencers to lead followers interested in your field to your account.

The second claim is that new people joining you might unfollow accounts after the contest; yes it is possible, but how to avoid it:
Creating catching posts including videos and images will save you from being left. Users first join you with the aspiration of winning giveaways, and if you trap them on your page by providing useful and great content, they will be your followers forever. For example, offer other campaigns and discounts to persuade them to stay and engage with you.

By providing proper posts, you can lead new joiners to like your posts, comment on them, or reply to stories, so the engagement will increase. The other trick you can do is producing involving posts such as challenges so that they will interact with you.

Instagram loop giveaway campaign costs

As a matter of fact, these contests do not have fixed prices and their prices can differ based on the influencer’s grade and the number of followers.
However, rough prices range from 150$ to 25,000$ and more.
There is a clear fact about price and it states that the more you play, the more followers you can gain.

Are Instagram loop giveaways legal?

Instagram loop giveaways are legal perse, but you must pay attention to the influencer, type of giveaways, and prizes. So, be careful about these factors not to get reported by users or inappropriate followers rush to your account.

Instagram sponsored loop giveaway campaigns

According to what we have stated so far, the most significant element of an Instagram loop giveaway is the influencer or celebrity that presents the campaign on her/his account. Some celebrities who participate in Instagram loop giveaway campaigns include Kourtney Kardashian, Kris Jenner, Khloe Kardashian, Nadia Bartlet & Rebecca Judd, and Emily Skye.

Each of them brings about a wonderful event which is so profitable for hosts and sponsors.

Final thoughts

Instagram contests are held for different purposes, and to hold an Instagram contest, you must first specify your goal. Doing these competitions requires some factors and rules that if followed, can be very effective. In this article, we talk about follower loop giveaways and how to find Instagram loop giveaways as one very efficient type.


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