Many Instagram users recently reported that they see black messages on their Instagram direct message. Since it’s reported by thousands of users on Instagram, and it’s trending, so we can say it is an Instagram bug.

Not only black messages appeared on Instagram, but also users reported that they can’t log into their Instagram.

So here are the main reasons why you see black messages on Instagram

# Instagram is down

The main reason why you see black messages on Instgaram is because of Instagram down status. You can check it in the news section of Google, or using website.

If Instagram is down, most probably it will be in the Google News, or there is an increase in the chart as below:

Instagram is down according to

If this is the case, you should wait for couple of hours for Instgaram to fix it. You cannot do more about it, only waiting.

# Your Instagram app is not updated

It is highly recommended to keep your app updated, so you can enjoy the new features and also less bugs and issues on Instagram. To check if you are using the latest version you should visit Google Play Store or App Store (for iPhone users).

If you see “Update” blue button beside Instagram icon, you need to update it. Once you do, you see “Open” button. It means you are using the latest version.

#Instagram is adding new features

Some of these errors such as login issue, or messages issues happen when Instagram is adding some new features to its app. So, you need to update your Instagram app. If you should send something, you can use Instagram on PC.

Tips for Instagram direct messages

Improve the engagement and brand awareness with your targeted audience

Make brand awareness

Its smart features, always available, except when it has been turned off, help marketers to increase customer awareness.

Automated direct message

Another tool that can help you to send Direct Messages, is Instagram Bulk Message Sender Bot which is a product of Virtual User website. This bot has several features such as “Sending text messages and forward messages, extracting IDs from Followers a page and etc. Refer to Virtual User website for more information.

Acquire valuable customer

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