Who is an Instagram stalker?

Someone who sneaks into other people’s profiles on Instagram without the account owner knowing about it. One way to see people’s posts and stories without them noticing is to go ahead with Insta stalking.

The bad part is that someone may see your account and want to harm you. What’s the solution? How can you find out who viewed your profile? The best solution is to get help from a third-party Instagram stalker app.

How to find stalkers on your Instagram account?

Can you find stalkers if you upgrade your account to a business or content producer account?

No, you can only see the number of people who come to your Instagram page in such accounts. So what is the solution to finding their username? You can use Instagram stalker apps to do this.

What does the Instagram Stalker App do?

The Instagram Stalker app helps you to see who is stalking your Instagram account. You can use these apps to get stalkers’ usernames to react them by blocking them or restrict them if you want.

Some people prevent stalkers visit their accounts by changing their accounts setting as a private account. If you want to use the Instagram Stalker app to find the stalkers, keep a few points in mind:

  • To use these apps, you should give your username and password. By doing this, all your information will be available to them.
  • They may sell your private information to some marketing companies. If you don’t like that to happen, then forget about using these apps.

With the above tips in mind, if you still want to see who’s coming to your account, stay with us to get how to use these apps.

The best Insta stalker apps for android

Profile+ Followers & Profiles Tracker

You can find out who has viewed your profile and followed, unfollowed, or blocked your account with the help of this app. You can also find stalkers who have viewed and saved your posts and stories.

After you install this app, you will receive a notification for all the activities on your account.

This app shows the statistics of each profile, and you can pin your favorite profiles to create your timeline.

Followers Insight for Instagram

This app reports information about your Instagram stalkers. If you install this app on your phone, it sends you a push notification when someone has engaged in your post and story.

Find My Stalker

This app is a great tool to help you know your Instagram stalkers. You can use find my stalker to see who has viewed your profile and checked your profile picture on instagram. You can see your friends and sneaky followers. It also provides an analysis for your shared content and videos.

Follower Analyzer for Instagram App

By installing this app, you can monitor your account stalkers. Working with this app is very easy. Install it and create an account there. Then it starts analyzing your Instagram account and your followers and monitors all the entries in your account.


All the available apps we use to find Instagram account stalkers are almost the same. InReports is one of the tools that you can use to find out who sees your Instagram profile and stories.

InReports features are as below:

  • It shows who has viewed your profile.
  • You can see who viewed your story.
  • You can find out who followed and unfollowed you.
  • You can download other people’s posts and their profile pictures.
  • It tells you the best time to share your posts and stories.

The best Instagram stalker apps for iOS

Visitors Pro App

One of the best apps you can use to see who viewed your Instagram profile is the Visitors Pro App. Install this app on your iPhone and enjoy the result.

Analyzer Plus – Insta Followers

If you want to find an answer to your question about “Who Viewed My Instagram Profile,” install Analyzer Plus – Insta Followers app. After installation, you can find your Instagram stalkers. This app helps you to find users interested in your posts or visit your profile. It is easy to install this app, and you can quickly find the stalkers of your account.

Profile+ Unfollowers Analysis

Another great app for testing more is Profile+ Unfollowers Analysis.

You can easily follow those who view your account by installing this app. This app is free and has a beautiful user interface. Among the features of this app, the following can be mentioned:

  • You can see your Instagram story performance in it.
  • You can see the people who unfollow your account.
  • Follow pending requests can be seen in this app.
  • You can pin the posts and profiles you want to access quickly later.
  • It provides complete information about stalkers.
  • Using this app, you can track your Instagram followers.

Does your Insta Stalker app show the correct information?

Many apps designed to find Instagram stalkers are fake. These are created only to get your username and password or advertising revenue. So they may show random accounts as your stalkers when they start working.

Some of the computer experts think that Instagram stalker apps may not fetch information from the Instagram API. So a result it shows to you may not be correct and accurate.

Instagram does not share all the data with third-party tools and stalker apps. Therefore, some of the information provided by some of these apps is fake.

If you want to know that the app you installed on your phone works correctly and displays the correct information, you can view your account as a stalker from another account and see if that account is among the stalkers.


Using Instagram Stalker App is a method to find stalkers on your Instagram account and limit or block them if needed.

Pay attention to the fact that all stalker apps are not reliable. Many of them show you false and fake information to obtain your Instagram information to generate advertising revenue.


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