Are you interested in knowing someone’s whereabouts on Instagram? If so, you are at the right place.

In this article, I’m going to show you some different methods on how to track someone’s location on Instagram. Some of the things that you’ll learn about are actually nothing but some basic built-in features on Instagram. However, that’s not all, I’ll take this tutorial to a higher level and show some more techniques to track anyone’s location on Instagram in more advanced ways. So make sure to read till the end to figure out some interesting techniques to track someone’s location on Instagram.

Can You Track Someone’s Location on Instagram?

Generally, you can find someone’s location on Instagram with a simple click. For example, if someone shares their location, you can see that in their bio. However, not all people share their location in the bio or even if they do, that may not be their exact location.

You can also find a user’s location in their posts and stories if they tag it in them. But what if they don’t tag their exact location, Instagram won’t give us a clue anyway. Some users also have a private account which makes things a little tough for us. So in all these scenarios, we need to use a more advanced method to track someone’s location.

How to Track an Instagram Account Location?

We can use the built-in features on Instagram to track someone’s location. But as we already know this method may or may not work. If tracking someone’s location is not so much important to you and you’re just curious then consider using the options that are available on Instagram.

In the next part, first, I will talk about the built-in features which of course in many cases give us a clue about a person’s location then I’ll take things to the next level.

  1. Use “About This Account” Option

You can use this option to quickly take a look at a user’s account to figure out his location. You can even test it on private accounts, but keep in mind that it only works if a user adds a location to their account.

  • Go to a person’s account and tap the three-dot icon at the top corner
  • Go to about this account
  • Now you can see not only their account location but you can also see some useful information
  • Check the Location of |Their Posts and Stories

You can find the location of a user’s account if they tag it to their post or stories. However, not every user tags their real place or location, some tag an unreal location to their post or story. In other words, the place they tag in their post is not where they currently are or where they live. The downside of this method is that it only works on public accounts so keep that in mind.

  • Use Instagram Location Trackers

Now let’s move toward a more advanced technique and see how we can track the location of someone’s Instagram account.

There are many websites that can help us track someone’s location on Instagram. What these websites usually do is that they use a combination of geolocation data, public data, and user information to find out someone’s whereabouts.

Now let’s see a pretty awesome website that can help us not only track someone’s location on Instagram but also on other social platforms.


It is one of the most recommended Instagram trackers out there that works pretty well. Tracking a person’s location is only one thing you can get via the website. There are more than 25 features that Grabify provides its users, however, here our focus is only on tracking a person’s location.

The instruction that I’m about to give you might be morally wrong especially if you have some bad intentions. However, an unknown person on Instagram might be harassing you or they may be causing you some problems, etc. Therefore, in this case, it’s absolutely acceptable.

Use the following guide to track anyone’s location on Instagram

  • Go to Grabify website
  • In the search box, create a URL link. It can be a link to a photo, a website anything.
  • After that click Create URL
  • A tracking page will be created for you. On that page, you can track the person’s location
  • Click on Copy the URL
  • Then you need to send the link that you’ve copied to the person via DM or chat. You can even leave it as a comment if they have a public account with some post in it. If you leave it as a comment, it’s very likely that they’ll open it
  • The important thing is that you need to have them click the link
  • Once they open the link, their information will be sent to you, Interesting, right?
  • If they open the link you will see 1 Result
  • Finally you need to click on the result, then you will see the person’s location, IP address, and even their operating system, etc.

The website that I talked about in this article is truly one of the best and it is also free. However, there are other similar websites you can use based on your preferences and these are:

  • Istaunch
  • Instatracker
  • Socialcatfish

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