Since its launch in 2010, Instagram has been one of the social media apps that have and is being used by billions of people around the world. The famous photo and video sharing app gets over one billion active users every month. Originally started as any other app, Instagram now serves different purposes for different users. After Instagram was acquired by Facebook in 2012, it became associated with the giant of the market which is very famous for its extraordinary data collection capabilities.

Later on, artificial intelligence did wonders for Instagram users. Now, whether you are a businessman, a wannabe influencer, or you have people who admire you, Instagram serves everyone differently.

Instagram then…

Not long ago, Instagram let you keep track of people who you cared about using the activity tab. You were able to see reports and activity logs of Instagram users. It also lets you know what posts they liked and comment on, who followed them or they followed who, and other reports in an orderly manner. But, things are not the same now.

Instagram now…

While it was a piece of cake before, now you cannot see other’s activity logs. This is because Instagram has updated its features and it puts great emphasis on users’ privacy. On the other side of this picture, it has been really hard for people to get to know others on Instagram on a more personal level. But, there is still a way around it and that’s SnoopReport.

Before knowing how to see whom someone recently followed on Instagram using SnoopReport or any other method, let’s discuss why knowing that is important.

Why tracking others’ activity on Instagram is important?

Image 1. Snoopreport Instagram user activity report preview

Many aspects of tracking Instagram activity of users denote its importance. From personal to an official level, the activity reports can be used for productive purposes. Let’s discuss the importance of tracking others’ activity on Instagram on different levels.

  • Individual: for the sake of argument, let’s suppose you have a friend or a partner and you want to know their likes and dislikes on Instagram. By using their activity logs, you can know the topics they are interested in, things they like, movies they like, favorites, etc. Additionally, you can also view what time of the day they are active and during this time, who they interact with and if they befriend anyone new on Instagram. This is important when you want to get them a present or you simply are overprotective of them.
  • Influencer: being eminent on Instagram takes a lot of hard work and dedication, keeping it that way and keep growing takes even more. You want your followers to be engaged and entertained every time they visit your profile or see your posts. For this reason, knowing their preferences, hobbies, and activities on Instagram will help you generate content specifically for them. By seeing what time of the day most of your followers are active on Instagram, you will be able to reach them at the right time.
  • Business: as far as businesses are concerned, Instagram with its huge audience is the perfect platform for marketing. If it is a product or a service that you want to introduce to your target audience, Instagram is the best option. With its immense database and impressive categorization abilities, you can reach people relating to the right demographic group. So, if you are launching a new product in the market, by using Instagram’s activity reports of its users, you can single out the right candidates. Later, presenting them with targeted ads through Instagram will be a breeze.

Ways to view who someone recently followed on Instagram?

Now, to the main topic, there are two ways you can still see who is following who on Instagram. The first method is quite easy and free. Take a look below.

Method 1: Opening Instagram in a browser

Since Instagram snatched its users of the pleasure of seeing others’ activity, there have been many attempts to find a way around. Opening your Instagram account in a browser on a PC or a smartphone is the easiest way to do that. Now, this may not work for everyone. You’ll have to experiment to see if it does for you. Just open the Instagram web application in your browser and log in using your initials.

After that, find the account that you want to get the information about, click on the “Following” option and you might see who they are following. The list might be in chronological order or it might show who they followed recently on top or it might be random. This method is pretty confusing and if you are lucky, you might get it right. One more thing, if the account is private, there is no way you can look around for any activity.

Method 2: SnoopReport

Well, you guessed it. This is a paid method and you can get every activity of a target Instagram account as long as it is not private. This tool is the perfect option for you to know everything people do on Instagram.

SnoopReport is pretty easy to use and pretty precise about the information that it provides. All you need to do is create an account using an email address. You don’t even have to provide your Instagram initials. While on the platform, you need to select a plan from the three different options and proceed with the payment.

Once that is done, you will be taken to a menu where you can add the account you want to track. Just put in the username and start tracking. After some time when you come back, you will be presented with a detailed report of who the user followed on Instagram. You can view the list in the order you want to view it. You can also view if they were followed back and if they interacted with them in any way.

What else?

SnoopReport does not limit itself to the followers or following list and it can do a lot more. Here is what else you can get from the reports provided by SnoopReport.

  • Detailed overview of the target Instagram user’s activity- how often were they active?
  • Their likes- what posts did they like? Whose posts did they like?
  • Followers list- who is following them?
  • Hashtags trends- what are the topics they are most interested in?
  • Everything else- what celebrities or influencers are their favorites? What is their favorite food? What is their favorite sport? Etcetera.
  • Comparative reports- you can also cross-reference the results with reports of previous days.

How much does SnoopReport cost?

Depending on your needs, you can track up to 100 accounts at a time. Here are the different plans offered by SnoopReport.

  • Personal Plan: at $4.99/month, this is the cheapest plan. You can track two accounts at the same time. This is meant for people who want to keep an eye on the people closest to them.
  • Small Business Plan: by paying $14.99 a month, you can track up to 10 people. This plan comes in handy when you want to track more than two members of your family and friends. Also, if you are running a small business, this can help you take a closer look at the interests of a few people most important for your business.
  • Professional Plan: priced at $44.99 per month, this plan lets you track up to 100 Instagram users at any given time. The plan comes in handy when you are launching a product to the market and you want to find the right audience for it.

So, sign up for SnoopReport today, choose the most suitable plan and be aware of every activity of your loved ones and potential customers on Instagram. It’s that simple.


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