Instagram is one of the most popular networks all around the globe that its features are always amazing. Though, sometimes its bugs and limits are frustrating, but it will also useful in a number cases. One of the most important part of Instagram app is its view, on stories, posts, videos, reels, live, etc.

Instagram has not provided the option to know who has viewed your Instagram in all parts. In some cases, you can see who has viewed your profile using tools, and find out the stalkers. But this is not the case for all other sections.

Here we will go through the story’s views, and we learn more about the options we have to know who has viewed our Instagram stories.

How to see who viewed your Instagram story

Instagram will let you know who has viewed your story just less than 24 hours of publishing time. Even if you save it in your Instagram app, or make it highlight you cannot find out who has viewed it after 24 hours. So, one way to keep your audiences is to take screenshots from viewers. Otherwise, the list of viewers will disappear after certain time.

To see the list of viewers before Instagram story disappear you can follow these steps:

  1. Open your Instagram app
  2. Go to story
  3. Open the story you are going to see its viewers
  4. Tap the circle showing profiles on bottom right
  5. Here is the list of your Instagram story viewers

Note: The reason behind this is not really clear, may be a technical part. You can share your opinion with us on why Instagram disappear the list of viewers after 24 hours.

How to see who viewed your Instagram story the most?

There is no option on Instagram to see who has viewed your Instagram story the most. However, finding out who is our loyal follower can be interesting, specifically when it comes to appreciate them.

Somehow it can be done through human analysis, you know who commented most on your posts, or who has replied to your stories most.

Since I have browsed the internet, to this day there is no online tools to find out the interaction circle. Social media interaction circle shows who engaged with you most, and this tool is available for other social networks such as Twitter, but not Instagram.

It would be a great idea if a team come and create such tool, to find out the most engaged followers.

How to see who viewed your Instagram story after 24 hours?

If you want to see who has viewed your Instagram story after 24 hours, you must use access to the third party apps, which store your data, and they will show them to you later. However, Instagram story viewers or any other kinds of those apps IS NOT RECOMMENDED, because Instagram is strictly against them. Instagram may SUSPEND your account if you connect your app to some unrecognized apps.

The answer may not be the one you really like to hear. Unfortunately, you can’t see the list of story viewers after it disappears, even if you save them in the highlights.

To save the list of followers you can only take screenshots.

Some you are wondering if someone see that you viewed their Instagram story even if you are not friends, i would say that: Yes, if someone make the story on a public account your name will be shown to them as a viewer. Even if you are not friends.

Why can’t i see who viewed my story on Instagram?

If you can’t see the list of viewers within 24 hours of publishing the story, or before it disappears from Instagram stories, you must check the following items:

#Update your Instagram app

Make sure your Instagram app is updated to get the most of Instagram. To make sure, you just need to check the Instagram name on App store or Google Play store. If you see the Update beside the app icon, means it needs update. Remember that you may need the login info after updating the app.

#Check your privacy

May be you by mistake made the Instagram story private or only for your close friends. in this case you might not see any viewers on your Instagram story.

#Instagram bug

You can check if Instagram is down using online tools, sometimes a number of Instagram issues happen when Instagram server is not working properly.

#Check your internet connection

You wont see the list of viewers unless you are connected to the proper internet. Make sure you have an active connection by opening a browser on your phone, or send message using Whatsapp, etc.

#Instagram app internet

You know that we can turn off the data for some apps, make sure your app is connected to the internet, by going to your phone’s settings.


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