We all subconsciously seek to be more attractive and try to choose the most attractive things. These days, when we all spend a lot of time on Instagram, we need to look for more charms, particularly, stylish font generator so that we can introduce our content to others better. Fonts are one of the most important tools to increase your attractiveness. In this article, we will talk about Instagram story font changing sites and applications.

Which sites are there to change Instagram story font?

If you are looking for attractive Instagram bio and story font, you can use the following sites to do so.

Igfonts website to change Instagram story font

Working with igfonts site for an Instagram font is totally easy. Just enter the site and enter the phrase you want in the white box. After entering the phrase, you will be shown different types of fonts to use. Copy any of these fonts you like. Then place it in Instagram Bio, Story, or anywhere else you want.

A mobile in a man's hand to change Instagram story font

Instafonts website for Instagram story

The Instafonts website is almost similar to other websites we have introduced above. To change the font, you just need to enter the phrase you want to display in different fonts, then copy and paste it.

Metatags site to change the font

The metatags site is one of the most interesting sites for changing theInstagram bio and story font.
One of the greatest features of this site is that by writing the desired phrase, you can see the phrase with that same font in the Instagram bio.

lingojam website

Another site that is very popular for changing Instagram fonts for stories and other content is lingojam. After entering the site, in the empty box on the left, write the phrase to show different fonts.

Software for changing Instagram story fonts

By installing this software, you can select different fonts from within your mobile application without surfing different sites.

Cool fonts for Instagram application

By downloading the software, you can create a catching Instagram bio. Of course, not just Instagram. You can use this software for all social media and choose various fonts.
This software has more than 140 beautiful and artistic fonts.

Font for Instagram

With the help of the software, you can change your story and Instagram bio font. In this program, you can choose different types of fonts, with various colors.

Canva application for social networks

This software is one of the most advanced software for creating professional photos and fonts. If you want to produce content professionally on Instagram, from posts and stories to changing fonts, this software is a good option.

Canva to change Instagram story font

How to change Instagram story background?

After changing the font of Instagram in the story and changing the color of the text, Instagram has provided another feature to users. Using the ability to change the text background in the Instagram story, users can easily publish their text in 3 modes (no background, full background, and semi-transparent background). All you have to do is selecting your text or click on it; Then click on the A icon at the top left of the screen to change your background. Each time you click on it, the background changes.

You have to pay attention to an important point! If you use a background, the color selected in the previous step will be applied to the background and your text will take on a contrasting background color to be perfectly legible! So if you choose a background after changing the color of the text in the story, the color may not suit your taste; Just select your text once more and change your background color with the color change tool.

Instagram story font

how to change the font size and background of the post in the Instagram story?

Would you like to change the font size in the story? There is a solution to this. To change the size of the classic font in the Instagram story, just select your text; On the left side of the Instagram account there is a tool to make the text smaller or larger

Change the Instagram story font

There are 5 various styles to change the Instagram font in the story. Instagram gives you the possibility to write your desired texts in 5 different fonts! Each font has its own use and beauty, and more importantly, the audience of each font is different; For example, some fonts are used for accounts that have a male audience, but some fonts are more attractive to women. A font that comes by default and is usually the same as your mobile font! This font is known as Classic font on Instagram and can be seen in the Instagram font change section with the same name. But in addition, there are 4 other interesting fonts that we will explain here.

Different types of Instagram story fonts:

  • Modern
  • Neon
  • Typewriter
  • Strong

These fonts have various usages which are respectively stated; the first one is used for modern and official writing. The second one is for lady audiences, third and four are for general and important texts.

Changing the color of the text in the Instagram story

how to change Instagram story font a

Once you have selected the Instagram story font, you can change its color as well. Be very careful in choosing the font color, because it is one of the most important things to increase user interaction. After writing the desired text, it is enough to select one of the several colors displayed at the bottom of your account.
Always choose a color that does not reduce the readability of the audience. If you want to change the location of the text, you have to place your finger on the text and drag it to the desired location and then release it.

Some users want the whole text to be one color but only give one or more specific words a different color; To do this, you have to select those words separately and apply your desired color to it! Notice that if you have several words in mind and those words are not in a row, you must select each word separately and change the color.

Finally, in this article, we state different methods to teach you how to change the Instagram story font and introduce some websites and applications. If you like to know more tricks about Instagram, you can consult other Instamber blogs. And if you happen to have any questions , feel free to ask us in the comment section.


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