The main reason why you see This person is unavailable on Messenger is they have blocked you on Facebook or they have deletes or deactivate their Facebook account. It stops you from sending messages to that particular person.

Here, you learn an old method that some users used to unblock themselves on Messenger and continue the conversation.

This Person is Unavailable on Messenger

This Person is Unavailable on Messenger (Why do I see?)

Many Facebook users report that they see “this person is unavailable on Messenger” but they are not blocked. So, here are possible reasons in general, why you see this person is unavailable on Messenger.

If you see the Active status, you should wait a couple of hours because sometimes the data stored in your cache. So, it’s better check it few hours later, to see if you still see the active status or not.

1. You are blocked on Messenger

If someone block you on Messenger of Facebook, you will see This person is unavailable on Messenger. You can do anything for it, unless the person unblock you. You can see your chat history, media, etc but you can’t send them message. Even if you send them a message, they wont see it.

2. They have deactivated their Messenger

Facebook does not send a notification to friends when they delete or deactivate their account. But account deletion or deactivation is one of the common reasons you face ‘This Person Is Unavailable on Messenger.’

Tip: One way to make sure the account is deleted is by asking your mutual friends’ help. If you cannot find that particular user on Facebook or Messenger, they probably deleted or deactivated their account. Otherwise, you’re blocked.

One more signs is that, if someone deactivate their accounts, you still can see their profile on your Facebook friends’ list. However, there would be no picture for that, and you will see a notification that they have deactivated their accounts.

3. They have deleted their Messenger app (if you see the profile picture)

If someone removes the Messenger app on your phone, So Facebook will recognize it and it shows that their are not available anymore.

4. They changed their Facebook settings

It’s possible that they have changed the setting on their Facebook, so not everyone can contact them using Messenger.

5. Their account is suspended by Facebook

You can get permanently banned from Facebook for many reasons, such as nudity, spammy posts, sharing fake news, or ignoring the terms and conditions in general. One reason you might see the ‘This Person Is Unavailable on Messenger’ is that the account is suspended. This might be temporary, though. Facebook sometimes bans users for 30 days if their violations are minor.

How to make sure “This person is unavailable on Messenger” is not a block

If you are not sure you are blocked, you should look for other signs. If you could see that person Profile on Facebook, it means you are not blocked.

# Search them on Facebook desktop

You’re most probably blocked if you cannot find them.

  • Try to tag them in a photo. (Their name won’t show up when you search the handle).
  • Invite them to a group or event. (Their username won’t be available when you’re blocked).

# Creating a Group Chat to make sure you are not blocked on Messenger

Sign in to another account in Facebook Lite. (You should use an account that the person hasn’t blocked it).

  1. Search the user’s name and send them a message.
  2. Tap on the gear icon on the top-right corner.
  3. Select ‘Create a group with [user’s name].’
  4. In the ‘Add Participants’ tab, search for your blocked account and add it to the group chat as well.
  5. Tap on ‘Create the Group.’
  6. Send a message in the group chat.
  7. Now, open your blocked account and continue your conversation.

Try these methods if the previous solution did not address the issue.

# Contact the person.

Users may accidentally block others accounts. If that’s the case, contact the person via other apps (like WhatsApp or Snapchat) to inform them of the situation. They can always unblock you and resolve the issue.

Note: Respect Others’ Privacy on Facebook

Any user has the right to block others for whatsoever reason. If the Messenger error you receive is because the person blocked you, it’s best to avoid contacting them. You should always respect other users’ privacy and accept their decisions.

Spam messaging, bullying, or ghosting a FB user violates the app’s terms and conditions. And they can lead to a permanent ban on your account. Note that such suspensions are irreversible, and you will not be able to access your account no matter what.

Wrapping Things Up

  • This Person is Unavailable on Messenger indicates that the person has blocked you, or they’ve deleted/deactivated their own account.
  • The only workaround is to create a group chat with the person on Facebook Lite and your blocked account to the chat. But it’s unlikely to work since FB has addressed it in the latest updates.
  • Sometimes, you don’t see any errors, but your messages cannot be delivered to a specific user. It might be because you’re blocked.
  • You may see This Person Is Unavailable error because the account you’re trying to reach is banned or suspended by Facebook.

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