Apple Watch is one of the excellent and practical products of Apple company. You can check and control all your iPhone’s events by connecting it to your smartwatch. Also, you don’t need to have your phone in your hand to check messages, make phone calls or listen to music. However, always try to charge your Apple Watch to use it. But what should you do if you were out of the house and didn’t bring your Apple Watch charger?

In this blog, I’ll walk you through some of the working methods to charge your apple watch without its charger.

How to charge your apple watch with its charger

Before we get into how to charge your apple watch without a charger let’s talk about the correct way to charge the Apple Watch.

  1. Take the watch off your wrist.
  2. Connect the charger adapter to the USB port.
  3. Place the back of the watch on the curved part of the charger. Try to place the watch correctly on the magnets of the charger.
  4. When charging begins, a green lightning symbol will appear on the Apple Watch screen.
  5. After your watch is fully charged, remove it from the charger.

All Apple Watch models have the same charger. Therefore, you can charge it with the charger of any model of Apple Watch.

Methods to charge your apple watch without a charger in 2023

If you’re away from your house or you’ve lost your Apple Watch charger and need to charge it, don’t worry. You should know that the Apple Watch charger stops charging as soon as the watch is fully charged and does not overcharge the battery. If you use other methods to charge your apple watch, remove the charger after the battery is full.

There is a company called Reserve Strap that produces straps you can use to charge your watches wirelessly. People could charge their Apple Watch without removing it by using these straps. But Apple stopped the project when it realized such products were being produced. The reason for stopping this project was their fear of the straps damaging their products. They were afraid that people would suffer electrical hazards by using these products.

By the way, there are several methods that you can use to solve your problem.

  • Charging using Apple Watch’s hidden ports

If you check the bottom band of your Apple Watch, you will see a 6-pin port in the clasp slot. You can see them by removing their small cap. In the past, people talked about increasing the battery life of the Apple Watch by using these holes without a charger.

  • Charging Apple Watch using a power bank

You can charge your Apple Watch using a USB power bank. You should only bring your iPhone’s USB Lightning cable to connect the power bank to your Apple Watch. Each Apple Watch needs approximately 300 mAh to be fully charged.

  • Charging Apple Watch using a USB charger

You can charge your Apple Watch by connecting a USB charger to a laptop or PC. One of the aspects of this method is the portability of the USB charger. You can attach it to your keys or bag to always have it with you. This method is easy to use and is an alternative method for charging the Apple Watch.

  • Charging Apple Watch using a solar charger

The solar charger is one of the practical tools that you can use most of the time (on sunny days) to charge all kinds of devices. Of course, a battery is placed in this charger so that you can store solar energy to use it when the weather is not sunny. You can charge your Apple Watch using these chargers in emergencies.

  • Charging Apple Watch using a hand crank charger

This charger produces electricity by turning a handle, and you can charge your Apple Watch using it. In this method, the only thing you need is your arm strength. This charger produces about 1 amp of power and is better for charging smaller devices like the Apple Watch. Because the bigger the device is, the more charge it needs and the more time you need to crank the handle.


In this article, we discussed how to charge the Apple Watch without a charger, and we hope it was useful for you. There are some simple ways you can use to charge your Apple watch. You can charge it using a USB charger, hidden ports, power bank, solar charger, and hand crank charger. So you don’t need to bring the main charger everywhere. The only point you should pay attention to when using these methods is to remove the chargers after the Apple Watch battery is fully charged because they do not stop the charging operation after being fully charged.


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