Do you want to learn how to change the Instagram app icon? Here, we introduce 3 different methods to replace IG icon with any image or logo you want.

Change Instagram icon on iOS

iOS users need to use Siri Shortcuts to change an app’s logo on their phone. If you don’t have the application, download it from the App Store and follow these steps:

  1. Open Siri Shortcuts and open “My Shortcuts.”
  2. Tap the + button on the top-right corner.
  3. Select “Open App.” (Search for it if it doesn’t show up).
  4. Tap the ‘App’ text and select Instagram.
  5. Tap the three horizontal lines. (Adjustment icon).
  6. Select ‘Add to the home screen.’
  7. Tap the current icon and then ‘Choose a photo.’
  8. Find the image you want to replace with the IG app icon and tap ‘Choose.’
  9. Finally, tap ‘Add.’

You’ll see a new shortcut added to your home screen with the new icon.

Change Instagram icon on Android

Android users should install a third-party application like X Icon Change or Ume Icon Changer to alter their IG logo.

Here’s how to do using the X Icon Changer:

X Icon Changer offers additional options like adding launch gifs to applications. You can watch a short gif image before your app launch using that. But it increases the loading time. So, you might want to skip that one.

Alternative Ways

Android users have two other options for customizing IG icons. You can either install a launcher, such as the Smart Launcher, or a shortcut creator application to do so.

Can You Change IG App Icon from Settings?

In October 2020, Instagram allowed users to change their app icons to celebrate their 10th anniversary. To do so, you had to go to your settings and pull the page down to see a hidden option. But the feature is gone now, and you cannot use it anymore.

So, no, you cannot change the IG app icon from the settings in 2021. Your only option is to use the Siri Shortcut app to create a new action on your phone with your desired logo.

Where Do I Find Cool Instagram Icons?

It’s as simple as googling them. Use a browser and search for “Instagram icon png.” If you want exotic logos, add creative, cool, or new words to your query. You can download any of the images by tap-and-holding them.

Tip: don’t worry about the quality of the images because it won’t affect the outcome.

The Risks of Changing Instagram App Icon

Customizing your IG icon is all fun and interesting. But you need to be mindful of the possible problems it might cause.

It might lead to glitches.

Most third-party applications like launchers, icon changers, and shortcut creators are glitchy. They might not be compatible with your phone and cause unwanted bugs or crashes. So, ensure it’s worth it to install them in the first place.

Uninstalling the third-party apps removes the shortcuts.

Deleting the app you used to create the new icons will erase all your shortcuts. It’s true for both iOS and Android users. Uninstalling the Siri Shortcuts or X Icon Changes will remove all the customized logos.

Quick Recap of Everything We Talked About

  • You should use the Siri Shortcuts app to change the Instagram icon on iOS.
  • Android users need third-party apps like X Icon Changer to do the same thing.
  • Launchers and Shortcut Creators let you customize application icons as well.
  • Changing an app’s icon with third-party apps might lead to bugs and crashes.

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