A number of Instagram user who are stuck behind Instagram login, are look forward to finding a way to remove or change the email from their Instagram account. Here we will go through this tutorial and teach you how to change the email address on Instagram. We will review all the possible ways.

It’s better you change your email address in your Instagram account if you are suspicious of Instagram hack, so that you don’t lose it completely.

Many Instagram users sign up with fake emails or old email addresses they no longer use. Although using fake emails may be a good thing for security concerns, there may be different problems in the future.

How to change email on Instagram app?

You should have the login access to use this method. So, before starting, you should log into your Instagram account on your mobile phone.

  1. Open Instagram app and log in to your account
  2. Tap your profile picture and open your feed
  3. Right from there Tap Edit profile
  4. Go to “Private Information”.
  5. Make sure the email address is correct.
  6. Tap to edit an email address.
  7. Tap Done

Note: You should receive a confirmation email from Instagram. If you haven’t received check why is that, and make sure the email is correct.

How to change the email on Instagram account without logging in

Many people may wonder how to change their Instagram email without logging in. But I must say that even if you are not logged into your Instagram account, you can change the email address.

If you do not have access to your old phone number or email address, you may lose your account.

To change Instagram email address if you do not have the login info:

  1. Open Instagram app
  2. Select Need more help just under login info
  3. Go back to Instagram login and enter your username or number or email address
  4. Instagram will redirect you to a page to login to your account
  5. Once you could enter your account repeat the previous steps

NOTE: But before trying this way, make sure you have access to the phone number or email you registered with. Otherwise, you may loose your Instagram account permanently.


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