Twitch is the largest streaming website owned by Amazon. In the world of digital marketing, live content sharing is called streaming, and those who do the work are called Twitch streamers, and those who watch these videos and share content are called viewers. It is good to know that Twitch streamers can make money on Twitch.

Twitch is like a big TV with millions of different channels. You can sort these channels into different categories in the browser, and see different categories and games. With this in mind,Streamer Tacticsoffers a useful list of games with Twitch integration here, for those interested.

You can also tap the heart icon to follow your favorite channels and follow your favorite channel. Following on Twitter allows you to be notified and watch when a streamer goes online and shares valuable content.

How Twitch streamers make money from Twitch?

Twitch is currently the most visited live streaming service with more than 3.8 million streamers worldwide and an average of 15 million views per day. In addition to generating the content, this service has provided its users with the opportunity to earn money. This tool allows the audience and viewers to search, select and watch their favorite content for free from the nearly four million content creators.

Making money from Twitch is quite simple and you just need to earn money by sharing your videos and attracting followers and specifying the number of ads among your videos. Note that capturing followers and enhancing video views can be done through download, host mode, and even Twitch chats.

  • Show ads before and after you start your stream – Pre Roll Ads

Subscription (Subscription and monthly subscription) – Subscription Buy Bits (animated emoji) – Bits Donation and financial support of fans Affiliate Sell your own products or do some business Cooperation with Twitch – Twitch Partnership Sponsorship

The best ways Twitch streamers use to make money?

Buy Bits (Animated Emoji)

This feature actually allows people to buy graphic products such as animated emojis to use in their chats. People pay a fee to buy a bunch of these emojis and can use them, and part of this amount will be credited to your account.

Donation and fan support – Donation on Twitch

Another way to make money on Twitch is to sponsor your fans. So that your followers can sponsor you to the desired amount through your links. The interesting thing about this method is that all the revenue from this method goes to Streamer and Twitch will not have any share in this method. Of course, you should keep in mind that in this method, like subscription, there is no monthly renewal, and your audience and fans will do it whenever they like.


In this method, which is somewhat similar to utilizing other platforms, you can introduce gaming products of other companies or allocate space to these products in a part of your channel so that people can see these products and click on your special link. You will receive a percentage of the amount from the seller for each visit or sale as well. Of course, affiliate marketing has a variety of sections and methods that you can read here.

Sell ​​your own products or do some business

With this feature, you can sell your own art products and crafts such as mugs, T-shirts, etc, and earn money through the Twitch platform.

What is Twitch Partnership?

This section does not exactly earn you money directly yet it does increase your income in other ways. To be recognized as a Twitch partner, your streams must have at least 200 viewers. Once this is confirmed, Twitch will introduce you and your channel to other viewers, which will make you more visible and naturally increase revenue from other methods in a tangible way.

In the sponsorship method, Streamer receives an amount for introducing one of the products or a group of products of a producer in its streams. For instance, by wearing a T-shirt or using a gaming chair and introducing it to yourself, you create a good place to earn money.

What should you consider when working on Twitch?

Twitch is a professional platform for gamers, so your quality, abilities, and skills will have a great impact on your income. If you have a good community on other platforms such as YouTube, Reddit, and Instagram you can earn money almost from the beginning.

Making money even for programmers on this platform can be common. You need the right equipment to be strong on your Twitch platform to represent good quality to your audience, otherwise, your work may not go very well.

Equipment required for professional activity in Twitch:

  1. The convenient and powerful computer system for streaming twitch
  2. Suitable and powerful CPU or processor to get the right output
  3. A graphic card suitable for streaming and capturing multiple displays and HDMI outputs
  4. at least 16 GB of high bass RAM (3200MH)

What is Twitch subscription revenue (monthly membership and subscription)?

Another source of revenue in Twitch is the subscription section. In this section, people can become a member of your channel, which is different from the topic of following. By subscribing to your channel and paying between $4.99 and $24.99, people can access features such as chatting, using special emojis, and more.

Consider that in this section, whatever amount of revenue is generated, the total amount of Twitch and the content producer, or streamer, is divided into two parts. Suppose 10 people have enabled the $10 option, which totals $100, of which $50 will be your share. Note that the subscription part of Twitch is a monthly shutter, and it can be automatically renewed every month, and it can be a good source of income for people if they put the right content and the quality of their stream is high.

In Conclusion

It is possible for successful streamers to make $3,000 to $5,000 per month from their subscribers, while the top broadcasters earn substantially more.


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