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Are you thinking to enable Facebook reviews for your Facebook business page? This post will help you in getting top-notch knowledge about enabling Facebook reviews.

Accepting candid reviews from your customers on a social media site has multiple advantages. This is also essential for a transparent connection with your customers.

Facebook, which boasts more than 1.9 billion daily active users, makes it simple for people to perform the following tasks:

  • Accessing information
  • Sharing stories and experiences
  • Joining business networking groups
  • Connecting their product catalog
  • Gaining insight from industry leaders
  • Reading reviews (social proof)
  • Running Facebook ads

Let’s get into the article to discover every detail about Facebook reviews.

How to Setup a Page for Facebook Reviews?

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Now that you know how big the potential Facebook market is, let’s get into the details of setting up a Facebook page for reviews.

The following steps will help you set up your Facebook page for reviews.

Step 1: Build a Facebook Page

  • Go to to get started.
  • Enter your company’s information in the left-hand panel. You’ll notice real-time updates as you go.
  • Use the ‘category’ field thoughtfully and select the appropriate suggestions. The next step is to write a brief description; Facebook allows you 255 characters.
  • When you’re finished, click the Create Page button in the lower left corner.

Step 2: Insert Attractive Pictures and Graphics

Next, upload your profile and cover photos. Choose something eye-catching. Do your page represent a public figure? Then use a portrait photograph. If you own a small firm, use your logo. Always remember to add an image that is easily recognizable by your customers.

Step 3: Gain Business Exposure Through Facebook Ads (Optional)

Facebook ads are essential for interacting with your potential customers, given how big the Facebook audience is. Facebook ads will help you get the exposure your business needs to get more reviews. You can also take advantage of the existing Facebook reviews and customer feedback your business has to create Facebook ads. This will help you retarget your initial leads.

Step 4: Integrate Your Whatsapp With Your Facebook Page (Optional)

You have the option to connect your Facebook page to your WhatsApp. This will allow your customers to interact with you on various platforms. However, WhatsApp will not only help you communicate with customers but will also enhance your customer service.

Step 5: Create a Unique and Easy-to-Remember Username

Create a username that people will see when they search above their news feed on Facebook. Your customers will also use your username to tag you in reviews and posts. However, remember to keep it close and relevant to your registered company and Facebook name, that way, readers will not get confused.

Moreover, your username can have up to 50 characters, but use them thoughtfully. If the username is available, Facebook will show you a green checkmark.

Step 6: Insert Necessary Business Features

Facebook provides a simple step-by-step guide for your ease. When all the details have been worked out, carefully examine the best call to action (CTA). The general public will see this on your page. However, it may attract visitors to shop, download your app, book an appointment, or simply learn about your company.

How to Enable the Reviews Tab on Your Facebook Page?

As you have successfully created the Facebook page, it’s time to enable the reviews tab. Facebook invites businesses for enabling the “Reviews” tab. However, you can go manually by following these steps, if you haven’t received any invite.

  • Log in to your Facebook account.
  • Head to your business profile on Facebook.
  • From the drop-down menu click on ‘Templates and Tabs’.
  • Locate and activate the Reviews tab.

Isn’t it effortless and easy?

Important Tip: It is also possible that this option will not be enabled for your Facebook page. This is because of certain categories. However, you can always change your Facebook page’s category by following the steps below:

  • Navigate to your page
  • Click “About”
  • Edit “Category”
  • Select any category that describes your company

How Can Customers Write a Review on Your Facebook Page

Train your customers on how to leave first feedback or ideas on your Facebook page. In previous versions of Facebook reviews, customers had to rate businesses using stars. But now, Facebook has modified this flow. Now the customer just has to mark whether they recommend the business or not.

Let’s check out the steps below:

  • Go to your Facebook page
  • Find and select the “Reviews” tab on the Facebook page.
  • You’ll find the box asking “Do you prefer this business?” Mark “Yes”.
  • A window with a text space where you can enter your review will appear.
  • Press the ‘Post’ button.

How to Enable Notifications of New Facebook Reviews?

Setting up real-time notifications for new recommendations and reviews on your Facebook business page is very easy. This allows you to do the following tasks effortlessly:

  • Respond to all recommendations,
  • Handle problems quickly, and
  • Congratulate satisfied consumers.

Responding to Facebook reviews is crucial, but you must be aware of new reviews to do so. Here’s how to set up review notifications:

  • On your Facebook page, locate the settings area.
  • Find and select “Notifications.”
  • Select “Get notified anytime there is activity on your page.”
  • You’ll notice that the “New Reviews” notification has been enabled.

You’ll now receive an automatic notification whenever a new review appears on your page. This will allow you to respond in an effective and appropriate manner.

How can Facebook Review Boost Your Business?

Facebook is among the most well-known social networking sites on the internet. Every month Facebook is used by over 2.6 billion people. This provides an excellent opportunity for consumers and prospects to interact with your company on the platform.

They have the ability to like, share, and comment on posts. To demonstrate their delight, use Facebook Messenger to contact the company directly and leave a review (recommended).

Facebook reviews represent the authentic experiences of real customers. As a result, potential buyers appreciate the social proof they provide. According to studies, 92% of buyers read reviews before making a purchase decision. Facebook is the Internet’s second-largest review site.

How to Collect More Recommendations for Your Facebook Page

Everybody wants to have more recommendations on their Facebook page. Here’s how you can begin:

  1. Make the Straightforward Procedure

The more difficult the process of leaving a review is for the client, the less likely they are to do so. A satisfied client may express their willingness to post a review in person, but they must remember to do so as soon as they leave your store. Who has time to search for your company’s Facebook page, after all?

Fortunately, there is a method to make the procedure quick and simple for the customer. Simply email or text review requests with a link to your Facebook company page. The customer only needs to click the link and submit a review.

  1. Make Sure to Send Review Requests Timely

To achieve the best outcomes, ensure that you send out review requests on a frequent basis. We’ve discovered that sending review requests on the same day a customer interacts with your business yields the best results.

If a consumer receives a review request a month after the transaction, they may no longer remember the sale. In this circumstance, even your most delighted consumers are unlikely to provide a review for your company.

  1. Request Reviews from Every Customer

Some businesses only ask a specific group of customers for evaluations. This is because they know they will most likely submit a positive review. You are damaging your business when you are picky about review requests.

You’re passing up opportunities to send review requests to clients who would likely recommend your company. You’re also passing up an opportunity to receive candid criticism that can help you better your company.

Therefore, always ensure you send review requests to all your customers.

Tips for Responding to Facebook Reviews

Maintaining a positive business reputation requires actively reacting to recommendations on Facebook. Customers will know you respect their input if you respond quickly and thoughtfully.

However, here’s how you can respond to different types of reviews

  • Thank the buyer for their feedback. A simple “thank you” can go a long way toward demonstrating your appreciation and fostering customer loyalty.
  • Keep it brief and sweet. Replying to a positive review should be brief. There’s no necessity to make it a lengthy essay.
  • Encourage the customer to visit again. Leave a short remark indicating that you’d be pleased to serve them again. “We hope to see you soon!” is a simple example.
  • Apologize for the unpleasant experience. The first step is to express regret simply. Demonstrate to the customer that you are sorry for their poor experience.
  • Be polite. A negative review might be upsetting, but resist the desire to lash out. Other customers will look at your review responses to see what type of service they can expect from you, so be courteous.
  • Request your buyer to contact you directly. Provide a phone number or email address where the customer can reach you. In this manner, you can hide any potential back-and-forth from public view. Furthermore, if you can settle the issue in private, there’s a strong possibility the consumer may agree to alter or even delete their initial review.

Final Thoughts

Congrats! You have made it this far. Now nobody can stop you from being a budding Facebook business review master. We hope this post helped you get enough knowledge to improve your reputation online and make your game up for digital marketing. After all, earning more Facebook reviews may require effort, but it is a worthwhile investment.


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