Facebook not sending verification code is a common problem and some users have been complaining about it recently. We know how frustrating it is when you try to log in to your account but Facebook doesn’t send you the verification or the six-digit code neither to your email address nor to your phone number.

That being said, there are some hacks that I’d like to share with you in this article and by trying them out you can hopefully receive the verification code and access to your account.

Why isn’t Facebook sending you a verification code?

There are several potential reasons why Facebook is not sending you a verification code. Here I will touch upon some of the main reasons.

  1. Technical glitches in Facebook might be the reason you’re not receiving the code.
  2. The Facebook server might be down
  3. Network issue is another possible cause. In other words, your internet connection may not be stable or maybe there is no signal in your area, etc.
  4. Email Filtering can cause some problems. This option is enabled in some email providers’ systems. In such a scenario, an email or in this case a verification code from Facebook will not be sent to your email
  5. There might be some corrupted cache files on your mobile phone. This can make the Facebook app work improperly
  6. Maybe you’re running a VPN on your device and that particular VPN is causing a problem.
  7. Maybe too much temporary data has piled up on your device. So you need to restart your device before doing anything else. By the way, a simple restart will fix many issues most of the time!
  8. Last but not least, if the date and time on your device aren’t correct, you may not receive a verification code

How to fix Facebook “not sending verification code” to your email

If you think Facebook is not sending you the code, or if you can’t get it for whatever reason, just know that fixing this issue is as simple as ABC. Here I’ve provided some solutions that’ll help you get the Facebook verification code.

#1 Double-check your spam or junk mail

Normally when you request a verification code, it will be sent to your inbox. However, sometimes that doesn’t happen and the code is sent to your spam folder by mistake. So chances are that you have received the code in your spam or junk folder and you are not aware of it. So make sure to check that folder.

#2 Temporarily disable security software

In rare cases, security software such as antivirus or firewall programs are to blame for not receiving a verification code. So if there are any security apps running on your device, temporarily disable them, and then request the code again.

#4 Turn off Email Filtering

Based on the email service providers that you are using, turning off this option might be slightly different. Just know that some email providers will not allow emails that are sent by an unknown source to be delivered to their users.

If you turn off Email Filtering then chances are that you will receive the Facebook verification code. So turn off this option and request a new verification code again.

#5 Use a different email address

Using a different email address sounds like a good idea. So try to use a different email address and get the code you need. This is especially helpful when it is the first time you’re trying to sign up and need a verification code.

#6 Re-request a verification code

Facebook may not send a verification code to you or you may not receive it for some unknown reason. So if you think you have done everything, and there is nothing wrong with your device, email, internet connection, etc., you can request a new code again.

Just keep in mind that you should not make too many requests at the same time. Wait for a few minutes before you request a new verification code.

#7 Other methods to fix the issue

If you haven’t received the code yet, doing one of the following might help.

  • Clear cache and data
  • Delete the Facebook app and install it again
  • Update the app to the latest version
  • Use different browsers
  • Use a different type of internet connection
  • Stop using a VPN while trying to receive the verification code
  • Temporarily turn off any apps that might interfere such as antivirus, etc.
  • Restart your device
  • Request for the code later, especially if there is something wrong with Facebook servers

How to fix Facebook “not sending verification code” to your phone number

Sometimes Facebook is supposed to send you a verification code via SMS, however, that doesn’t happen. So if you are not receiving the verification code, the following information will help you.

#1 Double-check your phone number

Make sure you have entered your number correctly. Interestingly enough, even a minor typo can prevent the verification code from being delivered so check the number again. Also, make sure there is a signal in your region, and so on.

#2 Use a different phone number

You can always use a different phone number and see if the verification code gets delivered. Of course, you may have already created an account and have used a specific phone number. In this case, this method might not help, but if it’s the first time that you need a verification code to verify your identity, then using a different number is a good idea.

#3 Adjust your device setting properly

Sometimes you don’t receive a code, simply because you haven’t adjusted your device properly. Here I’m going to walk you through some simple steps and show you how to properly adjust your mobile phone to get the code.


  • Go to settings, find Messages
  • Now enable both iMessage and Send as SMS
  • Once you’ve done that, scroll down a little bit and if Filter Unknown Senders is enabled make sure to disable it. Now it’s time to request a new verification code


  • Go to Settings> Permission> SMS> then make sure to toggle on Messaging
  • Now find your messages app on your screen and open it
  • Go to settings and then enable the Spam option

#4 Other helpful solutions

  • Make sure there is sufficient storage on your phone, if not delete some of the files to free up space
  • Make sure you haven’t blocked any numbers from Facebook
  • Restart your phone
  • Use Facebook latest version

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