Without a doubt, DoorDashis absolutely one of the best food delivery apps being used today.

It has become more popular during the pandemic as it helps avoid exposure to people without sacrificing your favorite go-to meals.

If you are craving something but don’t feel like going out, DoorDash can certainly satisfy that as well by just going to their app and just clicking your favorite restaurant to order food.

But… what if the app is not working?

Of course, no one would like to deal with a technical issue especially if you are hungry; that is surely the last thing you want to deal with. But sometimes, even the best apps might not work properly. These are rare scenarios, but they do happen.

And if you have ever been in that situation before (or will be in the future), then here are our five tips to troubleshoot DoorDash app problems.

#1 Restart Your DoorDash App

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This is probably the most straightforward thing you can do when the DoorDash app isn’t working well. As a first step, you may want to try shutting it down and restarting it.

If you think the problem is on your phone, you can also close the app and then re-open it to see if the problem has been resolved.

Still not working? You may want to check your WiFi connection as well. Make sure that your internet connection is working. The internet light in your modem should be green, the WiFi signal in your phone should be strong, and you shouldn’t be in airplane mode.

You may also check another website or app to see if they’re working and could access the internet.

And if it’s only DoorDash that couldn’t access the web, then it could be down.

#2 See If the Doordash App is Down

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DoorDash is a food delivery app that is open for 24 hours, hence, it should always be available for you to use.

So, if it is not working, you would probably ask yourself, “Why is DoorDash not working today?”

Well, it could be down.

But, how do you tell if the DoorDash app is down?

The first sign is you won’t be able to log in smoothly. You might get an error that says, “503 service temporarily unavailable” or something like, “502 bad gateway”. You can also check the social media pages of DoorDash to see if they have any announcements on any ongoing outages.

If there aren’t any announcements yet, then you may want to check it yourself and go to the DoorDash status page at IsDownStatus. Utilizing this will show you if other people are having problems with it, too.

And if is confirmed to be down, you may just need to wait until the problem is resolved by DoorDash techs.

#3 Check Your Payment Options

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DoorDash requires you to have a valid credit or debit card connected to your account, so make sure you have one.

Also, make sure your card has enough money to cover your food delivery orders, or else the transaction won’t push through and you’ll just end up being frustrated. It’s also good to know that the option to pay in cash has been long removed by DoorDash due to Covid-19.

However, if you don’t have a debit or credit card, you can still order through DoorDash with their other payment partners such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal, and Venmo.

#4 Uninstall and Re-Install the DoorDash App

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Okay, so if your payment option is working and you’ve already exhausted all the troubleshooting tips above including checking the IsDownStatus service of DoorDash, then you may also want to try uninstalling and reinstalling the DoorDash App on your phone.

Doing this could fix issues of glitchy installations and even update your app for you. You can do this by removing the DoorDash app totally on your device and re-downloading it by going to the iOS or Google Play Stores.

While waiting for the re-installation, you can also try to see if DoorDash works on a different phone. If it works on another device, then you might want to restart your phone as well to make sure the problem isn’t on yours.

Or, you can also…

#5 Use the Web Version

Yes, DoorDash has a web version but most people are unaware of this as they are all used to just using the app for making food orders.

This is actually a very good alternative if your phone is not working. Just go to DoorDash.com and place your order there.

It is also very easy to follow because the website version is similar to the app. You can still place your order there and track your order status smoothly.

This is also a great option if you are traveling or if you have recently moved as it provides a more effortless way to scan the options that are around you. Definitely, a great travel hack you should take note of.

However, if you are also having problems with the DoorDash website, then you can try closing the browser completely and then go back to DoorDash.com again after re-opening it. Another thing is you can always try using the web version on a different browser than what you are currently using such as Firefox, Edge, Safari, or Google Chrome.


Having to troubleshoot your DoorDash App isn’t really ideal if all you really want is to get the food you want, but it is always a great idea to know what to do when this happens.

And if you have tried everything on our list and you still could not access the service they provide, then you can always contact their customer service team.

The good news is that the DoorDash customer service team is available on multiple channels (phone, chat, and email) and their team is really helpful in resolving their customers’ issues.

If you are a DashPass subscriber, you can also activate some of its benefits when reaching out to them.

Once again, these DoorDash App issues are very uncommon to happen, but it is always best to be equipped with the right knowledge on how to troubleshoot should these instances occur in the future.


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