As we are getting closer to wintertime and Christmas is near you may want some great hashtags for your Instagram content.
Well, it’s obvious that by using the right hashtags you can increase engagement and perhaps attracts more and more followers to your Instagram account.

Without any doubt, Christmas is a colorful and thrilling holiday that we love. Aside from this Christmas is also a great period to have fun and also to boost your page on social media.

Christmas is a great time to take lovely photos and post them on your Instagram account.
With all the light, ornament, and snow there is no a better holiday to have fun and boost your Instagram page as well.
Of course, to make the most out of your Christmas holiday you definitely wanna grow your Instagram account. To do so all you need is to create worthy content yet beautiful and make everything perfect with hashtags.

With that being said finding the right hashtag on Instagram sometimes is not easy. You may not find all the good Christmas hashtags on Instagram you need. So I’ve done the hard work and found 10 best Christmas hashtags for you.

Here is a list of famous Christmas hashtags I’ve made for you. you can use them on your post and make your Instagram contents go viral!

10 awesome Christmas hashtags for Instagram

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Just keep in mind that Christmas hashtags alone may not get your post in front of millions if not billions of users on Instagram. So you also need eye-catching photos and other stuff as well.

Before using any of the following hashtags know that you need to use hashtags that are most relevant to your post.


Well as we are moving into 2023 this hashtag is great to use. it is also relevant to any kind of content you may wanna create. So it doesn’t matter what your niches are about, you can use it for almost any of them.


If you are into decor, styling, and stuff like that then this hashtag is for you. You can use it with almost any stylish stuff. If your niche is also related to decorative stuff then it is definitely a good hashtag to use on Instagram.


This hashtag is good for content that has friends or family gathering photos in it.

So when you are with your friend or family take some lovely photos and post them on your page. Make it even more fun by taking photos in your Christmas outfit, sweater and pajamas.

You can use it to introduce your loved ones to your followers if you want.


This hashtag is so popular not only among English speakers but also in the community of Latin speakers.
You can use this hashtag with almost any niche. You can use it for Christmas photos or your photos related to your business. It doesn’t matter what the contents are about this is one of the best hashtags to use during the Christmas holiday.


If you are into marketing and your business is kinda online then this hashtag is for you.
By creating good content, taking some lovely Christmas photos, and using this hashtag on our content luckily many Instagram users will see your post.


You can use this one even before the Christmas holiday to show your followers that Christmas is on its way!

Whatever your content is just use this hashtag with your beautifully created photo. Fortunately, you can use it with any niches.

Hopefully, this helps your photo to go viral and you gain many followers.


If you have any kind of religious activities on Instagram this is a good hashtag to use. There is no limit you can even use it with all the photos you have taken on Christmas.
You can also use this hashtag on any photos or decors regarding Jesus or also any other religious figures.


Christmasbaking hashtag is something you want to use during the Christmas holiday if your Instagram niche is related to culinary stuff.
So take some time and create some awesome videos or photos of your cooking and use this hashtag on your content. You will luckily attract more and more viewers to your post and boost your cooking page on Instagram!


If modeling is what you do on Instagram and you always post beautiful photos of yourself hen this hashtag is what you wanna use.
Take some good-looking photos with the background of Christmas trees and ornaments. Then zhuzh it up and post it on your Instagram.
With everything right, your photo could appear on many users’ Instagram and perhaps increase your Instagram followers.


We all love snow, I mean who doesn’t! When it snows, it’s so beautiful and everything is whitish outside.
You definitely wanna take some pretty photos with your boots and all your winter clothes and post them on your Instagram.
Don’t forget to create a good content and make it viral!


It’s one of the best hashtags to use on your Instagram content during the Christmas holiday.
Create some great content related to whatever you want. You can use this with almost any niches on your Instagram.
Use it on contents with outfits, foods, decoration, gifts, and many more niches.


Those were some of the best Christmas hashtags I’ve provided for you lovely guys. There are many more Christmas hashtags but these are some of the most awesome ones. Hope you find these Christmas hashtags useful. Engage more and more with your followers on Instagram and boost your content with the mentioned hashtags.


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