It is essential for each artist to own an incompatible channel, containing many SoundCloud followers, to be popularized on SoundCloud. Especially, when you just start your career, you are going to need many plays to promote your music and finally turn into a music star. A huge number of plays enables you to establish an extraordinary fan base, then you can be certain that your music is heard For starters, it is really tough, demanding and require a lot of time to gather organic plays.

Does buying SoundCloud plays actually work?
The answer to this question depends on what you have in your mind about buying plays. If you expect your music to be heard and popular just by buying plays, it is impossible. Buying many plays is only a quick marketing strategy to speed up your getting known to the music world such as music agencies, producers, and music critics. So, be aware of the fact that buying SoundCloud plays is a preliminary stage to get started.

Is it illegal to buy plays on SoundCloud?
No, surely it is not illegal. According to the existing policies, there is nothing illegal about buying sound cloud plays. Some actions like leading the user to listen to your music by trick are one of the illegal actions which can be mentioned here. In other words, the whole action is reliable and legal and is not going to cause any scam or ban.

Does anybody find out that I bought Soundcloud plays?
Actually, there is nothing transparent in your account about buying sound cloud plays, nobody, including your fans or typical audience, will not tell whether you buy plays or not. The background and setting of your account is something special to you. The audience just notices the exposure and fame of your works, nothing more.


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