If you have problems verifying your Binance account, stay with us so that we can solve this problem for you with the help of each other. We will examine why your Binance account is unverified and how to pass this step. You only should follow the mentioned steps to solve this problem.

Before everything, it is better to familiarize yourself with the concept of Binance KYC.

What is Binance KYC?

This term stands for Know Your Customer and is related to the Binance verification process. It is both for the benefit of the exchange and your account. This process will secure your account. Remember that if your account is hacked and the cause is your carelessness, the exchange will not give you money. You can start using Binance once you have verified your account. So you cannot skip this step and need it for any trading. After verifying your Binance account, you can use all its features. By doing this, you will be safe from hackers. So you will be allowed to deposit or withdraw more funds.

The last step in Bisense verification is related to your address. Why does Bisense address verification fail?

Binance address verification and its benefits

This step is also mandatory, such as all the steps of verifying the Binance account. You must do it and enter your address and prove it. There are three levels of verification on Binance.

  • Basic level

At this level, you must enter your information, such as your phone number and email address. You can also give your bank account information and link it to your Binance account.

  • Intermediate level

At this level, you should enter your voice and face as data and guarantee your identity. Remember that the more your identity information is, the more Binance will trust you and unlock more features and functions. After voice and facial verification, you will get more trading possibilities.

  • Advanced verification

The last and top level of verification is related to proof of address. With this, all restrictions in Binance will be disabled for you.

The reason Binance address verification failed and methods to solve this problem

As mentioned before, to be able to use the features of Binance, you must complete the verification process. After completing the basic and intermediate steps, you can also verify the address. After completing these steps, you can reduce the withdrawal limits and other trading tools.

Check your internet connection

The first answer that comes to mind for this problem is that your internet connection is not stable. So before trying any other method, check your internet connection. If your internet is unstable, fix the problem and try your Binance account verification steps again.

Use valid documents

One of the reasons that address verification failed can be related to the files and photos you upload of invalid documents. If these documents are old or in someone else’s name, Binance won’t accept them. For example, if you upload a utility bill, you must use your latest bill. In addition to the bills, you can also upload building management information or your bank statement. In general, if Binance detects that the documents you have uploaded are invalid, it will reject the address verification.

To verify the address in Binance, you can use one of the following documents:

  • Municipal charges or taxes
  • Bank statement
  • Water, electricity bills, etc
  • Bank recommendation letter
  • Mortgage statement

Which countries cannot use Binance and trade in it?

The countries below are banned from using Binance.

  1. Ontario (Canada)
  2. Japan
  3. China
  4. Malaysia
  5. Europe
  6. U.K. (More on this later)
  7. Thailand

Check the files’ format

You have 15 minutes to complete the verification process. So, if you cannot upload the required files during this time, the verification process will be unsuccessful. So, before starting the verification steps, prepare all the documents you need to upload. Make sure that the format of your files is the same format that Binance wants. All documents must be vertical, and if you upload the documents captured horizontally, they will not be accepted. The content of the documents must be complete, and all corners must be shown.

Enter the address accurately and correctly

In the part where you should enter information about your address, you must type information such as phone number, zip code, and other things correctly. Any mistake in the entered information will cause the address verification to fail.

As we said before, the highest level for verification is related to the address. So you must complete it accurately and correctly.


If your Binance address verification fails, you can solve your problem by checking the mentioned contents. If you still can not complete your Binance address verification using the solutions provided in this article, it is better to contact Binance customer support.


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