A job in the field of miscellaneous is one that does not fit neatly into any other category. It may be a combination of several categories or something completely different.
The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) defines miscellaneous occupations as those that involve “the performance of duties which are neither routine nor highly specialized.” These include positions such as sales representatives, receptionists, and customer service representatives.

What does Miscellaneous mean?

Miscellaneous Jobs consists of various types of jobs or from different job categories. This includes the transportation services, packaging and warehousing, utilities, recreation services, and motion picture services, mining, graphic arts, and various miscellaneous activities.

What are the Best Paying Jobs In Miscellaneous?

If you are wondering how many jobs are available in Miscellaneous, I would like to mention that according to Bureau of Labor Statistics statistics from 2014, Miscellaneous jobs makes up 1.3 million positions in the United States. Here is the list of well-paying jobs in miscellaneous.

Business Analyst $110000 per year

An analyst works closely with business managers to understand how an organization operates and what its needs are. He or she then uses this knowledge to help make decisions about how to improve operations.

Accountant $78000 per year

Accounting jobs are among the top paying jobs in the United States. According to BLS data, the median annual wage for accountants is more than $54K per year.

Bookkeeper $64000 per year

Accountants work with financial statements, preparing them for presentation to clients and auditors. They also prepare reports and analyses of financial transactions and records.

Customer Service Representative $44000 per year

A customer service representative (CSR) answers questions and provides information to customers who call a company’s phone number. CSRs also handle complaints and resolve issues. They may work at a retail store, bank, insurance company, or another type of business.

Data Entry Clerk $32000 per year

If you love numbers, then data entry clerk jobs might be right up your alley. These positions require people to enter data into computer systems using keyboards and/or touch screens. You’ll need good typing skills and an ability to follow instructions.

Manufacturing Systems Engineer$92000 per year

Manufacturing systems engineers can design, plan, develop and install systems including manufacturing equipment. All aspects of manufacturing processes will be covered in this job title. They can also be engaged in design and building of a manufacturing plant. A manufacturing systems engineer can earn $92,131 per year on average, or $44.29 for an hour, in the United States.


We have mentioned top jobs in Miscellaneous. However, Industrial Hygiene Technician, Hearing Aid Specialist, Industrial Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, Process Engineer, Meteorologist, Quality Assurance Specialist, and Design Engineer are among other well-paying jobs in Miscellaneous.


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