With an estimated $18757.92 billion growth in global wholesale in 2021 and over a million available jobs, the consumer non-durable industry is a promising option for job seekers.

But the question is: Which occupation pays the most wage?

The following report introduces six best-paying jobs in consumer non-durables to help you make up your mind.

Jobs with the Highest Salary in Consumer Non-Durable Sector

The top three occupations in this industry are information security analysis, network engineering, and digital design. But here’s a detailed list of all the well-paying jobs.

#6. Brand manager: $62,604 per year

Since consumer non-durable is an incredibly competitive sector, brand managers are a must-have in every company. They monitor the market and analyze the competition to ensure that the products meet the consumers’ needs and top the sales.

#5. Sales representative: $64,545 per year

Sales representatives are key workers because most companies in the consumer non-durable sector sell their products indirectly through marketplaces. So, they need workforces to negotiate and sell the products on their behalf while companies focus on production.

#4. Human resources manager: $70,451 per year

HR managers are a crucial workforce to run major companies because, according to NewBalanceJobs, theconsumer non-durable business employs around 5.6 million peopleas of April 2022. And with an average annual wage of $70K, human resource managers are among the top five best-earning occupations in the industry.

#3. Information security analyst: $82,079 per year

Considering the digital-first approach of most companies in consumer non-durables, it’s unsurprising that information security analysts earn up to $82K per year.

#2. Network engineer: $82,116 per year

Like information security analysis, network engineering is a booming job in consumer non-durables, thanks to the digitalization of the business. On average, network engineers earn up to $7,000 per month, which is way above the minimum wage in the US.

#1. Digital designer: $93,563 per year

Especially with packaged consumer non-durables, digital design is one of the critical elements. The competition is so tight that even the tiniest mistake in design could cost companies millions of dollars. Digital designers, therefore, have the best-paying job in the industry. On average, they earn up to $8,000 per month.

What’s the Least-Paying Job in Consumer Non-Durables?

With an average annual salary of about $31,634, quality assurance analysts are the least-paid workers in the consumer non-durable industry.


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