Recently, jobs in the realm of consumer services have captured many people’s attention as trendy and modern ways of making money. In this article, we are going to present to you the highest paying jobs in consumer services. Before that, let’s discuss what consumer services actually are.

What are consumer services?

Consumer services are usually mixed up with customer services; however, these two concepts are drastically different from one another. Consumer services are intangible products that are offered to the majority of the population and businesses. You might have seen consumer services all around you without noticing that they are categorized so. They are scattered in a plethora of different professions, such as education, health care, recreation, tourism, finance, etc.

It is worth mentioning that consumer services are different from customer services in that the latter is the support companies provide to their customers. This support could range from advising the customers to providing services after purchases.

On the other hand, some people tend to mistake consumer services with consumer goods. Consumer goods are tangible commodities produced by companies and bought for the current demand of the market. What is meant by tangible is that you can physically have access to these products and compare them with others. As opposed to consumer goods, consumer services are actually intangible products as was mentioned before. To sum it up, the combination of consumer goods and consumer services constitute consumer products.

As people are trying to transition out of the unemployment caused by the pandemic, many are looking for new job opportunities. One of the most sought-after fields for employment is consumer services. Before getting straight to the jobs you can find in the consumer services field, we think it is a good idea to talk about the things you should do before you seek such jobs.

What should you do before looking for a job in consumer services?

In order to prepare yourself for a consumer services job, you should first take some useful steps to better suit yourself for such an undertaking.

Research the field of consumer services

Just like any other job opportunities, you should make sure that you are fully aware of the nature of this field before you decide to get into it. Some of the jobs in consumer services might feel rather unorthodox, making you regret choosing them in the first place. As a result, it is of paramount importance that you get into this field understanding all the circumstances and different fields.

Prepare a powerful resume/CV

In the competitive world of the 21st century, no company would be willing to hire employees without a decisive plan and a strong background. Your resume is the first thing that would catch the employers’ attention. Therefore, you should invest some time in fine-tuning your skills and writing an eye-catching resume before you look for any job in the field of consumer services.

Get ready for interviews

After researching the field and preparing a good resume, you should be fully ready for possible interviews with employers. However good your resume is, it will not get you much further if you can’t display your competence in the interview. Calming your nerves and having a confident delivery are some of the most important skills for this stage.

Now without further ado, let’s dive right into the most paying jobs in the consumer services field with average annual salaries mentioned for your acquaintance with the financial aspect of things.

Best paying jobs in consumer services in 2022

Hedge Fund Manager

Annual salary: $145,000

The name of this job might sound very novel and strange to you because it is considered a rather new job that has gained popularity in recent decades. Hedge fund managers are financial companies or individuals that capitalize on professional analysts in order to establish hedge funds.

As you can already see, the six-figure salary could be very tempting. Keep in mind, however, that becoming a successful hedge fund manager requires a really good prowess in a variety of fields. Knowing how to gain a competitive advantage, having a decisive investment plan, and risk management strategy render this job a rather difficult one. Acquire the skills and the pay will compensate for the difficulties.

Chief Financial Officer

Annual Salary: $140,000

As another six-figure employment, being a chief financial officer (CFO) essentially requires a thorough and meticulous monitoring of a company’s financial records as the name clearly suggests. Before the salary starts dragging you in, you should think about the grave duties and responsibilities that this job will place on your shoulders.

Making precise financial decisions, painstaking budget management, and providing strategic advice on the efficiency of company expenditures are among the sensitive aspects of this important job. The slightest of financial misjudgments could send the company down a destructive path of bankruptcy or inefficient functioning, which should tell you how important the job of a chief financial officer is.

Chief Compliance Officer

Annual Salary: $120,000

Similar to how chief financial officers monitor the financial records, chief compliance officers check to see if the actions taken by the company abide by the compliance standards. If a company is not aware of the instances in which it violates such standards, it is going to face some punishing penalty charges.

To avoid such unnecessary expenses, companies hire a Chief Compliance Officer (CCO) to constantly monitor the company’s choices to alert the decision-making department of the possible violations of compliance procedures. It requires a comprehensive familiarity with compliance standards and a keen eye to spot wrong trajectories in the company’s path.

e-Commerce Product Manager

Annual Salary: $114,000

As the e-commerce businesses gain increasing popularity, the demand for product managers in this field has shot up recently. E-commerce product managers ensure that e-commerce sites run smoothly without any interference or mismanagement. They are designated to take the customers’ feedback into account and keep the quality of the products high accordingly.

In essence, e-commerce product managers are the link between the technical development team, business development managers, and other roles in the business. They carry out extensive research on the market and scrutinize the user experiences to better streamline the companies’ products and services.

They also collaborate with the development team to add new features to the products. There are a multitude of other duties that e-commerce product managers have to take care of, but the salary makes their efforts worthwhile.

Financial Software Developer

Annual Salary: $105,000

The growing influence of technology on businesses has made it evident that every company needs a software developer to manage the online activities of an enterprise. One facet of these online activities is the financial presence of the business in the online world.

This job is greatly suited for software developers that are of sharp financial acumen and can lead the financial progress of a company online. It is worth mentioning that acquiring the necessary skills will guarantee you a good salary. The more you add to your skills in these fields, the more likely it is that you will catch an even better offer.

Private Equity Associate

Annual Salary: $97,000

Since private equity firms are smaller than investment banks, there is a much more competitive selection process for the job of private equity associates in such firms. In general, the responsibility of a private equity associate is to come up with a detailed analysis and report of the current function of the desired company.

Honing your skills in mathematics, statistics, and ultimately data analysis could give you the advantage against other competitors seeking the same job opportunities.

Personal Finance Advisor

Annual Salary: $89,000

Personal financial advisors provide you with a professional analysis of financial decisions, which essentially translates to giving you advice on what to do with your money. Their responsibilities include, but are not limited to, executing trades in the market on behalf of their clients, budget managements, tax strategies, and planning your savings.

It should be noted that such services are not exclusively provided to affluent demographic; you could be an individual with an ordinary income seeking a personal finance advisor’s help.

Compliance Analyst

Annual Salary: $78,000

The name might lead you to confuse it with one of the more lucrative jobs we mentioned before, but you should keep in mind that the responsibilities for this job is more limited and the requirements are less demanding.

Compliance analysts work to ensure that the organizations’ operations meet the government compliance rules and industry standards. They have to acquire a meticulous knowledge of government regulations, various policies and requirements. They have to set the company or organization in the path that minimizes the chance of violating these standards to prevent subsequent hefty costs.

Financial Manager

Annual Salary: $75,000

Financial managers are tasked with analyzing the companies’ financial reports to perfect the businesses’ financial input and output. Such a responsibility is of great significance because the competitive world of businesses these days necessitates the most perfect adjustments that will minimize the companies’ costs while maximizing the benefits. That is exactly what employers expect from a competent financial advisor.

Tattoo Artist

Annual Salary: $62,000

As strange as it might sound, being a skilled tattoo artist could be a profitable job. It is evident that the job is not just limited to picking up a needle and moving it around people’s skin. As a matter of fact, there is a great deal of artistry that goes into this profession. So, if you have never had a knack for painting or art in general, you are better off checking other jobs in consumer services.

Content Writer

Annual Salary: $55,000

As the name suggests, content writes are given the responsibility of creating professional, informative, and well-written articles on the internet in order to help the population with general topics or specific information regarding a company or a product. Such a job requires that the writer be fully proficient in the language in which they create content (usually English), and they have to utilize creative techniques to capture and hold the readers’ attention.


Annual Salary: $53,000

Another job that is closely related to the financial records of a business, accountancy puts a heavy burden on the shoulders of such employees to sort out the companies’ tax and income data. They are usually in high demand during the tax season, for the businesses need to file their tax returns as soon as possible. As you should know, good familiarity with mathematics and statistics is a must for an accountant.

Well-Paying jobs in other consumer services field

Bank tellers work for banks and financial associations, provides account services to customers by receiving deposits and loan payments, cashing checks, issuing savings withdrawals, and recording night and mail deposits.

A Call Center Representative, or Call Center Agent, answer calls from clients answering questions or any concerns regarding the products or services. Their duties include handling all calls to and from customers, listening to the leads’ needs or issues and providing helpful answers to their needs.

Apart from Pandemic, travel agent were among the well paying consumer services jobs. However, their industry was affected by Pandemic, and a number of agents was inactive during the COVID.

1. Bank teller – $32,215 per year
2. Call center agent – $35,778 per year
3. Medical receptionist – $39,138 per year
4. Flight attendant – $41,923 per year
5. Travel Agent – $42,350 per year
6. Receptionist – $44,004 per year
7. Account coordinator – $44,122 per year
8. Client relations expert – $44,588 per year
9. Concierge – $48,778 per year
10. Patient coordinator – $44,889 per year
11. Insurance Sales Agent – $52,180 per year
12. Administration consultant – $53,696 per year
13. Member service – $54,253 per year
14. Help Desk Analyst – $55,598 per year
15. Catering Coordinator – $56,590 per year
16. Client service manager – $57,301 per year
17. Technical support – $57,335 per year
18. Real estate manager – $59,660 per year
19. Front desk manager – $71,897 per year

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