One of the most exciting things you can do on Instagram is having a contest, and sponsoring giveaways. It helps your account grow both in quantity and quality. In other words, your followers, likes, and comments will increase so that your engagement rate increases as a result of growing your likes, followers, and comments.

Offering giveaways are done based on different items such as Instagram contests and more important than that among comments normally, with an Instagram comment picker. However, the question is “what is the best Instagram comment picker?” Sounds like hard work doesn’t it ?! But it is not hard at all. In this article, we will tell you how to do it simply, and introduce some websites and applications.

Website and methods for Instagram comment picker


Some pages on Instagram and YouTube channels use the giveaways to attract more followers. For example, they give random gifts to their users for following their page and liking or commenting on a Giveaway post.

If you want users to trust the process of selecting the winner(s), the winner selection process should be completely transparent to them. One of the best tools that helps you to provide this transparency to users is the You to Gift where you can use both their website and their application for your Giveaway post. This service also provides you with the possibility of screen recording so that you can share the process of choosing the winners with users.


  • Free to use
  • Safe, fair, and verified

# 2. Gleam

Gleam is acompetition appthat seamlessly integrates with Instagram. Gleam offers a user-friendly platform for effortlessly setting upInstagram giveaways and conteststhat can be monitored in real-time.These can be tracked in real-time, allowing you to monitor user actions and evaluate the success of your campaign. Gleam also enables you to import comments and use filters to select winning entries. This platform can enhance your Instagram giveaways and contests and continue to expand your audience.
The app boasts a fantastic design.
Customization is easy to navigate.
Connecting social media channels is a breeze.

Some channels require manual task completion by users.

For businesses seeking to increase engagement and expand their social media audience, Gleam is an outstanding option.

Getcombot website

One of the most popular sites is Getcombot. This Russian site is one of the strongest sites that is usually used for giveaways on Instagram. In addition to giveaways, this site also provides us with the ability to download comments completely free of charge. This site is currently the most complete site with free features, but it also has disadvantages, which we will discuss its advantages and disadvantages in the following.

Lack of connection to the server: One of the problems in most cases is the error of bandwidth or connection to the server. This error is problematic when we have a time limit. For example, we announce on our Instagram account that the giveaway will be held live at 10 o’clock and you will be online at 10 o’clock and you will have to wait.

Long queue: Due to the fact that this site is one of the most popular global sites, at certain times you have to stay in line for a long time, especially in global events such as Christmas.

Russian language: Due to the fact that this site also covers English, but it does not work properly, so you must remember the location of the various buttons.


Free to use: It is safe to say that this site is one of the websites where almost 90% of its services are free.

High processing power: Usually sites that exist in this field, support a limited number of comments to download. But on this site, we tested 20,000 comments and easily got a good result.

# 3. Simpliers website

Another site where you can run an Instagram contest from a to z is Simpliers. It is visually more appealing than Getcombot and has the limitations and benefits that we will discuss below.


  • Convenient appearance
  • More options for more complex competitions
  • High speed


  • You can use the link of each post only 2 times
  • The free version only covers counts below 1000

How to use Simpliers as an Instagram random comment picker?

  1. Copy your post link in this section (how to copy Instagram link)
  2. Choose a name for your contest
  3. This option is used for intertext comments or the so-called depth of the comment, i.e the number of sub-comments that respond to the previous comments.
  4. Enter the number of winners
  1. In this section, you check the conditions of the contest, in the first part, you specify the minimum number of mentions allowed to participate in the contest by the followers, and in the option on the right, you can select between comments that contain a phrase. Or have used a specific number.
  2. This is the final option and the announcement of the result of the giveaways is done according to your circumstances.

3. Lizaonair website

And again, another Russian site owned by a Russian person named liza. We checked the performance of this site and the act was done correctly, but because this site must be connected to Instagram, it is not recommended that using this site is one of your priorities. Because you have to enter your Instagram username and password to use the services of this site. But in the cases that we tested, there was no problem.

Note: Be sure to change your username and password after using the site. So, non-confidentiality can be one of its disadvantages.

How to use it on the site:

First, click on the Instagram option at the top of the page. Enter your Instagram username and password to connect Instagram to the site.

After logging in to Instagram, copy and paste your Instagram post link.

In the gear section, you can create your contest conditions.

The next condition of the site for holding the giveaways is to mention the site id of the Instagram post.

4. Namepicker website

One of the best sites for doing giveaways is the name picker site. When you enter this site, select the Instagram comment picker section from the top of the page.
Note that you must log in with Facebook. Select the Login with Facebook option. Register on the site. As the next part, you need to select your Instagram account that is connected to Facebook.

5. Commentpicker website for Instagram comment picker

Enter the commentpicker site. In order to use these services to do so on Instagram, you must have connected your Instagram account to Facebook. Click Login with Facebook here. Then enter the post-selection and picking the winner among the comments.

6. The Appsortes site is one of the free sites that you can use to do giveaways on Instagram

On this site you can randomly select from the comments; in other words, it is a random comment picker on Instagram.

7. Socialcrumb website for a random giveaway

In order to use this software, your Instagram account must be connected to Facebook. After you download the Socialcrumb software, do the following steps:

1. Log in to the software with your Facebook account.
2. Login with your Facebook account to which your Instagram account is connected.
3. Select the post you want to pick from its comments.
4. Either extract all the comments in an Excel file (CSV) or select one of the comments as the winner.

One of the biggest advantages of this software is that it is free.

8. Lukky website other Instagram comment picker

The other useful program is the lukky program. This software is for Android operating systems. Install this software, then log in to your Instagram account. Select the contest post to pick the winner. After it is done, you can share the video on Instagram with your followers.

The offline Instagram comment pickers

The offline giveaway is more accurate, but its validity is low because if you want to show the giveaway live, the audience will trust you less because all the conditions can be changed.

To hold the giveaway offline, you must first download Instagram comments. (Due to the removal of likes and fake visits, the most appropriate way is to do it with comments).

Then enter them in an Excel file so you can enter the codes. Follow the steps below.

After entering the comments in Excel, you can use the following methods to do it in Excel.

1. website

This site helps you to choose an option from the cells of a column in Excel completely randomly.

Upload your Excel file and start the giveaways.

2. Google’s Random Number Generator

One of the interesting features that Google offers is the random number generator. Using it to select winners is easy and free. To get started, assign a number to each cell in Excel. So your first entry will be number one, your second entry will be number two, and so on. Then go to and search for “random number generator”. The page that appears asking you to enter the minimum and maximum numbers to use. After entering these numbers, press the blue “generate” button to display your random number.

Are you still worried about increasing your followers in 2021?

A fundamental solution to enhance the engagement rate is increasing followers, likes, and comments organically. Business account owners and entrepreneurs mostly deploy the follow-unfollow method to expose their accounts on Instagram and encourage the audience to join their accounts.
To prevent spending too much time on doing follow-unfollow actions, the better and faster option is using Instagram growth service or Instagram bots to accelerate the process.
Normally, their usage process is easy, determining the right audience, in other words, it is important to track down the most suitable audience that is most relevant to your niche. The reason is that they bring you many potential clients, and improve your sales rate.
To set the Instamber Instagram bot perfectly, determine the most proper hashtags and usernames, and activate your bot. The automation system works fast and efficiently and helps you grow your engagement rate as well.
The other methods to grow engagement rate is activating:

1. sending auto direct messages to your audience and
2. post scheduling service to manage the best time to publish the best content and attract many users to like your posts and comment.

Last word on Instagram comment picker

In this article, we talk about how to do a giveaway on Instagram. We learn which websites and software are available for the Instagram giveaways. Never forget that the first and most important thing you need to do is interacting with your followers. You need to know your followers well and produce content according to their tastes. Content that enhances their interactions with your account. The contest is one of the best ways to increase engagement on Instagram.


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