Today, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin have become very common and famous. For this reason, crypto advertising networks have also appeared and started working. These platforms act as an intermediary and connect publishers to advertisers. Similar to what Google AdSense does. Websites that publish content related to cryptocurrency can display advertisers’ ads and receive money in fiat currency or bitcoin in return.

If you are a publisher and want to generate impressions for websites, you should know a few things:

  • You will not have any control over the ads displayed on your website.
  • Ads displayed on your website from crypto advertising networks may slow down the loading speed of your website because these ads are loaded later.
  • Some ad networks may not block the display of malicious or unwanted ads.

# 1 DOT Ads

The Bitcoin & Crypto Ad Network with a Google Ads-like experience. You can get your ads on top media sites such as Cryptopolitan, CryptoGlobe, Benzinga, BSC News, ForexLive, and more!

Feel empowered with complete control over your reach, budget, and daily spending, and uncover the story behind the clicks with their intuitive analytics. Take back control of your growth strategy with the DOT Ads self-serve platform! Createyour free accounttoday.

#2 Bitmedia

Bitmedia a leading crypto ad network, provides customised advertising solutions for a wide range of businesses, including those looking to reach a target audience in gaming & betting, blockchain and cryptocurrency niches. The platform offers various ad forms, such as text ads, responsive ads, image ads, and HTML5 ads, so that advertisers can choose the format that suits their company’s needs the best and maximise the results of their advertising campaign.
Bitmedia has also developed sophisticated targeting tools that allow advertisers to target potential customers based on their device type and geolocation, among other criteria. The crypto marketing firm also provides real-time analytics, allowing marketers to monitor the performance of their campaigns in real time and make adjustments if necessary. Bitmedia has quickly become a thought leader in the crypto advertising industry thanks to its cost-effective and personalised marketing solutions

#3 – Cointraffic

Cointraffic is a global crypto ad network that started in 2014. It offers many publishers and advertisers great solutions for advertising and monetization. Advertisers can use this platform to reach reliable websites in this field. Before the existence of crypto advertising networks, advertisers had to look for publishers, contact them personally, and offer them advertising. In this way, since the advertisers received a large amount of unauthorized traffic, they suffered and their advertising budget was lost. Bitcoin Traffic has made it easier for advertisers and publishers by examining the current needs in this field.

To sign up on this platform, you can do the steps quickly. Then you can choose a campaign from the available options. There are no problems, such as losing the advertising budget due to sites with low-quality traffic. Such sites are rejected, and all publishers are checked.

#4 – Coinzilla

One of the reputable crypto advertising networks is Coinzilla, which has launched by Sevio company in 2016. So far, Coinzilla has supported many projects and helped them achieve big goals. Coinzilla platform allows publishers to share their ads on finance or cryptocurrency websites. You can use advertising methods such as pop-ups, cost-per-mile, or CPM in Coinzilla.

You can also use Bitcoin, fiat wire transfers, and Ethereum as deposits and payments on Coinzilla. Your minimum deposit should be 0.05 BTC, 5000 EUR, and 0.5 ETH. Your website must have certain conditions to use Coinzilla. For example, websites that have been launched for less than three months or have low loading speeds are not accepted by Coinzilla. Coinzilla only accepts websites with high traffic and good engagement. For this reason, the brands that use it get high-quality leads.

#5 – Adshares

Adshares is another crypto advertising network you can use for advertising related to crypto, NFT, and blockchain projects. This platform places its ads on reputable websites, newsletters, and premium blockchain banners. There are several types of ads on Adshares. cost-per-action or CPA, pop-under, and CPM. You do not need verification or particular criteria to become a member of this network and advertise in it.

One of the advantages of this website is that you can customize the ads. The registration process is easy, and the payments are reliable.

#6 – CoinAd

In CoinAd, many publishers have applied their websites, like other crypto advertising networks. But the way to join this website is different from other advertising websites. CoinAd sends invites to these publishers before letting them join their platform, which benefits them. On this platform, advertisements are placed on high-traffic, reliable websites related to crypto. Advertisers can also control things related to their ads, like geotargeting, timing, and display options. They can make their payments through a PayPal account or Bitcoin wallet.

#7 – Coinserom

One of the new companies in crypto advertising networks is Coinserom. It was established in 2017 and is one of the largest companies today. If you are looking for crypto mining, casino games, ICO tokens, and more trading websites and expanding your reach, Coinserom is a good option because there are more than 2700 websites out there. The advertising methods of this platform include CPC, pop-under, and CPM. Coinserom includes an anti-bot system. This system eliminates fraud accounts and bots and helps to capture only real traffic. You can pay for ads using 30 cryptocurrencies, such as Ethereum and Bitcoin. The cost of advertising on this platform is lower, and the registration process is easy.


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