Auto clickers are not particularly new, but some marketers and SMM specialists might still be unaware of them. Hence, here is everything you need to know about auto clickers, how they work, and which ones to choose.

What Is an AutoClicker?

To put it simply, an auto clicker is a kind of software that is used to automate mouse clicking on a computer screen element. It allows you to click much faster than intended. Such tools can be used to repeat previously recorded input. Alternatively, you can define specific settings to trigger the auto clicker. Generally, auto clickers come as software or devices.

In most cases, auto clickers are used as a means for positive reinforcement in sales, training, and a variety of other supply chain tasks and also used by hardcore gamers to register more clicks in click speed test games

The way an auto clicker works with hotkeys is quite straightforward. When you use your clicker and the respective key combination, the auto clicker will begin clicking the corresponding keyword automatically every time you start typing the specified hotkey. Without further ado, here are some of the best auto clickers currently available:

#1 Free Auto Clicker

As the name suggests, Free Auto Clicker is a completely free auto clicker tool that has pretty robust functionality. Moreover, you won’t even have to see ads despite the tool being free. You can use its standard auto clicker features, coordinate calculations, record click sequences as a script, and utilize hotkeys.

#2 Auto Mouse Click

In case you are only looking for an auto clicker that supports mouse clicking, then Auto Mouse Click is for you. This tool is very simple and straightforward – it only focuses on mouse clicks, so it can’t be used for keyboard keys. Still, it’s a great option for those who need something easy and lightweight.

#3 Free Mouse Clicker

Free Mouse Clicker is already popular among Minecraft and World of Warcraft players, but it can be used for professional purposes as well. If you aren’t certain about this, you can get a consultation from a writer from the custom writing reviews site Best Essays Education who is an expert in automation tools. They will definitely tell you that the Free Mouse Clicker is worth it thanks to its fast auto clicking, visual indicators, and other features.

#4 Perfect Automation

If you want an advanced auto clicker, then Perfect Automation could be the tool you are looking for. Professionals from different fields like it for its automation abilities that help in managing software and OS-related tasks. Among the tool’s features are automatic launching, macro recording, scheduling, and script editing.

#5 Speed Auto Clicker

Speed Auto Clicker is a particularly fast auto clicker tool that is favored by gamers and professionals alike. If you need many mouse clicks in a very short timeframe, then this tool is for you – you can make up to 500 clicks within a second! There is also the incognito mode feature which lets your mouse clicker stay undetected.

#6 GS Auto Clicker

GS Auto Clicker is probably the best auto clicker tool for Windows. Also known as the Golden Soft Auto Clicker, this tool is quite easy to use and is known for being largely lag- and crash-free. You don’t even need to be technically savvy to use it which makes this option perfect for beginners.

#7 OP Auto Clicker

If you have low CPU resources, the OP Auto Clicker is your best choice. You can set up this tool to either follow your cursor or click at a specific location. You also have multiple clicking options and hotkeys. The software is quite lightweight and also completely free from ads and viruses.

#8 is popular among Minecraft players but can be used for a variety of purposes. You can set rapid clicking intervals, record sequences of clicks, and even play them later for automating and accelerating your processes. There is also the target point clicking feature that lets you click at a specific location on your screen and multiple click options for single, double, and triple clicks.

#9 works both for Windows and Mac and is particularly loved by Minecraft and Roblox players. The features you can use include keyboard and mouse clicking, coordinating calculations, macro recording, and others. This is a Chrome extension that is entirely free of ads and viruses.

#10 Murgaa

With its unique name, Murgaa already stands out from the crowd. This auto clicker tool is specifically designed for Mac and allows users to automate both right and left mouse clicks. Unfortunately, the software works on the latest version of the Mac OS and only supports Intel 64-bit systems. Still, it’s a great option for those who have such conditions.

#11 PTFB Pro

For organizations and professionals, PTFB Pro is one of if not the best. PTFB Pro is an auto clicker tool that can not only automate keyboard and mouse clicks but also respond to issues and pop-ups. It also has advanced multi-user features, offers email alerts, and can be set to operate even if your desktop is locked.

#12 Fast Mouse Clicker

Fast Mouse Clicker is a relatively lightweight auto clicker tool, so it doesn’t drain much CPU power and can be used with almost any Windows version. You can trigger over a thousand clicks within a second, simulate left, right, and center mouse clicks, and limit the number of clicks among other things.

#13 MacroClicker

One of the top auto clicker tools currently available, MacroClicker has both the standard selection of features and some extra ones for importing CSV files, finding and converting image files, script editing, scheduling, and so on. In other words, it’s great for someone who wants additional functionality.

#14 MouseClicker

For those who want a simple and free auto clicker, MouseClicker is an ideal option. It is useful both for gaming and other software-related tasks as it allows you to calculate coordinates, macro record, and so on.

#15 Auto Clicker Pro

Last but not least, Auto Clicker Pro is notable for its flexibility when it comes to the number of hotkeys that can be used. There are multiple hotkeys to choose from and you can also set your own preferred keys. Additional features include auto pressing, macro recording, interval clicking, and drag-and-drop functionality.


All in all, an auto clicker can be extremely useful in your marketing strategy when used correctly. Choose one of the auto clickers presented in this article and start using it for your own needs.


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