Audible is one of the attractive Amazon services that provides audiobooks to its users. The users interested in listening to these books or podcasts can stream or download them.

If you create an account in Audible and have a membership, you will get one monthly credit. You can use these credits. Otherwise, they will be racked up together.

But how long are they valid, and when do they expire?

How long are Audible credits valid?

These credits are very valuable for users because they can be used to buy audiobooks instead of credit cards. But you can’t keep them forever. Audible credits will expire after one year from the date they were received. So it is better to use them before they expire. Or you can send them to others if you don’t have audiobooks to listen to. You should use the “Give as a gift” option.

Audible wants its users to use their credit during this time and be flexible. When a credit is redeemed for a creator’s product, Audible pays them. Using these credits by users motivates creators to increase their activity.

In addition to the duration of their credits, users should also pay attention to the number of credits. The plans that users use determine the limit of their credits. So if the number of credits exceeds a limit, they will lose an additional number.

Advantages of using Audible credit

  • Using this credit, you can buy any book you want. It does not matter what the actual price of the book is.
  • After buying the book using credit, you will own it.
  • By purchasing an audiobook using credit, you can access them in your library even after canceling or completing the subscription.

The price of each audiobook in Audible is between 10 and 25 dollars. But if you want to buy one of them using credit, you only need to spend one credit; It doesn’t matter how much it costs.

The question that may arise for you is whether it is possible to convert credits into cash. No Credits can only be used on the Audible platform and cannot be converted into money

You should try to use up your credits before they expire because if you cancel your membership or your credits expire, you will lose them all.

Of course, if you buy the audiobook and regret buying it, you can request a refund.

You can request a refund when you have purchased the desired title and are a Premium Plus Audible member.

How to use credits in Audible

  • You can send audiobooks to others as a gift using credits.
  • You can change your membership plan.
  • Make your membership on hold.
  • Discover more new audiobooks.
  • You can use educational audiobooks to learn new knowledge.

Can you transfer Audible credit to another person’s account?

Some credits may have been accumulated in your account, and you may be wondering if I can transfer the credits to another person’s account. There are ways for others to benefit from these credits.

For example, you can send a book to others as a gift.

Another way is to gift a membership to others.

If you send your credits to someone who is an Audible member, it will be added to the number of credits of that person.

One credit is given to the person in question for each month of membership. For example, if you give one month of membership to that person, one credit will be given to that person, and for 12 months, 12 free credits will be given to that person.

Giving membership as a gift is similar to sending credit.

You should know that the best way to use these credits is to buy books with them and keep them for yourself so that you can read them or give them as gifts to others.

How many credits can you have in your account?

The number of credits you can have in your account depends on your plan. If your current membership plan does not allow you to receive more credits, you can change it. By doing this, you will prevent the loss of your credit.

  • If you are a standard premium plus Audible member, you can have a maximum of 6 credits in your account.
  • If you have an annual membership with 12 credits, Audible allows you to have a maximum of 18 credits.
  • If you have an annual membership with 24 credits, you can have 36 credits per year.
  • If you are a Premium Plus member with 2 credits each month, you can have 12 credits per month.

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