There’s a random number under your Snapchat profile picture called Snap Score. In this post, you learn what these digits mean and how you can increase them ASAP.

Snap Score Explained

This is a score that shows how active you are on the Snapchat application. It increases every time you send or receive a Snap (a photo or video message). We do not clearly know how the app calculates your score. But the higher it is, the better Snapchat user you are.
The scoring system is a gamification attempt to improve the users’ engagement rate. But pro Snapchatters value the numbers on their profile and actively try to increase them.

How Can I See My Current Snap Score?

Open the app and select your profile on the top-left of the page. Your score is right under your username and star sign.
To check your friends’ Snap Score: Search your profile and tap on My Friends. From here, select the friend you wish and open their profile by tapping on their icon. Their Snap Score will appear right under their username.
Note that you won’t see scores of people who are not your mutual friends.
Tip: Tapping on your Snap Score shows two other numbers, indicating the number of Snaps you have sent or received. (The one on the left shows your sent messages).

3 Approved Strategies to Increase Your Snap Score

Users care about this number because it implies how social they are. It’s similar to the number of your followers on Instagram or TikTok. And most Snapchatters want it to be as high as possible. So, here are three strategies that are guaranteed to increase your Snap Score immediately.

1: Send more photos and videos.

As Snapchat says, your score increases every time you send or receive a Snap. The obvious strategy is to be as active as possible. But keep in mind that the same rule doesn’t apply to the Group Chats. So, you should not expect more points when sending stuff to a group of users.

2: Share more Snap stories.

The more stories you share, the more points you receive. That is the best way to increase your Snap Score because it does not count the viewers. So, you can post a story with no views and still get a couple of points.

3: Keep your Snapstreak high.

Snapstreak is like an XP Boost. The higher it is, the more it affects your Snap Score. By keeping it elevated, your images or videos grant more points.
If you are a newbie: Snapstreak is when you interact with a friend each day for at least three consecutive days. You will see a fire emoji next to your Snapstreak friend along with a number that shows how many days you have been in touch in a row.

Things That Have No Effect on Your Score

Let’s face it; having a high Snap Score is something that we all want—for no apparent reason. But be aware of the pointless strategies that will NEVER increase your prestige on the app.
Avoid the following actions because they do not affect your Snap Score.

1. Text Messages/Chat
Snapchat does not give you a point when you send or receive a text message. So, becoming a chat addict will not grant a higher score in the app. It would only be a waste of time.
2. Adding More Friends
Yes, having more friends increases your Snap Score. BUT there’s a catch. Sending friend requests does not change your points unless the receiver accepts the request and adds you as a friend. So, you probably want to stop spamming requests to celebrities and random people. That’s not going to work out.

3. Watching Stories
No matter how many Snapchat stories you watch per day, your score will remain the same. Being a couch potato is not a smart strategy when it comes to increasing your Snap Score. You need to put yourself out there and start sharing stories instead. Otherwise, you just have to accept your current points and move on humbly.

4. Sending the Same Snap to Multiple Users
It sounds smart to find a cool video or photo and send it to everyone on your contact list to gain more points. But that’s not how the app works. You need to send a unique Snap to get a point.

What Do You Achieve by Having a High Snap Score?

Trophies. The only thing you receive for your Snap Score is a set of seven emojis that appear in the ‘Trophy Case’ section. Here’s the list of all of them:

  • Sparkles
  • Ghost
  • Rocket
  • Explosion
  • Star
  • Circled star
  • Baby

Sounds like a lot of hard work for a bunch of emojis!

How Is Your Snap Score Calculated?

No one knows the actual formula of Snap Score calculation. According to Snapchat’s official website, Your Snapchat score is determined by a super-secret, special equation that combines the number of Snaps you’ve sent and received, the Stories you’ve posted, and a couple of other factors.
But here are things that have been proved to affect your scores:

  • Snaps you send/receive,
  • stories you share.
  • Snaps you share with a Snapstreak friend.
  • How many friends do you have?
  • Returning to the app after a couple of days.

Do not use third party websites to increase your score

Some cheesy websites promote apps or new methods to skyrocket your Snap Score instantly. But be aware that all of them are scams. There are currently no workarounds available to manipulate your points. So, whatever you do, avoid giving away your username and password to the scammers—or anyone actually.


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