Discord servers provide gamers and general users with free text, video and VoIP chat servers along with individual-specific features such as integration with the Twitch service.

Discord servers are actually very popular communication applications designed for gamers, and of course, gamers will have access to features beyond what Steam offers them. It is natural that an application with this volume of features will not be used only by a certain group, and that is why Discord servers were considered beyond gamers after its release.

It does not matter if you are a gamer or interested in reading novels and stories or even want to discuss music, discord servers are formed so that people of all tastes and thoughts are connected, something like all social networks. Discord users very often look for sources to purchase members to keep boosting their site. Discord is now available for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android.

1) Frogs Dream World server

Since Frogs Dream World (FDW) is part of the Dream World network, you will find that the network is connected to other communities such as Slippy’s Dream World or Skarz Dream World. Unexpectedly see them again on a completely different server, which is likely to happen because there are more than 150,000 people in FDW.

Rokhi has recently witnessed an influx of many users to its servers. So they had to clean up about a quarter of their members in order to provide space for new users.

This server is great for people who work globally in Discord. Yet, this does not mean that the sole purpose of these servers is to provide a market for these people. Rather, whenever the server is active, it is a pleasant place to spend time and a great place to meet others.

2) ChillZone server

ChillZone is one of the most active servers without a discord theme. A server without a T theme is a social server that does not revolve around a single topic. This server has more than 14 million members. The largest server, Fortnite Discord T, has just 4.4 million members. ChillZone is a great place for people who want to meet new people.

Today, with more than 40,000 members, there are many girls and boys to interact with. This is a very good feature of this server to interact with others. CZ attracts a lot of people. It’s worth checking to see if you like the social atmosphere there. Highly active servers, for some reason, attract and retain a lot of people!

However, if this type of chat is not your favorite, then you can always take a look at the rest of these servers. Their peers are basically a catalog of hundreds, or thousands, of different servers. You can join them immediately. Even if you are not a fan of this type of server, there is a chance that you can find your favorite server through diverse categories.

3) Quantum Labs

Quantum Labs is a popular themeless emote server with over 100,000 members. The server is quite neat and professional. Quantum Labs is another server that is active 24 hours a day and has an endless conversation. There are always people to talk to, which makes it a very popular server. It is one of the latest global emote servers. Quantum Labs also offers a unique currency system.

4) Popular Daddy Disc Server

Daddy server is one of the most active Discord servers. This server is a social server that consists mainly of channels with voice communication between people. The most unique aspect of this server is that it is aimed at users who enjoy talking on audio channels.

With 20+ voice channels that never go away, Daddy Server is the best place to communicate with others by voice. There are usually more than 60 people on its audio channels at any given time. This server is also great if you prefer to talk on text channels. In fact, more than 9 million messages are sent within it. However, its audio channels are the main attraction of this server. Audio channels never fail. Daddy Server is essentially the audio version of a chat room, Which offers a unique experience.

5) AnimeBase or WLA; a popular Discord server

WLA is one of the largest animation associations in Discord. This is another server that is always active. If you are an anime fan and want to meet other people who are just as interested in you, this chat room is really great. WLA also has an interesting streaming feature. Which allows streamers to display their streams in Discord.

Owners want to create the best possible server for anime fans. This server will soon reach 100,000 members. Which shows the greatness of the anime community. The WLA intends to create a good future for anime fans on the Internet. If you are an anime, you are wrong not to join this popular Discord server!

6) Slippys Dream World; an active and popular emote server

Part of the Slippys Dream World server network is a theme-free global emote server. Which offers an active community and more than twenty emote themes. If you are active in Discord servers, there is a 99% chance that you have used one of their emotes. These are universal and popular emotes. Slippys Dream World (SDW) is also always active with different people. SDW has recently reached 200,000 members, which is reaching a high level that Discord servers can now handle.

7) Weeb Empire; a popular Discord server

Weeb Empire is another very active server. This server is targeting anime fans. If you are not a fan of WLA, this server is definitely worth checking out. Weeb Empire offers a friendlier atmosphere than the previous server we mentioned.

Weeb Empire includes two general categories of NSFW. The server has active communities with a public chat room that is almost always live. Their public channel contains a total of about 3.6 million messages. This server with nearly 50,000 members is definitely worth exploring.

In conclusion

Discord servers provide an opportunity to meet and talk to thousands of people in your hands. Thus, sometimes finding the right place can be difficult. That’s why we made this list. Most of these servers have similar features such as active communities, unique experiences and emotions. If you have not yet found the right forum for you, do not stop searching.


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