Tiktok, a Chinese multi role social life franchise that had a shock going to every other brand holding a banner in the top tier entertainment business.

Tiktok gained so many users in such a little amount of time like no one ever did or get before, outstanding performance by their commercial team and special thanks to their dev team.

But mid their user gaining way, they hit a big wall, like a really big one, and this was called the US sanctions, and they got caught between the so called commercial war and the US government saw it fit to ban the tiktok application.

Surely not long after they decided to un-ban the tiktok because of the public specially the youth demand but it was an enough action for the tiktok company to come up with a brilliant idea.

Where did the idea of making money come from?

The idea was this, now that everyone is pumped up about the app and we got everyone’s attention, why don’t we just level it up? Why don’t we just double our incomings?

The commerce team suggested the route that YouTube had been taking for so many years; they suggested paying for the user’s co-operations to the cause.

Not quite alike the YouTube, not that much of generosity was shown, but that activated a chain of events that brought even more people to the fold.

These chains of accidents caused two groups of people to start getting in to the action, one was mass producers who were trying to cover as many as ground that they could find, the second one was young and teenage influencers whom were bringing out a new type of influence.

Both of those groups in addition to the people that were active on the platform started thinking that we already are making content and videos for this app, why don’t we act more accordingly and get paid for?

So rules were created, and tiktok started paying every major influencer per every view they had, and then they decided to place a 300 million dollars for this matter.

How much does your views worth?

First of all, this whole making money idea is a little racist. According to the google itself, the western version of tiktok gets paid; the Chinese version does not get paid at all.

Meaning that this mechanism only works in north America, south America, Europe, partially Africa and a small region of middle east, actually most of the planet except china itself.

But really how much is paid per view? The official answer is that there will be 2-4 cents paid for every 1000 views that you get on your videos.

So there is no paying per every one view, there per thousands, and that differs from person to person.

Meaning that the payment would be according to not just your views, it would include the number of followers you have, the type of content you are making, how many videos you have in your page, and if you have enough hashtags to be shown on the main stream or for you pages.

For example if you post a video, and it gets 50 thousands view, you will be paid around 1 dollar to 2 dollars. And this would be considering the later told circumstances as well.

Not so much, right? But consider this if you count yourself among the so called “influencers” and you sign up for it, you will not be getting only 1 dollar, and you will have much higher number of views and engagements.

You also will not be having only one video in your page, it is known that influencers are working their way up tirelessly and they also have consultants suggesting them strategies.

How do the TikTok money calculators work?

There are no official calculators or any software from the tiktok company to tell you how much you have maid, there are similar websites and companies but not the tiktok itself.

But like said, there are tools from other companies and sites that help you estimate the amount of money your account have made through the time you have been active there.

These so called sites only acquire your username, the number of videos and viewings of the page and they will estimate the amount of money you may have made, otherwise if you are not comfortable with sharing that kind of information, you will have to estimate the numbers yourself.

In the following we try to present a few examples and sites that may help you in that matter.

Influencer marketing hub

This website would be the first to pop up if you search the phrase” tiktok money calculator”.

The site includes a built-in kind of a calculator requiring the named information and will be estimating the amount of money you may have made.

It also includes a brief set of courses to inform you about the other factors at hand at strategies you may encounter along the way, this article will cover those at the end, we do not mind extra help if it actually helps you.

There are charts to help you gain information about the types of different accounts such as zombie accounts, mega accounts and so on.

They will also give free related tools and advices about other kind of money makings and helping you grow your account for sure.

Exolyt tiktok money calculator

Another branding and calculating site that represents the second graded sub-website for the tiktok company, which also helps you with drawing a chart on your own and estimate the amount you have made and you will be making.

This website will compare your status to famous tiktokers in different times of their tiktoking carrier to provide you with vital information and actually lift your spirit.

Feed pixel

Another sub-website that provides services like the other two that were introduced earlier, but with one unique specialty.

They also offer counselling services with your account and services, such as your future plans and mods for videos you make or the way you are going to shift to when the tides get high.

One of their first and popular customers would be Charlie de amalio which was counseled and guided by their famous mentor and coach in her first days of being a tiktoker.

How do you make more?

How do you make more money than the money that tiktok is giving for your views? Well you must have heard about branding or commercials to this point of life, here is a quick introduction in case you have not heard.

Basically there are two ways you can make that money, which is to be said, a really big amount of money.

You can advertise your own product or service, such as every other platform the tiktok will allow it, or you can engage a contract with other brands and promote their product or service.

Major league of tiktokers such as celebrities or actors or public figures, make millions of their daily tiktok life for just saying the word coca cola or Pepsi for an instance, or to wear that known make up or play some kind of music.

It is really that simple, but at the first you will need to gain a heavy volume of followers and make a noise for your brand or name.

There are at least hundreds of websites or private agencies that help you with that matter such as the very spoken feed pixels website.

Don’t hesitate to devise a growth plan for your social applications; it could be a game-changer for you by the end of the day. Who knows, you might be the next celebrity sparking thoughts about this unique way of changing the odds and mastering the art ofmaking money on TikTok.


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