You have a friend, a family member, a colleague, or a celebrity whose Instagram stories you find irresistible. But there is a problem: you do not want them; you know you checked in. So, what can I do to stay hidden while checking Instagram stories?

When searching the internet for solutions, you come across thousands of apps or websites that claim to help you go incognito. But which anonymous story viewer is unique, authentic, and genuine? Confusion sets in, but then you realize you can use other tricks.

Is the Trouble to Go Incognito Really Worth It?

Since Instagram policies currently do not allow you to view other users’ Instagram stories anonymously, you take a certain amount of risk by going incognito. We went around to ask Instagram users to tell us the reasons why they desired privacy and got several reasons.

In a short summary, we found various reasons why someone might wish to view Instagram stories anonymously. Here are some of the expressed motivations:

  • Privacy Concerns: Individuals may want to maintain their privacy while still viewing the content of others. They might not want the account owner to know they have seen their stories.
  • Curiosity or Monitoring: People may want to keep an eye on someone’s activities without revealing their interests. This could be out of curiosity or to monitor someone’s behavior without direct engagement.
  • Avoiding Social Interactions: Some users prefer to view content without engaging in direct social interactions. By viewing stories anonymously, they can avoid receiving direct messages or responses related to the stories they’ve seen.
  • Professional or Competitive Reasons: In a professional context, individuals may want to watch competitors or industry peers without making their interests apparent. This can help in gathering information without directly engaging with others.
  • Relationship Dynamics: In personal relationships, individuals might want to keep tabs on their ex-partners or people from their past without initiating contact or revealing their presence.
  • Exploring New Connections: People might want to explore new accounts or profiles without leaving a digital footprint. This can be especially true when checking out potential business partners, collaborators, or new acquaintances.

Effective Tips and Tidbits for Instagram Anonymity

While privacy is important, respecting others’ boundaries and using social media platforms responsibly is essential. If you’re trying to view Instagram stories discreetly, remember that some methods might violate the terms of service or make others uncomfortable.

Here are some general tips for maintaining privacy while using Instagram:

Tip #1: Turn it Off. Read Receipts:

In your Instagram settings, you can turn off “Read Receipts” for direct messages. This won’t hide your viewing of stories, but it will prevent others from knowing when you’ve seen their direct messages.

Tip #2: Use Airplane Mode.

Turn on airplane mode before opening the Instagram app. After viewing stories, close the app, turn off airplane mode, and wait for a moment before reconnecting to the internet. Remember that this might not work for all users, as some features require an internet connection.

Those who’ve tried this tip and succeeded find it a very easy thing to do. Since Instagram has to preload a story or other content before you can watch it, this method is based on the fact that Instagram only notifies the person whose story you intend to watch after it loads completely and is viewed. Switching to airplane mode interrupts the internet and confuses the Instagram algorithm.

Tip #3: Create a Dummy Account:

If you’re concerned about privacy, consider creating a secondary Instagram account with a different username. Use this account to view stories without revealing your identity.

The good news is that Instagram allows you to do this without logging off your main account. You will activate the secondary account using an email and phone number different from the ones you used to open your regular Instagram account.

Tip #4: Avoid Tapping Directly.

When viewing stories, avoid tapping directly on the user’s profile picture. Instead, let the stories play automatically or navigate using the arrows. This might reduce the chances of your profile being registered as a viewer.

A good trick would be to sneak preview a story by not fully opening it from the adjacent one. This is because Instagram automatically plays stories in a series. Swiping your screen just enough to reveal the next story you wish to view discretely without fully loading it will not be recorded by the Instagram algorithm as a view.

Tip #5: Use a Third-Party App

Third-party apps or websites can help you view Instagram stories anonymously, as we mentioned earlier. A very high-quality IG anonymous technology not only allows you to watch Instagram anonymously but also gets free IG story likes to help you grow your account. All you need to do is enter your username to unlock the full potential of the app. We recommend you check out AnonyPro.

Nevertheless, be cautious with third-party apps, as they might violate Instagram’s terms of service and compromise your account security. Additionally, these apps can pose privacy risks. Sticking to the official Instagram app is recommended to ensure your data’s safety.

Tip #6: Adjust Privacy Settings:


Review your Instagram privacy settings. You can make your account private, control who can send you direct messages, and limit who can see your stories. Keep in mind that these settings primarily protect your own content and interactions, not your activity on others’ profiles.

Final Thoughts

Watching someone’s Instagram accounts without their knowledge can be interesting. The tips we have discussed can limit who sees your activity on Instagram yet allow you to enjoy many of the features. You can try the tools the website provides to improve your privacy. However, a reputable third-party app can make the process simpler and faster, with several other benefits.

Remember that the ethical use of social media platforms is crucial. Always prioritize respecting the privacy and boundaries of others. If someone has set their account to private, it’s best to request to follow them rather than attempt to view their content discreetly.


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