Would you like to call any number using a Wi-Fi connection and without a SIM card? TextNow is an online tool that allows users to make phone calls or text each other using VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). In this app, you can communicate with others using a virtual number. Although TextNow is a very efficient app, it also has some disadvantages. One of its disadvantages is that if you do not use the virtual number given to you for a while, this number will be given to another user. In the following, we present you with some TextNow alternatives.

A list of TextNow alternatives

TextNow users can stay connected and call any number anywhere in the world using this tool. Stay with us as we introduce you to the best VoIP apps.

1. TextMe

You can download this app from Amazon App Store or iOS App Store. Another app similar to TextNow is TextMe. You should use your Facebook or email account to sign up for this app. As you install this app, you’ll see many advertisements, which may be annoying. Of course, you can remove these ads by upgrading your account. You can forward your incoming calls to your mobile number. The more credits you buy at once, the less you will pay.

Making calls and sending messages from a US number to a US number is free, and there are ways you can get free credit. For example, watch a video ad and receive one or two credits, or you can complete an offer to get 5 to 100 credits.

In this app, like TextNow, you can choose your area code to get a virtual number. This feature is more practical for international calls. For example, if you want to call a number from France, you can have a number with that area code.

If you want to send MMS messages, you can only use numbers from the USA and Canada. Remember that international numbers are not free, and the cost of receiving them varies based on the time you want to use them.

The country numbers available on TextMe:

  • USA (+1)
  • Canada (+1)
  • Netherlands (+31)
  • Belgium (+32)
  • France (+33)
  • Austria (+43)
  • United Kingdom (+44)
  • Sweden (+46)
  • Poland (+48)
  • Colombia (+57)
  • Malaysia (+60)
  • Australia (+61)
  • Mauritius (+230)
  • Czech Republic (+420)

2. Text+ or TextPlus

Another alternative to TextNow is TextPlus, for which you can use only one username. Of course, in this case, you cannot recover your account by forgetting your username and password. So, we suggest you use your email to register to avoid getting into trouble. This app also has many ads. You can remove them even for a day by paying (only 5 cents). If you want to use the number that TextPlus assigns you for one month, you should pay a fee of $0.10. TextPlus costs are very cheap, and this is one of its advantages.

3. Skype

Skype is one of the most famous peer-to-peer communication platforms for making voice and video calls and offers an instant messaging service that uses VoIP technology. One of the advantages of Skype is the possibility of screen sharing. You can share your device screen with the person you are in contact with. In addition, you can add captions to voice messages, video calls, or files you send to translate them.

4. Google Voice

You can create an account in Google Voice using your Gmail and get a number in return. This number will be linked to your Gmail. Google Voice is one of the best in providing calls through VoIP, and all people and businesses can use it for free. In Google Voice, you can get one number for each Gmail account. You can use as many numbers as you want in TextNow. One of the advantages of Google Voice is that you can use its website too. So, you can go to voice.google.com to make and receive calls and send messages.

One of the features of Google Voice is that it can transcribe voicemails into text. It is not an accurate feature and depends on the clarity of the sender’s voice. So you can read voicemails instead of listening to them. If you want to use Google Voice to communicate internationally, you should pay at least $10. Unlike TextNow app that monetizes ads, Google Voice has no ads. One of the great features of Google Voice is that if you don’t have a mobile plan, you can call or send messages using this platform, and you need to link your phone number to your Google Voice number.

It’s worth noting that if someone calls you on Google Voice and you don’t have an internet connection, you can forward it to your real phone number and answer the call using your SIM card. The quality of your internet affects the quality of the Google Voice calls.


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