In this article, we will consider the reasons and solutions why you may see a Facebook “Sorry this content isn’t available right now” error message on a post. So, stay with us to know the most common causes and how to fix this issue.

Sorry, this content isn't available right now

Why you see “Sorry, this content isn’t available right now” on Facebook

Facebook is one of the most prominent and popular social networks among the people of the world, where you can share your messages, images, and videos with others. But sometimes, the shared content is not accessible by others, and the error message “Sorry, this content isn’t available right now” occurs. In this article, we want to examine the reasons behind errors such as “This content isn’t available right now” or “This content isn’t available at the moment” and the methods you can use to solve them on Facebook.

What is the reason for seeing these errors on Facebook?

One of your friends has shared a post, but you can’t access it, and you are facing the “This content isn’t available at the moment” error. Well, this might be annoying for you. The reasons for these errors are as follows:

Below are a number of reasons why you “Sorry, this content isn’t available right now on Facebook:

  • Your friend has shared a post, but the post creator has deleted it.
  • The person who made the post has blocked you.
  • This post has been marked as spam by Facebook.
  • The post creator has restricted the viewers, For example, restrictions related to the audience age group or location.
  • Your friend has shared the post with a private group.
  • The post creator has a deactivated or deleted account.
  • The problem is with Facebook servers.
  • The device you used to log in to Facebook has been infected with malware.
  • We published the reasons why you encountered this error. Stay with us to learn how to solve such errors.

1. Your friend has blocked you

We as a whole realize that when somebody decides to block us on Facebook, we can never again see their posts, which can cause the “this content isn’t accessible at the present time” on Facebook.

If they blocked you, you cannot see their profile in your friends’ list.

2. Profile is suspended by Facebook

Assuming a Facebook post is improper and abuses any guidelines, it would be erased and hailed as spam, so that may be a motivation behind why you get this mistake.

3. You are logged out

Now and again, Facebook makes you log out of your account, automatically and you may know nothing about that. In any case, you should simply revive the page and when the login screen appears, enter your qualifications to get signed in effectively. Then search the substance indeed, and you would most presumably see the error is not there anymore.

4. Their Facebook’s setting is changed

There are times that you can never again see a post you could see prior; that may be because the banner has chosen to change the post’s settings and make it more private and pick who can see the post. There are options on Facebook that if the owner changes them, there is no way to fix them.

5. The post is removed

The individual who posted it under any condition may erase the post you are attempting to reach, and anybody who attempts to see it could confront this renowned blunder.

6. Post is restricted by location or age

Facebook permits its clients to pick who they might want to see their presents and on keep the substance confined to a particular age gathering or area. The post, which is displayed to you as inaccessible, could have area or age limitations that you are not able to see. In the meantime, you might utilize any VPN specialist co-op to check in the event that it takes care of business.

7. They have deleted or deactivated their account

If a person deactivate their Facebook account, and you visit their profile from Messenger or even by entering the username in the brawser, you will see “Sorry, this content is not available”.

However, if they have deactivated their account you can still search their name in your friends’ lists.

8. Your Internet connection is poor

If there is something wrong with your Internet connection, you can’t see any content on Facebook, and it shows you that the content isn’t available right now. So, it’s better to check your internet connection, or switch between mobile data and WiFi.

How To Fix “This Content Isn’t Available Right Now” Error On Facebook?

However the mistake keeps you from seeing all happy on Facebook, yet you can definitely relax. You can fix the issue all alone. Here are a few potential answers for this problem:

If you get an error when you want to see other users’ posts on Facebook, try the following methods to solve your problem.

Ask that person to unblock you

As you know, if somebody blocks you on Facebook, you cannot see their profile and content. To solve this problem, see who shared this post first. Visit their profile, if you encounter a “This content isn’t available at the moment” error message, it means you are blocked.

You can contact that person and ask them to unblock you.

Check your block list

As we said in the previous section, if someone has blocked you, you will not be able to see their posts and encounter an error. What if you have blocked someone? It doesn’t matter if you block someone or they block you. So it is also possible that the problem is due to you blocking others. Check the list of blocked people and if that person is on the list, unblock it.

To do this:

Open Facebook on your phone or desktop.

  • If you are using the iOS version of Facebook, enter the following path:

Profile icon => Settings & privacy => Settings => Profile Settings => Blocking => Blocked people => Unblock user

  • If your phone is android:

Hamburger icon on the top right => Settings & privacy => Settings => Profile Settings => Blocking => Blocked people => Unblock user

  • If you use the desktop version of Facebook:

Triangle button => Settings & privacy => Settings => Privacy=> Blocking => Block users => Unblock user

Sign in again to your account

Sometimes, for various reasons, such as session expiration or problems related to cookies in the browser, you have to log in to your account again to fix the problem.

So refresh the page, enter your Facebook profile again and see if the problem is fixed or not.

Ask the person to reshare the content

Sometimes the shared content may be deleted. Either the person intentionally or accidentally deletes the post, or Facebook deletes it. Why should Facebook delete posts? If Facebook detects inappropriate, spam, or flagged content, it will delete that.

If the deleted content does not violate Facebook’s guidelines, ask that person to share it again.

Make sure the user has not deactivated or deleted their account.

Some users deactivate their accounts to stay away from social media for a while. By doing this, their account will be disabled for a period of time, and they can only use Messenger, and all the content posted on Facebook will disappear for users. Some other users, especially those with fake accounts, may decide to delete their accounts permanently, which will also delete the contents on the page.

So you cannot access the content published by those who have deleted or deactivated their account. Therefore, contact the user to make sure the error messages are not related to this.

Remove restrictions for a specific age group or country

Admins can determine that their page content is available for specific age groups or countries. You can send a message to the admin of the page and request that if there is such a restriction, remove it. If the admin is sure that removing such a restriction does not violate the community guidelines, he can solve your problem by removing the restriction.

But how do you set or remove age groups and country restrictions?

  1. Go to the Facebook website using a browser.
  2. On the left side of the screen, find Settings.
  3. Look for the “Country Restrictions.”

There are two options to choose from:

  • Only show this page to viewers in these countries.
  • Hide this page from viewers in these countries.

In the same way, you can also change the age restriction. In the age restrictions section, you can choose the age group you want or select the “public” option so that there is no restriction.

Finally, save the changes.

Erased Content

In the event that you see the message “this content is not accessible right now”, sit back and relax. Since when the substance is eliminated or erased, this spring up blunder is normal. Furthermore, Facebook itself likewise eliminates a post disregarding the strategy, as in the event that the substance is unseemly, spam or hailed.

Deactivated or Deleted User Profile

Have you actually looked at that client’s profile? Likely, he/she has deactivated or erased the profile on which the substance was posted. Thus, you will be unable to see it. In addition, Facebook frequently erases counterfeit profiles or profiles that have not adhered to the guidelines and rules. Assuming you realize that Facebook companion outside Facebook, you can contact to affirm about profile deactivation.

Changed Privacy Settings

In the event that the Facebook content is not found at this point, perhaps the proprietor has changed its security settings. There are not many protection choices for a post like public, companions, just me and explicit companions.

You could see the post before when the proprietor set visibility for you. In any case, when he/she changed to more private substance, the post is available just to those whom he/she permits. Hence, you will receive “Sorry this content isn’t available right now” error.


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