In this article, we will consider the reasons and solutions why you may see a Facebook “Sorry this content isn’t available right now” error message on a post. So, stay with us to know the most common causes and how to fix this issue.

Sorry, this content isn't available right now

Why you see “Sorry, this content isn’t available right now” on Facebook

Below are a number of reasons why you “Sorry, this content isn’t available right now on Facebook:

1. Your friend has blocked you

We as a whole realize that when somebody decides to block us on Facebook, we can never again see their posts, which can cause the “this content isn’t accessible at the present time” on Facebook.

If they blocked you, you cannot see their profile in your friends’ list.

2. Profile is suspended by Facebook

Assuming a Facebook post is improper and abuses any guidelines, it would be erased and hailed as spam, so that may be a motivation behind why you get this mistake.

3. You are logged out

Now and again, Facebook makes you log out of your account, automatically and you may know nothing about that. In any case, you should simply revive the page and when the login screen appears, enter your qualifications to get signed in effectively. Then search the substance indeed, and you would most presumably see the error is not there anymore.

4. Their Facebook’s setting is changed

There are times that you can never again see a post you could see prior; that may be because the banner has chosen to change the post’s settings and make it more private and pick who can see the post. There are options on Facebook that if the owner changes them, there is no way to fix them.

5. The post is removed

The individual who posted it under any condition may erase the post you are attempting to reach, and anybody who attempts to see it could confront this renowned blunder.

6. Post is restricted by location or age

Facebook permits its clients to pick who they might want to see their presents and on keep the substance confined to a particular age gathering or area. The post, which is displayed to you as inaccessible, could have area or age limitations that you are not able to see. In the meantime, you might utilize any VPN specialist co-op to check in the event that it takes care of business. 

7. They have deleted or deactivated their account

If a person deactivate their Facebook account, and you visit their profile from Messenger or even by entering the username in the brawser, you will see “Sorry, this content is not available”.

However, if they have deactivated their account you can still search their name in your friends’ lists.

8. Your Internet connection is poor

If there is something wrong with your Internet connection, you can’t see any content on Facebook, and it shows you that the content isn’t available right now. So, it’s better to check your internet connection, or switch between mobile data and WiFi.

How To Fix “This Content Isn’t Available Right Now” Error On Facebook?

However the mistake keeps you from seeing all happy on Facebook, yet you can definitely relax. You can fix the issue all alone. Here are a few potential answers for this problem:

1. Get Yourself Unblocked

One of the normal purposes for the blunder is the individual whose post you are attempting to see has impeded you. Overall, you could not see their profile, pictures, status or any post.

Notwithstanding, you can visit that profile first to check. Assuming it is noticeable, that implies you are not hindered. Facebook is showing the mistake, perhaps for another explanation. Yet, on the off chance that you cannot see the profile, contact the individual to unblock you or attempt different fixes.

2. Unblock the User

On the off chance that you are getting the blunder while attempting to visit another person’s profile, maybe you have hindered the client previously. You can check the Facebook block rundown and attempt to eliminate them to see their profile once more.

• Open Facebook on your portable.

• Tap the three vertical lines from the upper right and select Settings and Privacy> Settings.

• Open Blocking.

• Search the individual in your hindered rundown and tap Unblock next to the name.

Presently you check assuming that the Facebook content is yet inaccessible subsequent to unblocking the client.

3. Sign In Properly

Facebook here and there makes you log out automatically from your record. In the end, presents become inaccessible on you. It for the most part happens when you invest a lot of energy on this stage or because of different reasons.

Considering this, you can take a stab at reviving the page and sign in to the record again with your accreditations. Presently, you can attempt to look and open the substance and check assuming it fixes the issue.

4. Erased Content

In the event that you see the message “this content is not accessible right now”, sit back and relax. Since when the substance is eliminated or erased, this spring up blunder is normal. Furthermore, Facebook itself likewise eliminates a post disregarding the strategy, as in the event that the substance is unseemly, spam or hailed.

5. Deactivated or Deleted User Profile

Have you actually looked at that client’s profile? Likely, he/she has deactivated or erased the profile on which the substance was posted. Thus, you will be unable to see it. In addition, Facebook frequently erases counterfeit profiles or profiles that have not adhered to the guidelines and rules. Assuming you realize that Facebook companion outside Facebook, you can contact to affirm about profile deactivation.

6. Changed Privacy Settings

In the event that the Facebook content is not found at this point, perhaps the proprietor has changed its security settings. There are not many protection choices for a post like public, companions, just me and explicit companions.

You could see the post before when the proprietor set visibility for you. In any case, when he/she changed to more private substance, the post is available just to those whom he/she permits. Hence, you will receive “Sorry this content isn’t available right now” error.


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