Snapchat has gained tremendous popularity since its launch due to the useful social features that are incorporated in the platform. Features like Snapchat filters, lens, and Geofilters have revolutionized the way we use social media for personal interactions. Another interesting feature is posting stories. The stories on Snapchat are available for 24 hours, and you will be notified if somebody views your story. In this article, we intend to present to you the tools you could use to view Snapchat users’ stories indirectly.

Top 9 Snapchat story viewers

You might want to use these tools for a variety of reasons. It might be that you don’t have an account in the platform or you simply don’t want the other person to notice that you have viewed their story. The tools that we are going to talk about in the following are categorized as Snapchat story viewers. Some other features of these tools are viewing stories anonymously, downloading Snapchat media, deleting messages, and receiving notifications in case of being unfollowed by someone.

1. Spyic

One of the most famous Snapchat Story viewers is Spyic. All you need to do is head over to this link to set it up without any hassles. Afterwards, you could access Snapchat users’ stories, posts, photos, and videos.

2. Snapchat Phantom or Snapchat++

This tool is known both as Snapchat++ and Snapchat Phantom. You can run it on both Android and iOS, and it is basically a tweaked version of the original Snapchat. As a matter of fact, many people use this tool to get around the restrictions and changes that were later implemented on Snapchat by its developers. This tool allows you to download Snapchat media directly to your internal storage. You also get to mute people whose content you don’t wish to receive. This application will allow you to use the Streaks feature that has been taken out of the official platform. Removing all your friends immediately and sending customized Gifs to similar users of the same app are among other features of this tool.

3. Cocospy

This application is also available for both Android and iOS. This app could also be used for remote surveillance and parental control. Besides being a Snapchat viewer, this handy application can allow you to monitor your iOS and Android devices remotely. All that is required is a consistent network connection. You will also be able to know the people who have unfollowed you on Snapchat. It is worth mentioning that Cocospy can be used to watch other social media platforms as well.

4. Auto Forward

Auto Forward is considered a famous application among phone spying and tracking software. Available on both Android and iOS, this app will allow you to anonymously view Snapchat stories and check other people’s activities.

5. mSpy

Next on the list is a Snapchat viewer called mSpy, which is used as a spying application to track people’s activities on social media. If need be, you can also use it as a parental control tool to monitor your children’s activities on their phones. Anything that they post on social media platforms will be available for you to check and monitor remotely. You are given the option to track incoming and outgoing calls and all the information about those calls.

6. Minspy Global

Another spy software that is known to many users is Minspy Global. Feel free to use this application to view other people’s stories without their notice.

7. Spyfone

Also known as Spy phone, this free application provides you with more than just a Snapchat story viewer. It is capable of tracking devices, which could be useful for parents and managers. Keep in mind that both sides need to express their approval for the tracking to be enabled. Available for both Android and iOS users, Spyfone can notify you of pending messages and also track phone calls.

8. Spyzie

The name of this app already suggests that it is a spy software. It also serves as a good Snapchat story viewer, detailing all the interactions that happen in you Snapchat. It is developed both for Android and iOS, and it allows you to view the Snapchat stories anonymously in a secure manner.

9. The TruthSpy

We are going to bring this article to a close with the last Snapchat story viewer on our list, The TruthSpy. Users of both Android and iOS could capitalize on this applications powers to view other devices information, which could be considered a good parental control mechanism. Having access to Snapchat calls, notification on being unfollowed by someone, and support for other social media platforms are among its other features.


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