In order to strive in this fierce digital world where everyone is competing to reach the top, you’ll have to use creativity in combining the working strategies to make your brand stand out. As you probably know, SEO does matter. If you can optimize it, it’s a point plus for you. But, have you tried to combine it with PR? What is the possible result of this combination?

Mixing PR (Public relations) and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is great for driving more traffic by promoting your brand in a much better way. So you won’t be relying on SEO alone to grow; the PR strategies will help you boost it.

Now what is the best approach to mix the two? Follow along in the more detailed explanation below!

Website Building

Before we’re talking deeper about combining SEO and PR strategies, you’ll need to first prepare one thing: a platform. If you’re not familiar with any of the complexities of web-building, you may use something called a website builder. As the name tells you, this tool will help in making a website from scratch. If you want to pick pre-made templates, the Google Sites templates are one of the best. By using the pre-made templates, you’ll only need to do a little customization, mainly for the design.

After the website is set up and running, you may start to apply suitable SEO strategies to increase the authority. Don’t expect the process to be quick as it’ll need weeks or a full month for the website to be properly set.

Correlations Between SEO and PR

Now we are back at our main topic. We’ve mentioned PR a lot, but does it actually have a correlation with SEO? They are basically the different sides of a coin. Although the methods or strategies are not similar, the main goal remains the same: to drive more traffic to a website. With this in mind, combining both strategies is not a bad idea at all.

While the SEO strategies may be effective in ranking the website from the technical aspects, the PR strategies may work to increase brand awareness by using promotion and media coverage.

How PR May Enhance SEO

PR helps SEO in so many ways. While it’s not actively working on the website’s technicality, it can be really helpful in improving the website’s popularity through other ways, such as:

  • Media Coverage: If your brand is featured in the media, you may expect a huge wave of backlinks coming your way. This is a great method to enhance the off-page SEO of your website and make it rank much better due to a great amount of organic traffic searching your brand.
  • Collaboration with Influencers: Website and social media are inseparable these days, and by having a collaboration with influencers, you may craft user-generated content that’s useful to dramatically boost your site’s SEO. If your brand is about cosmetics, it would be best to collaborate with TikTok beauty influencers.
  • Managing Online Reputation: PR is your manager in terms of online reputation. Its strategies can be helpful in dealing with negative reviews and promoting the good ones. Remember, a positive brand has more chances to drive more CTR and reach the top search rankings.

How SEO Enhances PR

We can see that PR may affect the SEO positively by supporting the off-page aspect. But how about SEO? Can it do the same for PR? Turns out, these two can be beneficial to each other. Here’s how SEO may help in supporting PR strategies:

  • Keyword Optimization: Finding the right keywords that work for your website can help the PR by finding suitable tailored content for your audience accordingly. When they find it to be relevant, you may experience a huge leap in ranking!
  • On-page optimization: Do you remember that PR can be supportive to boost off-page SEO? The proper SEO strategies may also be helpful to enhance the on-page SEO. Having the SEO optimized for both on-page and off-page may help to rank higher in search results. When it does, expect another wave of huge organic traffic coming in.

How to Integrate Both PR and SEO

While both strategies are clearly beneficial to each other, how can we make an effective approach to mix PR and SEO? There are several things you can do to integrate both of them beautifully, including:

Check the Analytics

Those complex data and numbers mean something. Use the information to establish good PR and SEO strategies. Through this data, you may know who’s the suitable target market, and from there, you may decide what kind of suitable content and find the best approach according to research.

Aligning The Goals

If you’re a website owner who’s handling different teams, make sure that both SEO and PR teams have the same goals, which are to increase brand awareness and apply good SEO strategies in order to get more organic traffic. When everyone has the same goals, it would be easier to design the proper strategies to promote your platform.

Apply SEO Strategies to Your Promotion

When you’re about to make press releases, make sure the opportunity to use suitable SEO strategies by using relevant keywords, making them more valuable with multimedia assets, and optimizing the headlines.


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