No matter how much the world of freelancing may seem enticing to you, you still need to awry of several clients out there. The clients that are absolute red flags and the freelance gig you will be so cheery about – might not be real at all, or probably guzzle the life out of you.

Do you want to find out what these are? Then you are in the perfect spot. We have gathered the biggest (and even the ones you might ignore deeming them negligible) red flags here that you must not let slide.

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So… what are these red flags emerging in the landscape of freelancing now?

1. Reluctant in Contract Signing

Signing a contract binds both parties into a legal obligation, and if the client is not in favor of signing one, then this is a big alarm for you. If you have to repeatedly ask them to sign a contract and they are not agreeing to it – well then, you must run in the opposite direction. This task is not for you to take.


Since they are not willing to set some rules and abide by those, which means they might not have the best plans or work practices. Therefore, rather than getting into complications later on, it is best to walk away at the starting point.

2. Unrealistic Requirements

Is the client adamant about putting forward unrealistic expectations with no flexibility at all? If so, then we hate to break it to you – but this isn’t going to work out for you in the long run. Despite your constant communication on the possible and not-so-possible scenarios of your work, if the client still does not let go of their demands then you should let go. This will backfire in the end when you won’t be able to satisfy the high expectations.

Sure, it is good to keep improving your work and expanding the horizon, however, you also need to realize the limitations and stay aware of what might never work. You will only end up overburdening yourself or stressing excessively over it.

3. A Comparison with Others

If your client started off with a comparison between you and the other ‘offer’ they had – it might be best for you to let them opt for the other one. If they are drawing the comparison right off the bat, then chances are they wouldn’t let you rest, or wander off from this till the end.

4. Unreasonable Negotiation

Did you decline the offer with the lowest price for your services? As you should. One should always be aware of the quality of service they bring to the table and not compromise on anything less than what they are worth.

However, did you get stuck in the negotiation part? In some scenarios, the clients often agree to the price but they add up some extras into the mix that end up becoming more tiresome for you.

The repeated revisions, or an earlier completion time. You must be aware of this part and not be exploited in any way. Be sure to keep your worth and charge accordingly.

Also, remember to stay away from the clients who offer you projects in bulk in the look for discounts as chances are they will ghost you right after the first one.

5. Poor Communication

Such clients may pursue you, but when it comes to their side providing the required information – they often snooze it. They take longer to reply.

This means you will have incomplete data and you will not be able to deliver the task in time. This is an added layer of stress in your work. In the end? They will simply put the entire blame on you.

Wrapping Up

Freelancing most certainly offers you great opportunities to work on several projects with different companies that expand your work skills. However, with time passing, and freelancing becoming more mainstream, the chances of scams have increased alongside.

We are not saying that is everywhere on all the platforms, however, the ratio is on the rise. Hence, you need to start understanding what these exhaustive clients come with and it is best to walk away from them to protect your sanity.


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